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No Time For Worry: Tour Road Trips

Do you ever look at your Facebook memories? When you can look back at everything you posted on that date? I have to admit that I like to check out what was going on with me but I don’t always click the memories button. Today, though, I did. One memory that popped out was one that happened in 2012, seven years ago. Yeah, on this date in 2012, I landed in New Orleans, ready to begin a little tour of the Southeast. This particular tour took us to Biloxi, Mississippi, Atlanta, Georgia, Durham, North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia. It marked the end of the All You Need Is Now era as it was years until we saw Duran Duran play live again. Looking back, now, I want to acknowledge some of the joys in road tripping a tour and some of the fun we had!

The last time we did a road trip as part of a tour was in the summer of 2016, which in some ways feels like last year and in other ways feels like a million years ago. There are some aspects of road tripping that is tiring and other parts that I miss. Before the tour in 2012 even started, it wasn’t super easy to plan for. Where to fly in and out? Would it be the same airport? What about renting a car? Speaking of, driving from show to show can be exhausting. It means never being in one place for very long. Each day results in packing, checking out of hotels, driving, checking into new hotels. You never get settled and rest is not easy to come by. You always have to think about what time you have to go, how much time you need to drive to your next stop, etc. On this particular tour, we also held meet-ups for each show. While they were super fun, it also meant that we had to stick to our plans.

All that said, there are parts of the road trip tour that I miss. For the last few years, touring has meant flying somewhere (Usually Vegas. Usually to see a show at the Cosmopolitan.) then staying there. Again, there are lots of benefits to this. It gives more time to hang out and less time traveling in between shows but driving to shows with other Duranies can be fun. Rhonda and I have had some entertaining conversations and revelations while driving/riding. For example, we have definitely come up with a bunch of fun set lists while traveling. I remember this particular tour in 2012 when we started listening to Duran from the first album to the most recent. Driving a long distance provided this opportunity to listen in chronological order, which was cool and fed our excitement.

The other part about a road trip required tour is that you get to see multiple places and go to different venues. I like checking out different concert locations. On this tour, we saw a general admission show in a casino (thankfully indoors), outside amphitheaters and an indoor performing arts center. I like that we had different seats and experiences at each show. Audiences also changed which gave a unique vibe at each place, changing the concerts themselves.

I think the other part of a road trip tour that I really appreciate is the time to really talk. It isn’t that you cannot spend hours on end chatting away when you are at one place for a long weekend. You definitely can but there are more chances for distraction. When you are in a car, your focus is what is happening in the car. As I have gotten older, I have found myself really appreciating conversation. It is one thing, in fact, that I love when Rhonda and I are working on a project. We check in with each other consistently and can have better discussions than simply in an email, text or social media. That tour gave us lots of chances to chat about this, that and everything under the sun. On this tour in 2012, we road tripped with others and that setting helped us to get to know them better, too.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love any kind of tour but there is a part of me that wishes that I wasn’t just flying into Vegas and hanging out in our hotel but was traveling to different places. Maybe next time!


Mountain Winery, 2012 – were you there?

What were you doing on this date in 2012? Anything good? I do believe that some DD fans out there were lucky enough to be at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California! This was the first of two nights at the winery, and in fact they were the first US dates included in the final leg of shows on the All You Need is Now tour.

Let’s just take a quick look at the set list, shall we?

  1. Before the Rain
  2. Planet Earth
  3. A View to a Kill
  4. All You Need is Now
  5. Being Followed
  6. The Reflex
  7. Come Undone
  8. Is There Something I Should Know
  9. Girl Panic!
  10. The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  11. Notorious
  12. White Lines
  13. Ordinary World
  14. Hungry Like the Wolf
  15. Sunrise
  16. Wild Boys/Relax


  1. Save a Prayer
  2. Rio


I hadn’t looked at this set list in quite a while. I must admit that I miss “All You Need is Now”, opening with “Before the Rain” (but not that 9-minute artsy film they played before they took the stage!), and even seeing the audience clap along with “The Man Who Stole a Leopard”.  Good times.

All of this talk about setlist makes me wonder what, when and where we’ll hear of Duranlive next!


Rise Above the Sorrow

Five years ago today, Duran Duran played in Biloxi, Mississippi as part of the final leg of the All You Need Is Now tour.  This show was pretty monumental for Rhonda and myself as it was the first time we ever had front row.  We had traveled to the city the night before so that we could hang out with Duranies and have a chance to line up early on the day of the show.  We arrived around 7 and were, indeed, able to secure a spot in front.  Anyone who read the blogs from then saw that our first front row did not go as planned.  No, we kinda stood there, shell-shocked, unable to really respond.  I remember attempting to process the show afterwards over drinks.  I had a lot of reasons that night for why I was so lame during the show but I suspect that I left out the real reason.

The summer of 2012 was a tough one for me.  I had spent months busting my ass to try and get my state’s governor to lose a special, recall election.  I’m sure that some of you stopped reading at that line.  After all, that is only politics and this blog about being a Duran fan.  Humor me, though, and keep reading.  Yes, it was about politics, but it was personal to me.  I won’t go into all the reasons for this but I think that anyone who has ever failed at something that really meant something to them understands my distress that summer.  On top of that, I already had experienced much stress related to this governor and feared the future.  Yet, I had hope that Duran and our little tour around the Southeast would help with my mood.  In fact, I was so determined in this that I pushed for having pre-show meet ups before each concert.  I wanted to dive into some other task.  Then, I could forget my fear and failure.

Did my plan work?  I have already mentioned that the Biloxi show was a failure, in terms of how we responded at the show.  We did better for the rest of our shows, but I never really felt it.  My distraction didn’t work.  I couldn’t shake it.  I remember after our final show in Virginia about how ready I was to go visit my sister and to have the tour be done.  That is not normal.  Rhonda itched to add a show and I didn’t even consider it.  Again, that is not normal.

Now, in 2017, I feel like I’m in a similar headspace due to the political climate.  Again, I was involved in a campaign that lost.  Like five years ago, I fear.  I feel like I get to a spot where I can shake it and then it comes roaring back.  I recognize that this makes me weird.  I get that.  I know that most people don’t feel politics that deeply.  I do.  Maybe it is that history teacher in me that recognizes the drama of current events.  Maybe it is because I have been active in politics.  Perhaps, I worry about my students and their futures.  Whatever the cause, it is a thing with me.

In 2012, I tried to get over the lost by going on tour and failed in my quest.  Looking back, I know that Durham was a great show on paper and that my partner-in-crime loved it but when I think of it I feel an emptiness that I couldn’t get beyond.  This time, in 2017, I have also gone to shows.  I’m sure that part of the reason was exactly as it was in 2012.  I wanted to get over what was bothering me.  I wanted to forget about it.  I needed to experience some joy.  Interestingly enough, the shows I have attended have all been fabulous this year.  I loved each and every one of them.  What was the difference?  I’m not sure.  I guess that is part of the reason that I’m blogging about it today, to try and figure it out.

Were the shows better?  Maybe.  Was I responding differently?  I’m sure.  If I had to determine the difference, I think this time I dove into the shows in a way that I couldn’t let my mind wander.  I also feel like there is more interaction between the band and the crowd.  Maybe that has helped me keep in the game more.  Fandom has been a sanctuary this time for whatever reason.  Perhaps, I just need my fandom differently now.  No matter the reason, I’m thankful that the shows in 2017 that I attended gave me as much joy as they have.  Certainly, Duran Duran has been the sun through a very cloudy world.


Countdown to Paper Gods – EIGHT!!!

Wow…after today we’ll only have a week left. I can’t even believe it, and more importantly – I have NO idea what I’ll complain about next…I mean, without album Durantime… (that’s a joke, everyone)

The band released a trailer for Paper Gods today that makes it all the more real!  Check it out! I especially like what Simon says at the end…because that is EXACTLY what this blog aims to talk about. Imagine that…

If that weren’t enough to help spend some precious hours before Paper Gods is released next Friday, today’s brilliant idea is to go through old tour pictures and video!!

Break out your old photo albums, maybe post some pictures online of you at shows with friends, maybe even a photo of you with the band if you happen to have one…watch some old videos!

Here are a couple of my own:


Portsmouth pre-show1
Rhonda, Lori, Sally & Alana at our pre-show meet-up

Dom & John...not sure which show but it was August 2012.
Dom & John…not sure which show but it was August 2012.

Group with Dom
And a group photo with Dom after the David Lynch Foundation Gala in LA 4/1/2015

And a video that is not mine but still a good one!

Your turn to skip down memory lane!  Enjoy!!  -R