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Question of the Day: Monday, October 28, 2019

Yesterday’s winner: Sing Blue Silver

Which video is better: Three to Get Ready or Decade?

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Which Video Is Better?
Three to Get Ready

Question of the Day: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Yesterday’s winner: Decade

Which video is better: Extraordinary World or Greatest?

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Which Video Is Better?
Extraordinary World

Question of the Day: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Yesterday’s winner: Three to Get Ready

Which video is better: 6ix by 3hree or Decade?

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Which Video Is Better?
6ix By 3hree

Question of the Day: Tuesday, October 8, 2019

35% of our participants own a copy of Decade (Video) and 54% do not. 12% used to own it.

What about Extraordinary World?

Here’s a description of it:

Extraordinary World is a documentary and music video by Duran Duran, released by EMIPMI in 1994.

The video provides a visual history of Duran Duran. The four members provide a chronological story-telling of how the band were created, the rise to fame and their history since 1978.

This is the first video to cover the subject of the band’s history and also features six songs from The Wedding Album era.

Decades: 1990-2020

By Jason Lent

As far as greatest hits compilations go, Duran Duran’s Decade is one moon on Monday from flawless. It also documents how incredibly deep the band’s imperial phase was. Compare the tracklisting with other 80s bands that traded in guitars and synth and there really is nobody who comes close. But thirty years have passed since it came out. Do the math, I’ll wait. Yeah, we are that old. 

Over the last three decades, the band has successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully, evolved with the changing landscape of popular music. While the commercial peaks of the 80s might be obscured by clouds these days, I would argue that there is plenty of music over the last three decades that is worthy of a second compilation. Let’s call it Decades and make it a two-disc set with 14 songs per side. The original was pretty much chronological by album so I’ll go with that blueprint. 

Disc 1

Violence Of Summer (Love’s Taking Over)


My Antartica

Ordinary World

Too Much Information

Come Undone

Breath After Breath

White Lines

Perfect Day


Electric Barbarella

Out Of My Mind

Someone Else Not Me

Playing With Uranium

Disc 2

(Reach Up For The) Sunrise

What Happens Tomorrow

Nice (Eric Prydz remix)

Falling Down 


Boys Keep Swinging

Girl Panic! 

All You Need Is Now 

Leave A Light On

The Man Who Stole the Leopard

Blame The Machines (live from DITM)

Pressure Off

What Are the Chances?

Last Night In the City (KANT remix)

Since some of these songs were not singles, there is a lot more room for debate on what should make the compilation. I tried to keep in mind the original Decades and how this would sound as Discs 2 and 3 of a three-album set. I think Disc 1 leans a little heavily on the Wedding Album but it was their commercial high point and compilation albums are meant to extract more money from fans. My heart wants to swap out “Breath After Breath” or “Medazzaland” for “Thank You” since it was deemed worthy of a film soundtrack. However, “Medazzaland”, in particular, is an important slice of their evolution. 

Disc two is quite the banger (isn’t that what the kids say these days?). The Eric Prydz remix of “Nice” adds some fire to an already hot dance track while the KANT remix of “Last Night In the City” adds some coolness to an overly-anxious album version. Disc two is very heavy on All You Need Is Now material but the album deserves the attention. A live cut seems appropriate since “Blame the Machines” wasn’t a single and the band’s live show hasn’t received its proper due. Disc two fell into place easier than disc one for me.

Well, there you have Decades! For the casual listener, these discs would bring you up to speed on the evolution of Duran Duran after the original Decade. What would you change? And, what would Mark Ronson charge to create a Burning The Ground (Again) 12” of these songs mashed together? Isn’t that why we have Go Fund Me?

Twenty-Nine Years later – Decade!

Today is the 29th anniversary of Decade. TWENTY-NINE YEARS.  As my friend Durandy aptly wrote this morning, “I’m trying to let that sink in.  What a legacy.”

Indeed. You’d think by now, I’d be over this band. You might think I’d have heard “Rio”, “Girls on Film” or “Planet Earth” one too many times. Yet I’m not. I’m willing and ready to do it all again. I’m betting that many of you are just as ready.

It’s November, the month of being thankful. Well, I count Duran Duran among my many blessings. I am so thankful I can still go see their concerts, even if it means traveling by plane to get there. They are still performing. They’re still writing, even when many of their peers are not. We are lucky fans.

Just last night I had a crazy dream about them, which in and of itself is bizarre because I almost never dream these days, and definitely not about the band!  In this dream, I found myself quitting my job at a what I believe was an antique furniture store with coworkers I used to work with last year, and Amanda was waiting for me. We laughed about how I was now unemployed and had no money, but as is typical – we also talked about all the touring we were going to do, and found ourselves wandering about San Francisco (no idea why).

We were looking for John Taylor (as one does), and for some reason I knew someone – a past coworker – who knew where he was, but I couldn’t find the guy. So, we ended up at a bar. I know that’s a HUGE surprise. It shocked me too. The bar had an outdoor patio, and by the time we got there, I was tired and wanted to sit down. Amanda led us to a couple of stools along the perimeter of the bar area and I immediately sat, not really paying attention. Next thing I know Amanda is nudging me rather insistently and I look up. She nods her head to the side and I let my eyes follow only to see that it is Dom sitting in the table directly across from us.

Only something is different about him. His usually short, straight hair has been replaced by slightly wavy, not quite shoulder length locks. Almost as though he’d been growing it out. In my dream, I kept looking at him (not even trying to sneak them!) and thinking “Why?!?”

Equally, I am lucky that the band can still be my muse, and that I’m able to write about being a fan each day. Even so, it is a little difficult to believe we’re in the fourth decade here. Twenty-nine years after the release of Decade. Yet so much of it feels like it only happened a short time earlier.

This single band has had an indelible influence across so many mediums. Music, video, fashion, graphics, style and an entire generation of people like me…to name a few.  What a legacy, indeed.


Do you remember Decade? Released on this date in 1989!

On this date in 1989, Decade was released. I remember that album, except I had it on cassette. I say “had” because that cassette tape met a very untimely (and sad) death on the 15 freeway in California, going towards Las Vegas.

When Decade was released, I wasn’t sure I really wanted it. In my opinion, I already had all of the songs, so why bother?  It was just a compilation of their greatest hits, right? At this point, I was a sophomore in college, and spending money on something like this was an “extra”. I decided to just buy the cassette, since CD’s were a lot more expensive at the time. I kept it in my car, and whenever I wanted to listen to Duran Duran, I’d play it. I remember preferring to only hear the front side, since the backside seemed to favor the period post-Roger and Andy. I couldn’t have that!

Fast forward to mid-November 1993. My then-boyfriend and I were headed to Vegas with his coworkers. We’d taken separate cars and were stuck in traffic on the I-15. His friends didn’t think to bring music, since radio would run out early into the trip. Walt decided it was a good idea to hand my precious cassette to them through the car windows. I protested. Loudly. He ignored me, and as he attempted to pass it, his friend John let it slip through his fingers. I turned around to watch it bounce on the pavement just as a semi-truck ran it over. It was a very long drive to Vegas, and no, there were no offers to replace the cassette.

That, in a nutshell, is why Walt is not allowed to touch my music.

I eventually did get Decade on vinyl, and it is an ongoing joke that I don’t find the least bit funny. My poor cassette.

So, never try to pass music in between cars. Although these days, who carries cassettes around?!?