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Question of the Day: Thursday, January 23, 2020

The song that best represents the Paper Gods Tour: Pressure Off

Which song better represents the All You Need Is Now Tour: All You Need Is Now or A View to a Kill?

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Which Song Better Represents the All You Need Is Now Tour?
All You Need Is Now
A View to a Kill

Question of the Day: Friday, November 29, 2019

The winner of the album fans want to see performed live in entirety: 1st album!

I’m ready with another set of questions that I think will be fun. In thinking about different tours, it seems to me that there is a song that best represents each tour. So, I thought I would start with the most recent tour, which is the Paper Gods Tour of North and South America from December 16, 2016 to the present. I have a complete list of songs that were played live during this tour and am hoping that the fans can pick out the song that best represents it.

So, which song best represents the Paper Gods North and South America Tour: A View to a Kill or Anyone Out There?

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Which Song Represents the Paper Gods Tour of North and South America?
A View to a Kill
Anyone Out There

Dreams of vacations and Lovebox 2009

Today is the kind of day where a blog is written for June 18th rather than July 18th. sigh  I am a genius – one who cannot read a calendar well, apparently.

It’s quiet in Duranland, which in my mind, isn’t a bad thing, really. It’s July. It’s vacation time for many. In fact, if this were any other year, I would be on vacation myself! Alas….my vacation will come later, after we move and I’m (hopefully) sitting on my new patio, overlooking stately oak trees.  I don’t have a lot to mention today, despite knowing that Duran Duran has performed many times on July 18th over the years. So, I decided to take another look at Lovebox, because on this date in 2009, they performed a full set at the festival.

Here’s a clip of A View to a Kill – I chose it because Mark Ronson appears with them, and because I love the “Fatal Kiss” arrangement.

And, because it is one of my favorite songs performed live, here is Sunrise. It is labeled on YouTube as Reach Out for the Sunrise, and was filmed by a then-9 year old (not my child, but someone else’s)…but that’s fine, right?


That should provide a few moments of escape on this fine Wednesday. In the meantime, I’m going to spend some time working on the house this afternoon, and thinking about where I wish I could be going on vacation this summer.  Cheers!