The Reflex Redux

If you missed the excitement on Twitter, Rhonda and I squared off on the D-Side podcast’s Duran Durunk Debate! You can tune in here and VOTE for who made the best drunken arguments about Duran Duran music. Voting ends today so jump right in and see why I am not a massive fan of “The Reflex”. Apparently, the spirits were tuning in as “The Reflex” has been haunting me ever since.

As soon as we wrapped up our Tweet along last Thursday, I headed out to the shops. First Wave on Sirius/XM, of course, decided to play the extended mix of “The Reflex” as I drove. By the second breakdown of the “why-y-y-y-y-y”, I realized how much nostalgia the 12″ mixes of that single reminded me of my Duran fandom years. Maybe I didn’t dislike the song as much as I thought? Hmm….

Fast-forward to yesterday and I was having coffee thinking about today’s blog when I saw a tidbit on the Duran history page about a tribute CD being released in Australia back in the 90s. And Kylie Minogue covered “The Reflex” for it! Call me a terrible fan but I never knew about this album. Plus, she performs with Ben Lee, a singer-songwriter I last thought about in 1997 when he was touring with The Lemonheads. When that tour came through Tallahassee, FL, a little-known upstart band called Matchbox 20 were the first opener of the night.

As a casual Kylie fan, I guess I need to pay closer attention to her music. I have been anticipating her new album which is a disco-throwback according to the press release so that is on my radar for a future episode of The Encores Club. Speaking of which, the latest episode of The Encores Club hits the internet this week and features new music from Erasure and The Killers. But for now, here is a killer version of “The Reflex” that makes me like the original just a bit more….

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