Anyone up for a party?

I hate to break it to anyone who has read Daily Duranie from the very beginning…but we’re nearly ten years old now. That means you’ve been reading for a decade. Even scarier? We’ve been writing for at least that long.

By all means, this requires a party, and we are having one! On Sunday, September 13 (the actual day this all began!), Amanda and I are throwing Daily Duranie a birthday party, and you’re invited! In true Daily Duranie style, we will be having cocktails (bonus points if you can guess what A & I will be drinking!), chatting, and even playing games!

We don’t want to give too many hints away, but will say that there will be a test to prove your Daily Duranie knowledge—and we mean your knowledge about us and the site, not the band!

The party will begin on Zoom at 3:30pm Pacific Coast time, and will last for a couple of hours. Dress is obviously your favorite DD shirt, or whatever the heck else you want to wear (please wear clothes). Please come and celebrate with us! If you’re interested in attending, either contact us via our gmail , find us on Twitter or Facebook and ask for the party password. See you on Sunday!


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