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So far, today has been one of those mornings for me. I have my mind spinning in about a thousand different directions and have a full “to-do” list that needs tackling. That must be why I attempted to slide a small dish of cat food in front of my 4 year old for breakfast (she was not amused when I told her it was time to eat and I was even less so when she started whining that she was NOT going to be eating cat food!), and also why I poured cream in my coffee cup…without putting coffee in it first.  I’m feeling the panic of needing to get a lot of things accomplished in a fairly short amount of time, because during the month of August I will be at home a total of ten days. There are just four days that I have set aside to deal with school shopping for my oldest, and if I don’t stop now I’ll be stressing out before I really even begin my day.

So a couple of reminders:  we are still looking for some good blogs to post during my absence.  The two topics we are looking for are:  meeting the band, and a favorite concert experience (a song, a show…whatever you would like!)  I know that there are many people out there that love to tell their own “band” story – here is your chance!  Please send us your work by next weekend – July 28-29.  Looking forward to reading some great blogs!!

I took some time this morning to catch up on some of the little video “vlogs” that the band has been posting on Facebook.  These have got to be a lot simpler to accomplish than writing a blog and if I weren’t so concerned about scaring people with my morning appearance – I might just start doing the Daily Duranie blog as a “vlog”!!  In any case, I’ve enjoyed these small little “snapshots” the band has given during their tour, which I know must be feeling incredibly long to them by this point.  Not only have we seen sights of where they’ve been, but they seem to like giving a tiny taste of what they’ve seen and done culturally, which I really enjoy. I have added a few things to my own personal “Must see before I die” Bucket List this week as a result of these little videos.  For instance, Nick mentioned my most favorite word in the video I saw this morning:  Jewelry.  He was speaking of the Ottoman Empire jewelry collection from Turkey…a collection I studied pretty extensively in my antique jewelry courses, and I made a note that yes, someday I need to see that in person.  I find myself doing that quite a bit these days.  Dom posted a photo of the famous Trevi fountain in Rome, and that is something else I’ve yet to see, and so it too was added to the list.  Eventually, I’ll make it to these far off places. As it is, I accomplished a couple of things on my Bucket List:  I saw Duran Duran in their own country.  That was one thing I really didn’t think I’d ever do, and I still have plans to return for the convention later this year in Birmingham.  I can’t wait.

It’s funny how we all have these “lists”, whether they are in our heads or actually down on paper.  Amanda and I have this crazy (and probably unlikely) goal of seeing the band in every US state.  I don’t know exactly when we agreed to make this a goal for ourselves – I am sure she knows – but we’re making some head way now.  It’s difficult though because there are states that the band has never even gone, so it’s unlikely that they’ll travel to those places.  Like Hawaii for instance.  What’s up with that?? Let me say this: if they ever go to Hawaii – I’ll definitely be making THAT trip and I will be making it an extended trip!  I suppose the issue there is shipping all of the equipment must be a fortune, and it’s not like they can do several shows easily.  The same probably holds true for Alaska.  Oh well.  Maui will have to make due as “just” a family vacation once again.

What is really funny about our state goal is that as time has worn on, I’m finding that I’m less and less interested in seeing them here in my own country – I would rather travel abroad to see them so that I can experience something completely different and see friends that we’ve made online over the years.  There are a few places I’d love to see the band, should they tour again.  I’d like to go to the UK, meet up with our friends there and travel into Europe with them, I’d really like to go to Australia, and I’d also really love to see the band in South America.  Wistfully, I recognize that the years are somewhat limited. I don’t know that the band has plans to out do The Rolling Stones in the length of their career, so the chances that I will be able to do everything are slim.  Amanda and I will have to make choices as to where we should go, and I’m truly hopeful that the band really will go back into the studio and be successful writing and recording another album.

I’ve read several times this past week that the band is very tired.  These statements come from the band.  They’ve been mentioned to people, and let’s be honest – our community is small.  Word gets ’round.  There has been some irritation “voiced” more than once that fans aren’t giving the band space and privacy as they desperately need, and that the band is pretty sick of touring. Fair enough. A year and a half is a long time, to be sure.  Everyone needs an extended recharge now and then, and I don’t think that fact comes to light nearly as brightly as it does when you are in a place where privacy is non-existant, as is personal space.  I think it’s one thing to be in the same hotel as the band.  I prefer to stay at nice hotels myself and I’m willing to pay for them, but once again I feel it necessary to remind fans that these band members ARE PEOPLE.  It is simply not acceptable to interrupt their meals, their peace or their downtime. It is not OK to run up and grab them as though they are your long lost best friend.  The band probably doesn’t know you, no matter how long you’ve been a fan. It’s RUDE no matter where you are from or what your culture.  If they are out and about and make the attempt to hang out with fans in the bar, that’s one thing.  If they are out by the pool trying to relax, why is it so difficult to recognize the situation for what it is and leave them be? I have to believe that if we fans allow them a little dignity and space, that the respect will be returned.  

The band still have a busy month of touring ahead, and they’ll finish supporting All You Need is Now here in the US.  I don’t mind saying that I saw them a few times at the very end of the tour for Red Carpet Massacre when they were in the Northeast US. It was beyond obvious that they were sick to death of touring, of playing and unfortunately of fans bombarding them. I am hoping that this won’t end up being a repeat of that finish for them because they are completely burnt out.  We fans can help them by giving them some respect, privacy and space when we see them.


(If you’re wondering why I chose that particular title…read the lyrics.)

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  1. I just wanted to say that it always amazes me when someone can't respect that even though they are public figures, they are also entitled to their privacy and downtime just like the rest of us. And when fans don't remember that and intrude at inappropriate times, then all they end up doing is making themselves look like idiots. (I remember Julie Anne Rhodes doing a blog post on this topic just a couple of months ago.)


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