Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m sorry that today’s blog is a little later than normal, but for those of us in the US, it is Thanksgiving Day, and for me – it means trying to sneak in a tiny bit of writing time in between kitchen duties.

The purpose for a day such as this is simply to be Thankful for what we have.  I’ve found that the true meaning of this holiday has gotten easier to understand and appreciate as I’ve gotten older.   It really isn’t all about my spending countless hours in the kitchen both before and after dinner, although to some in my family – you would swear that’s the ONLY reason for the day – and I don’t necessarily mean my husband and children.  While I still dread the cooking portion of the day, I love the precious moments I have with my family.  There are relatively few moments these days when we have the opportunity to be together – and I treasure each one of them!

Regardless, I am extremely thankful that in these troubled times (and really, when in history weren’t times troubled?  I think it’s been a rare moment when there hasn’t been worry of some sort for someone) that I have my friends and family to count on for love, companionship and support.  I’m also thankful that my friends and family all seem to be healthy and happy.  Anything else is simply a bonus.   I appreciate every single one of you who take the time to read the blog.  The truth is that we thoroughly enjoy writing each day, and we hope you enjoy reading and even commenting when the urge strikes.

I wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving whether you’re here in the US or you live abroad – it’s always a good day to wish others well, holiday or no!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!”

  1. Hey Rhonda and Amanda – I'm also thankful for my great friends and family, the opportunities to travel and do and see what we love, and blogs like yours that keep Duranies in touch! Can't believe the UK is only a week away! Here's to another great adventure!

    Marlo (TG)

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