Only After Dark – A Rum Runner Celebration

Short blog today as I get ready for a busy few days. Tomorrow, I celebrate another 365 days as a Planet Earthling (I can’t seem to catch-up to Rhonda though!). Friday, I will be doing another online DJ show that celebrates Duran Duran AND the music of the Rum Runner which inspired the Fab Five. As a massive fan of post-punk, glam, and even disco, the late 70s were an especially rich era in music and the bands inspired by that era like Duran Duran ultimately shaped my childhood. With this show, I am focusing on the songs that were being played at the Rum Runner (and The Blitz in London) as the New Romantic era began to blossom.

To make this party truly special, Patty from Punk Masters has donated a shirt for us to giveaway (during the second show since we can only ship to a US address)! If you haven’t checked out her website yet, get in there! If you haven’t been to our Twitch parties yet, you can access them here. If you hit subscribe, you’ll get alerts whenever we plan a Daily Duranie party including our next video watch party! In the meantime, hope you can make it by for one of the shows on Friday. I added an early show (on my side of the pond) so our friends in the UK can tune in before bedtime. Expect plenty of Duran Duran and the artists who inspired them (Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, etc.) as well as the music that was already creeping into the clubs at the time such as early Gary Numan and Human League.

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