Stranger Danger With Ayria

Last week, I wrote about two of the amazing albums that Artoffact Records have released this year and the more I explore their label, the more incredible music I discover. In the case of Toronto’s Ayria, the connection to Duran Duran is all too clear if you glance at the artwork for her latest single “Stranger Danger”. Industrial pop that doesn’t feel too heavy, Ayria’s latest single lives up to the promise of it’s artwork and if you explore deeper, her 2016 album Paper Dolls is a revelation.

As I find less time to read music publications, i find myself focusing on specific labels and exploring them in more detail. So far, this has served me well in coming across interesting artists making music that the industry might not see a place for. It’s a shame, the Paper Dolls album reminds me of a Lady Gaga and Eurythmics collaboration. So, as your life gets busier and busier, how are you discovering new music? Streaming? YouTube? Simon’s radio show?!

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