Connections make fandom work.  One can certainly be a fan by enjoying the end-results of the artist in question. However, usually fans reach a point where they are looking for more, and get involved in a community.  That is the point where Daily Duranie resides. We foster making connections between fans! Those relationships bind our community. They create a “home away from home” atmosphere that so many of us crave.  Community is what keeps us all coming back!


One thing Daily Duranie has done to create potential for connections and relationships between fans is organizing meet-ups.  These are parties,  where people can gather, meet, mingle and be festive! We try to plan them a few hours before a concert. These meet-ups can be very small, where maybe only 10-15 people meet at a bar for drinks before a show; or they can be much larger. Daily Duranie, along with 100+ of our newest friends  took a wine-bar in the middle of Durham, North Carolina in 2012 . We sipped on Duran-themed drinks, watched videos, and mingled before the show at DPAC. It was an incredible time! The point is to get together in a relaxed atmosphere, and finally meet one another in person!


As we look ahead to another album and touring, fans can plan on meet-ups happening! This is the place to find that information as we move ahead.  Get involved! Given limited budget, Daily Duranie cannot possibly go to every single show on a tour. (Although we’d certainly love to try!) So, if you like the idea of having a meet-up, let us know! All it takes is finding a good spot to hang out, and we’d be happy to help pass on the information for other fans.  We’re also open to ideas for future parties – send us a note to our gmail (!