The Team

Amanda & Rhonda : Editors-in-Chief

Daily Duranie began in 2010 as a vehicle to discuss the “State of the Union” amongst Duran Duran fans. At the time, there just didn’t seem to be a safe place online for in depth discussion of the band and fandom. Message boards had begun to fade away, chat rooms seemed to be a thing of the past, Facebook didn’t seem to connect fans on the same level, and yet we had much more to say than 140 or even 210 characters would allow on Twitter!

While the site has evolved since it’s meager beginnings, we have tried to maintain the goal of bringing fans together. We’ve hosted everything from pre-show meet ups to conventions and virtual gatherings, all with the hopes of connecting fans.

A decade later, and we’re still making statements and laughing over cocktails!


Jason Lent/VelvetRebel: Worlds Greatest Intern

You might know Jason as DJ Velvet Rebel, the author of, or even as host of The Encores Club on YouTube. He claims that he’s the intern, but to us, he’s a huge, integral part of Daily Duranie. He brings a wealth of musical knowledge, fresh ideas, and talented writing to our team, right along with being amongst our biggest cheerleaders. We’re so thankful he’s one of us!