Shake Up the Picture: Duran Duran Re-Imagined

Into the worm hole I fell on Sunday night. The new (?) 8-Bit Arcade album of Duran Duran songs is strangely addictive. As an avid gamer, I would fall off the couch if I could fire up a nostalgic Atari game with a Duran Duran soundtrack. Can this happen? People build emulators for all the old systems so I wonder….

One thing led to another and I started finding more and more Duran Duran covers tonight. A few, I remembered. The wonderful tribute album with “The Seventh Stranger” by Lewis & Clarke remains a favorite of mine. But there were some new discoveries as well. My favorite of the bunch is “New Moon On Monday” by Frank Shofner featuring Tracy Bonham! As a massive fan of all things from the Lilith Fair era, I love Bonham’s music and hearing her sing a Duran classic made this worm hole a night well spent. What are some of your favorite Duran Duran covers?

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  1. My favourite cover up till now is American Science by Austra from the great “Making patterns ryhme” tribute album. The original is such a sensual song but Austra sings it so detached and restrained. Great contrast.

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