The Closing Of the Year

I thought of this title tonight and instantly remembered the Wendy & Lisa song from the Toys soundtrack which I haven’t thought about in 20+ years. Funny how our brains work. I definitely don’t remember Seal singing on this track but he did! So, to catch you up to my rum-soaked brain, here is that song…..see you in five minutes.

This has been an amazing year for new music. Maybe, the inability to attend shows made it seem extra special but I have a list of about 20 albums that I absolutely loved for 2020. You can find them all over at my Velvet Rebel site if you feel adventurous. If you’d rather listen to Rhonda and I talk for twenty minutes, you can catch our end of year wrap on the latest episode of The Encores Club (below).

I’m also sharing my personal Best of playlist via (the evil) Spotify. If you’re like me, your taste is different than it was in 1984 and probably covers a lot more ground. This year, I found myself enjoying country, disco, and rock in equal measure. As always, I’m drawn to music with a purpose so the strong politics (with a lower case “p”) of Jehnny Beth, Fiona Apple, and Dream Wife really captivated me. It was a fantastic year of music and I want to discover what I missed. So, what are your favorite songs and albums of 2020?

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