Best Albums of 2021: The Intern’s Picks

I know which album I bought the most copies of this year. The super-deluxe-I-was-drunk-in-New-Orleans-when-it-went-on-sale version of Future Past came with two CDs, two records, and a cassette plus some sort of signed art card that I haven’t looked at. Upon realizing that the records were missing two of my favorite tracks, I put everything up… Continue reading Best Albums of 2021: The Intern’s Picks

[Reach up for the] Sunrise

Can you believe we have reached Astronaut?! The reunion of the Fab Five?!? The glorious days of the 2000s?!? (perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch) Regardless, it is true. We have indeed arrived. Astronaut is Duran Duran’s eleventh studio album, released in September of 2004 on Epic Records. It was the first full album… Continue reading [Reach up for the] Sunrise

Life of Chains

I have had a great time. No matter how long I’ve been writing Daily Duranie, and no matter how long I keep going, I will always be truly grateful for the blog, the people I’ve met, and just how much fun I’ve had along the way. This past weekend, I spent some time really thinking… Continue reading Life of Chains

Where Does Future Past End Up?

courtesy of Duran Duran/photo by Stephanie Pistel

I had meant to revisit my Duran Duran album rankings leading up to the Future Past release but time slipped away and all of a sudden, a box of records, CDs, and even a cassette showed up on my doorstep. A few weeks into Future Past, I stand by my original review. This album will… Continue reading Where Does Future Past End Up?

The Week in DD History: November 14-20, 2021

Sorry this is getting out a day late, but here are some fun memories to think about while pounding the keyboards, sidewalks, pavements, or something else this week! Let’s make it a good one! -R November 14 Opened for Hazel O’Connor in Belfast (1980) Show at Hammersmith Odeon, London (1982) Performed at National Down Syndrome… Continue reading The Week in DD History: November 14-20, 2021