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Each day, for those of you not following us on twitter or are not friends with us on facebook, we ask a question that we hope fans will answer.  Obviously, this question relates to the band in some way.  Currently, we are doing brackets on the songs.  We are going album-by-album and song-by-song until we get a winner from each album.  Right now, we are on Pop Trash.  Yesterday, I said to Rhonda, “I can’t wait until we get done with Pop Trash.”  Why?  The simple reason is that I don’t like it much.  Before I get hate mail about that, it isn’t that I don’t like some songs because I do, but it just doesn’t inspire me or cause a big reaction of excitement.  What is interesting to me is that lately I have seen many other fans saying the same thing about a particular song or album.  Then, they almost always follow it up with, “Does that make me a bad fan?”  I don’t think so.

What is a fan?  In my definition, a fan is not someone who likes everything the idol(s) does.  Yet, I have people who respond to the daily question about song preference by saying, “both”.  Yes, you can like both songs.  I often do but I am asking people to choose which one people like MORE.  I also have people who say, “neither.”  I can understand that.  I am a Duranie or a Duran Duran fan.  What that means to me that is I like the music and the band, generally.  Yes, they are my favorite band.  Thus, I think that when they get it right, musically or otherwise, they REALLY get it right.  Yes, it also means that I generally think they get it right more often than not.  That said, like the person who always answers with “neither” or the fan who wonders if they need to turn in their Duranie card because s/he does not like a particular song, I, too, have Duran songs that I don’t really like.  In fact, and I know this might be shocking but there are songs of theirs that I hope I never hear again.  We all know that Rhonda would be happy never hearing that song involving an animalistic need for food.  Can you guess which song it is for me?  Some of you might since I have mentioned it before, but I bet the rest of you will be shocked. 

Come Undone.  I cannot stand that song.  Now, I didn’t initially hate the song.  I didn’t.  Probably, at one time, I might have even said that I liked it.  There are other songs that I instantly didn’t like *coughZoomIncough* but this one grew to annoy me, then grew to go beyond annoyance.  Why does it bother me?  First, I have to hear it at practically every dang concert I go to.  Although, if the band would ever read this (yeah, right…), I SO appreciated that I didn’t have to put up with it at the Atlanta show this past August.  That almost made the show for me right there!  What is my problem with hearing it live?  It is BORING.  Now, remember that I focus much of my show on a certain bass player.  He doesn’t move much during that song.  Neither does anyone else.  There is no JoSi or DoJo.  The stage is typically set in a green light and everyone just plays or sings.  Boring.  No interaction with the crowd.  Nothing.  Then, of course, there is that horrible, cringe-worthy moment when Simon decides that it is a good idea to lick his fingers.  *shudders*  Yeah, not my thing.  Then, again, I’m not a Simon fan.  If I was, I might think it was cool or hot but I’m not.  Second, musically and lyrically, it just doesn’t do it for me.  I know that technically there is nothing wrong with the song, but I still don’t like it.  Lastly, it seems that it is overrated among the fans.  Everyone loves it or so it seems.  Everyone thinks it is so great.  Maybe, part of my problem is this album, in general for me.  I saw the band live for the first time during this era.  I went to the show with a few friends and had a good time.  Afterwards, though, I distinctly remember telling my friend that something was off with the band and that they should think about breaking up.  Seriously.  I couldn’t give any reason to that statement then other than it was a feeling to me.  Obviously, I’m glad that they didn’t retire then and yes, I’m glad that this album brought them success.  It just didn’t do it for me.  I don’t know why.  It isn’t bad but it didn’t wow me the way I wanted.  It still doesn’t.

What is my point in telling you all this?  I like to think that I’m a pretty dedicated Duranie.  I write a blog, do a daily question, write today in Duran history each day, etc.  Yet, I still have songs that aren’t my favorite.  I have songs that I hope I never hear again and I don’t think that makes me a bad fan or less of a dedicated fan.  It makes me human.  A fan does not have to love everything the band does.  I look at it this way.  I love my nieces, for example, but I don’t always love what they do.  They are human and make mistakes.  This is how I look at fandom.  I will always love Duran but I don’t love every song and every album.  In fact, some of them I would be happy to kiss goodbye forever!  What about you?  What songs do you want to kiss goodbye?


11 thoughts on “Kiss Goodbye”

  1. Geez, guys can we get anymore simpatico? I was JUST talking about this the other day in the car with my mother. My comparison was to sports. Avid sports fans love their team win or lose, good season or bad season. We don't always love their draft picks (don't get me started on Warren). And sometimes they draft an all star (i.e. Dom). Sometimes players leave the team and go play for another team or retire. So in the world of Duran Duran, there are entire albums I can't stand, sadly most of which involve the years John was gone and/or Warren was a part of the picture. I haven't been to a gazillion concerts, or even been to a Meet & Greet. But I don't think that makes me any less of a fan. I had a recent conversation with someone and they said they thought Simon should write a memoir, my response was “No, if Simon ever writes a book it will be fiction or poetry.” On Author Confidential, John said those exact words. My “relationship” with DD is one of the longest I have had other than my family. And like any relationship, there is ebb and flow. And I feel sure, there are parts of their work that even the guys don't think is there best work.

  2. Well to be fair, it's not just fans who might like Come Undone, it was a pretty big hit for them as a follow up to Ordinary World. Got a lot of airplay and video play. A lot of casual fans like that song. I get what you mean though about there just being songs that sometimes you just don't get why people love them.

    But I've sometimes found that songs I don't like I come to like years later or vice versa, so I in general, even though I don't like some songs, I don't think I'd “kiss” any of them goodbye. 🙂 However I don't think anyone ought to have to love everything a band they like does, I don't like every thing anyone or thing I'm a fan of has done. It's just unrealistic and it seems unfair when some fans get on the case of others simply because they don't like something.

    Also side note, on the 24th the fact of the day was that in 1998 John played at Mama Kins in Boston. I was at that show. Thanks for reminding me of the date, as I can never remember what year it was. 🙂 Unfortunately I have to say we only stayed for about 15 minutes because we were bored and couldn't get into it(and it was my John loving friend's idea to leave too so don't blame me! LOL), but still it was a fun trip. 🙂 I saw him at a book signing last week too, so I even bought his book twice(once on Kindle thanks to the little UK trick you all introduced me too LOL and at the bookstore to get signed.)

  3. I still laugh when I think about that story where you went and saw the band and told your friend that you thought it was time to hang it up. I can't help it…that's funny, AND…if they'd done that, this beautiful blog would have never seen the light of day!!! *gasp*

    Oh well. There are still songs. *cough cough cough* that I can't stand…although they are somewhat redeemed with the right company standing in front of me.

  4. You are right, Come Undone was a big hit for them – and that's why they play it at shows. People come to those shows to hear those songs. We know this. It doesn't make it any easier for me to listen to…well…songs like Come Undone (I made certain promises that I am desperately trying to keep here!)…over and over again, but you know, we make due and we applaud the times when we get to hear those gems that they don't play quite as often. It makes those times feel more special.

    I agree though, we can't all love everything. This is why it is fabulous that they have such a varied catalog – and it DOES bother me when people will say to us online “How can you not like ______” I mean, I understand their point about being a fan, but I'm realistic, too. Naturally, I also recognize that just because I don't like a specific song doesn't mean no one does. Thankfully for the band, I can't think of a single song they have that NO one likes, and yes, that includes their cover of 911 is a Joke! (I did see votes for it, believe it or not!!)


  5. everyone knows the song i can't stand….but there are more. i do skip tracks from just about every album except the first one and Notorious. way back in the day, i felt guilty about it – like one of them was going to come around the corner and find out i didn't want to hear Lava Lamp and yell at me. now i would defend my opinion of those songs very loudly and all up in their Brummy faces if i had to.

  6. Totally agree with one of the commenters above: I never say never to any Duran songs, because my moods & opinions change. I read the blog while listening to Falling Down, which I detested & always skipped when it came out. What made me like it, believe it or not, was that album of DD cover versions done in tinkly, nursery lullaby style! It was the song which worked best on that album (it's on Spotify, if you've never experienced its delights :-D). I often try to give my less-loved songs another chance, especially since the bracket game started & reminded me about some long-overlooked tracks. The other night I got a good halfway through Dirty Great Monster before skipping, but guess what earworm I woke up with this morning?

  7. You reminded me about how long the band has been around and how long many of us have been fans. It is one thing to be “perfect” if your career is a year long but to be “perfect” over 30 years seems impossible.


  8. Personnaly I love all the song maybe because I just love the band hearing Simon voice is like being with a friend probably. But of course I think some songs are masterpieces and some are just good. Visibly my taste is not the one of the majority and Come Undone is one of my favorite as Hold back the Rain is what I call a filler surely not a great song. As Come Undone is a sad song I don't expect them to jump up and down playing it. Don't forget that they play always very old songs form the beginning of their career and some new ones. The only 90's song they do are Ordinary World, Come Undone and White Lines. They can't ignore all that period and they should play more songs from Big Thing Medazzaland or Pop Trash. For Pop Trash there is a very interesting fact. The album was very different and when the record company listen to it they didn't like it and everything was remixed. I think the album lost something there. His personality probably. There is some great songs on it and I would have loved to listen to real version… maybe one day who knows. It was supposed to be more experimental in the Medazzaland way.


  9. Oh Pat, I don't think you are in the minority on Come Undone. I am. People are shocked when they find out that I don't like the song. You are right that CU isn't a song where I can expect them to jump up and down. Obviously, ballads aren't really my thing. If they have to slow down the set, which I get, I would choose songs like Leopard.


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