Stand Or Fall

It is weird writing this blog not knowing what the world will look like when this posts next Wednesday. We will either be emerging from a four-year experiment in dystopian democracy or looking to a more promising future (one hopes). I haven’t been this unsettled about the world since the 80s when nuclear annihilation seemed possible to a 12 year-old. Which brings me to an under-appreciated 80s band that often captured the fear of nuclear destruction in songs like “Red Skies” and “Stand or Fall”.

While foreign affairs are screwing us rotten

Line morale has hit rock bottom

Dying embers stand forgotten

And talks of peace were being trodden – “Stand Or Fall”

Even today, The Fixx remain a bit of a mystery. I have seen them live twice in the last three years and they maintain a small but extremely loyal fan base. Both shows left me impressed at how strong the band sounded and how well the songs hold up. Furthermore, they have far more singles I remember than expected. I knew most of the set and the songs I didn’t know made me want to own more albums (always a good sign).

The band’s social media is refreshingly casual and lacks the overly calculated tactics of a band like Duran Duran. There isn’t a strong merchandising presence to the band, either. There are a few albums that I’m finding near impossible to purchase. And yet, the band persists. This year, Cy Curnin released a “lockdown” album that is shows his voice hasn’t lost any power (see playlist below). “Just Like the Rest Of Us” has a Nick Cave vibe that shows a possible new direction should the band reconvene in the studio for a new album. If not, let’s hope 2021 brings live music back to our clubs and that The Fixx are back on the road, quietly making noise.

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  1. Excellent blog! Love The Fixx. Saw them on the Phantoms tour, was an amazing show. Same venue I would see Duran Duran on the Big Thing tour.

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