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Do you remember Decade? Released on this date in 1989!

On this date in 1989, Decade was released. I remember that album, except I had it on cassette. I say “had” because that cassette tape met a very untimely (and sad) death on the 15 freeway in California, going towards Las Vegas.

When Decade was released, I wasn’t sure I really wanted it. In my opinion, I already had all of the songs, so why bother?  It was just a compilation of their greatest hits, right? At this point, I was a sophomore in college, and spending money on something like this was an “extra”. I decided to just buy the cassette, since CD’s were a lot more expensive at the time. I kept it in my car, and whenever I wanted to listen to Duran Duran, I’d play it. I remember preferring to only hear the front side, since the backside seemed to favor the period post-Roger and Andy. I couldn’t have that!

Fast forward to mid-November 1993. My then-boyfriend and I were headed to Vegas with his coworkers. We’d taken separate cars and were stuck in traffic on the I-15. His friends didn’t think to bring music, since radio would run out early into the trip. Walt decided it was a good idea to hand my precious cassette to them through the car windows. I protested. Loudly. He ignored me, and as he attempted to pass it, his friend John let it slip through his fingers. I turned around to watch it bounce on the pavement just as a semi-truck ran it over. It was a very long drive to Vegas, and no, there were no offers to replace the cassette.

That, in a nutshell, is why Walt is not allowed to touch my music.

I eventually did get Decade on vinyl, and it is an ongoing joke that I don’t find the least bit funny. My poor cassette.

So, never try to pass music in between cars. Although these days, who carries cassettes around?!?


Today in Duran History – Decade

On today’s date in 1989, Decade was released.

I have a funny story about Decade, actually.  Well, it wasn’t funny to me at the time, nor is it really now that I’m thinking about it again,  but I’ll share anyway. When the album came out, I bought it on cassette so that I could play it in my car. I had a Suzuki Samurai at the time, and the stereo was super cheap – so all I had was a cassette player, no CD.  I kept that cassette for several years, even after getting rid of my Suzuki, which for me was miraculous because most of my tapes met “untimely” deaths due to being eaten by whatever tape deck I was using at the time. Fast forward to the year 1992, when I drove to Vegas with my then boyfriend, now husband to Comdex – which was a trade show for the computer/technology industry held in Las Vegas each November. We were on the 15 freeway in fairly heavy traffic headed out there, and there were a few of his coworkers also driving. At some point fairly early into the trip, we had finished listening to Decade (which at the time was my favorite album because it had a little of everything on it) and while standing still in this heavy traffic Walt’s coworker’s car caught up with ours and they rolled down their window to ask if he had any good music they could listen to.  Walt, in a fit of brilliance, decides to TOSS my perfectly good copy of Decade out of his driver’s side window to them, assuming that they’d catch it.

Well of course they didn’t. Just as traffic began to move, quite rapidly I might add, the guy in the car fumbled my cassette, hitting the side of the car, tumbling a few times onto the roadway, and unceremoniously coming to a rest just in time for one of the vehicles behind us to run it over.

I can still hear me saying, “Noooooooooo” in slow motion as it sailed through the air.

Yes, I’m surprised I married him too.