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Guest Blog – Duranie Positivity Challenge

By PamG

There’s one of those challenges/memes/chain letters/trends going around Facebook lately that asks you to post several positive things every day for a certain number of days, and then tag a few of your Facebook friends to do the same. I’ve seen quite a few variations of it, but the gist is the same.

I’m in the middle of this challenge on Facebook now. It got me to thinking: If I had to do this challenge and keep it Duran related, could I do it? Could I limit myself to just three things every day? Could I do it for seven days in a row? Heck, I know ladies behind the Daily Duranie website can do it because they’ve been essentially doing that every day! The website itself is a daily source for reminders of all the positive things that the band brings to our lives. I think I’m up for the challenge.

So here is my list of just three ways Duran Duran has brought positivity into my life.

  1. They still love to perform live. Whether you see them performing in a video, on TV, or live in person, you can tell that they aren’t just going through the motions. For a band to continue to tour like they do, they really have to love it.* I’ve heard many artists say they really feed off the energy from the crowd, and to me there’s no doubt that Duran is no exception. Maybe it’s because they have such a loyal fan base. Maybe it’s because they’ve been together so long. I’m not sure it matters. I think the audience brings so much enthusiasm to the shows that the band can’t help but feed off of us. And they reflect it right back to us. I’ve been to a lot of non-Duran concerts in my life, and by far the most engaging have been Duran shows. Whether it’s Simon demanding that the audience sing louder or John’s invitation to clap along during “Planet Earth,” they certainly pull the audience into the performance. They are seasoned professional musicians who know how to work a crowd, and I love every minute of it.
  • I bet there are some occasions where the live show has been less than stellar for a variety of reasons. Hey, they’re human. No, really, they are. I know we’ve all had “off” days at our jobs, right?
  1. They still make amazing videos. I don’t need to tell you about their historic video collection. When they released the video for Girl Panic in 2011, I was mesmerized. To me, all the parts fit together in this one: the role reversals, the black & white vs. color visual explosion, the interviews, the Swarovsky crystals, the wink-wink moments (“I am not a member of Duran Duran”), all of it. I’m not sure who gets the credit for the concepts, but my praise goes to Jonas Akerlund for directing such a classic and beautiful Duran video. I wonder what hypnotic video we will get for something from the new album?
  1. They don’t seem to hate photo shoots. We know that their good looks helped them rise to MTV fame in the 1980s. And along with that “pretty boy” image came many, many photo shoots throughout their career. We saw a glimpse of one of those photo shoots during “Sing Blue Silver.” And even recently they’ve shared some photos from an InStyle magazine photo shoot, in advance of the big Fashion Rocks show on September 9. From all of us who grew up with bedroom walls filled with Duran Duran posters and carefully torn-out magazine pages, as well as the those of us who have photos of band on our screen savers or phone wallpapers, thank you.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you could come up with three (thousand) more sources of positivity for you. How does Duran Duran bring positivity to your life? Tell us in the comments!

PamGPamG has been a Duranie since the early days of MTV. In addition to all-things Duran, she also enjoys music documentaries, pop culture trivia, and live concerts of any kind. Her Duran dream would be to journey across the pond and see the band play throughout Europe. After waiting over 25 years to see Duran Duran live, she saw her first show in 2011 and it changed her life.

This Past Week in Duranland (August 25 to August 31, 2014)

It seems to me that each and every week in the Duran Duran universe is getting more and more exciting.  After a very long time of not very much happening, we now seem to have announcements each week!  I love it, but it is harder to keep up.  We do our best to react quickly to each and every piece of news.  In fact, we are very committed to this.  If we are going to keep a daily blog, it has to be DAILY, at the very least.  Sometimes, I question our sanity and then go right back to work.

This week saw two big news items on the band’s official website:

First, on the 25th, we learned that Duran Duran is going to play Austin, Texas, on Saturday, November 1st as part of the Grand Prix Formula 1 Fan Fest.  While tickets are available to this show, they are not cheap due to the larger event.  For information, you can read the official press release here.  If you want to read Rhonda’s blog post about it, you can go here.

Second, by the 28th, we had all learned that Duran Duran would be performing at the official unveiling of the Madza MX-5 Miata in Monterey, California, on Wednesday, September 3rd.  Since it a private event, there were no tickets available to the public, but there were some lucky fans in the fan club who won tickets to the event.  Yet, according to the press release, which you can read here, all is not lost for the majority of fans as highlights will be shown on Madza’s YouTube channel.  How did we respond to this?  We do what we always try to do–use it as a way to bring fans together.  In this case, we are hosting an online event, which you can read about and join in here.

The band’s official fan club reminded all of us about Denis O’Regan’s book, Careless Memories.  To see what is included in the book and to order, go to: http://www.ddcarelessmemories.com/books/elite-edition.  If you do get one, please, let us know how it is!

If all that wasn’t enough, there was some interesting activity on social media this week, too!

While the band’s Facebook and Twitter reminded us all about the upcoming events of Austin, Monterey, and Unstaged.  They also reminded us that Fashion Rocks is coming up quickly!  In fact, they posted a picture from the band’s In Style photo shoot that was done for Fashion Rocks.  I highly recommend checking it out!!!

We also learned via certain Twitter accounts (*coughJohnTaylorDomBrowncough*) that the band went to Moscow.  From there, we found out that they went there for a private concert for a Russian pharmaceutical company.  Some of our friends who are far better at searching for Duran Duran alerts found a few clips from this performance.


Ordinary World

What will next week bring?  We shall see and it shall be interesting.  Just in case, you need the upcoming Duran dates listed in one place:

September 3rd:  Madza Private Party and Daily Duranie Durandemonium Online Viewing Party 6 PM PST

September 9th:  Fashion Rocks

September 10th:  Unstaged Screenings

September 14th:  Other Unstaged Screening

November 1st:  Show in Austin

What am I missing?!?



The Past Week in Duranland (August 18 to August 24)

This past week in Duranland has seemed relatively quiet.  No matter,  I will still do my best to summarize any and all happenings!  As always, I’ll be searching through official sites and social media to find any and all info.

The only thing posted on the band’s official website was a new “Collector’s Corner” for the month of August.  This month, the focus is on the goodies one might receive at a show, including ticket stubs, passes, set lists, guitar picks and drumsticks!  While I have definitely kept all of my Duran ticket stubs, I haven’t been fortunate enough to get any of the rest.  My personal goal is to get a pick directly from John Taylor.  (For the record, I’m terrible about asking for things like this and often more in the center, which means I’m not right in front of John.  So, Mr. Taylor should feel free to search for me to hand me one!  Ha!  If only!)  What about the rest of you?  Which of these items do you have and/or collect?

DuranDuranMusic announced a winner for the Fashion Rocks tickets!  Congrats to Lanita for being the winner!!

Duran Duran’s Facebook this week shared some pictures from the studio, including Nile Rodgers, Nile and Nick, and a group shot with John, Simon, Roger, Nick and Nile.  A picture from the Fashion Rocks photo shoot was also posted.  Beyond the pictures, Duran Duran also celebrated 2.5 million like on Facebook!  Go Duran!!!

One article was posted on Duran’s Facebook and that article was about how Rocksmith 2014’s playlist was updated to include Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf and Ordinary World.  I’m not a gamer so I don’t get it all, but it seems like a pretty cool deal to me!  To read the article yourself, go here.

Interestingly enough, Duran wasn’t the only Facebook page to be updated.  Roger Taylor posted on his official page as well, which you can find here.  He also included the group shot from the studio and a picture of two of his kids.  He also stated something about a light at the end of the tunnel at the studio.  Could that be true???  I, for one, hope so!  I’m missing them terribly!!!

As for twitter, Nile Rodgers has been sharing.  For example, yesterday, he said goodbye to London but indicated that the goodbye would be for 5 days.  More work to be done then???  He also stated that the 20th was a great but long day at the studio with Mark Ronson and Duran.  My point here is simple.  You should be following Mr. Rodgers (@nilerodgers).  Mr. Hudson (@MrHudson) also tweeted about this past week in the studio, stating that it was an “incredible” week.  If all of that wasn’t enough, John Taylor also tweeted this past week.  Yesterday, he tweeted how he was back in LA after “amazing recording sessions”.  Earlier in the week, he posted pictures of Mr. Hudson and Nile from the studio.  All of these little tweets have me even more excited about the new album!!

Clearly, this week has one in the studio for Duran Duran.  What will next week bring???



What do YOU want in a Duran Duran album?

Like many, I sat down this weekend and watched the Mazda “Road to Fashion Rocks” videos featuring Duran Duran. First of all, can I just say how nice it was to be watching promo for them again?!? Damn I’ve missed that. It’s good to see them, to hear them, and to even hear them talk about the music they’ve been working on.

During one of the videos, John Taylor made the comment that the new album – I’m still hash tagging it #DD14 until they figure out how to spell the title and send it on to the rest of us – is “everything you’d ever want in a Duran Duran album”. As soon as he said the words, I gave it some thought. What IS it I want out of a Duran Duran album?  I mean sure, I could go for the obvious – I could mention specific band members, instruments, etc…but I’m not sure that fully answers the question. It isn’t specifically a band member that makes an album better than others, and it certainly isn’t a specific style. So what is it that I most want? As you might have guessed, I made a list! As I thought about what I might want, I realized that my list was starting to look more and more like the structure of the reviews we do for Daily Duranie. I doubt that’s merely coincidence! As much as the band talks about music that has a beat or is something people can dance to – I find those things not being AS important to me as what I’ve listed below. I don’t expect others to agree. After all, we’re very different people – so come up with your own list and let me know what you’re thinking.

1. Balance:  I like a balance between the instruments, and yes, I prefer them to be real. Real bass, real guitar, real drums, and of course real keyboards. Simon is a plus, too. I think their best albums happen when no one player/band member outshines another. I want to be able to hear all of them – a fantastic guitar, that driving rhythm section, a really amazing bass line…but I also want Nick’s atmospheric keyboards, too.  Simon’s harmonies are also very important, I prefer his voice to have depth – I love hearing the full range of his vocal abilities.

2. Production: I really tend to rope mixing into this section, which is probably not technically correct – but I don’t care. I really do love their music as “raw” as possible. I don’t love the slick gloss they put on the music for Astronaut or even for SATRT for that matter.  AYNIN had a fairly decent mix, and for me – I like those rough edges.  I think that’s why I like them live so much.
3. Lyrics:  (This is starting to feel very much like a review…) For me, the lyrics are really important. I can’t tell you how much I dearly love Before The Rain – and that was a song that I didn’t immediately grab onto when AYNIN first came out. I sat with it for months, I saw them perform it in shows….and THEN I learned to love it. Now it’s one of my all-time favorites from them. I love the lyrics that I can wade through, ponder, chew up and fully digest. There’s just no way to know when those songs are going to come though – I think they just have to keep writing, and some music just hits some people more than others. It’s all great, it’s just that maybe there’s something out there for everyone. I don’t know.
4. Innovation: One thing I’ve always appreciated from Duran Duran is their innovation, whether it’s with the artwork they’ve chosen to incorporate, the way they’ve marketed an album, or perhaps some sort of new instrumentation used.
5. Mostly, I want to hear music that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. When I listen to certain songs off of AYNIN, it still happens. I crave that reaction. Their very best music tends to transport me far away from home, to a place I’ve reserved in my head for just that type of escape. I love that ride, and it isn’t every album that takes me on that journey.
Your turn, Duranies – what do you really want?

This Past Week in Duranland – July 28 to August 3

It is Sunday!  I still feel like it should be Saturday as I have felt a day off since mid-week.  No matter.  Today is the day that I try to summarize any and all news that took place this week.  (For the record, next week better be a quiet one as Rhonda and I have plans.  We have to do lists to complete.  We can’t have distractions.  Unless, it is a really GOOD distraction…anyway!)

Let’s start with the official site, shall we?  There was one piece of news posted there this week.  This one had to do with a little contest to win a signed copy of “A Diamond in the Mind” on vinyl!  They are giving away 5 copies but you need to answer a question and email it in!  For details, check out the full post here.

Speaking of contests, DuranDuranMusic also got their hands on a pair of tickets to Fashion Rocks!  For those details, go here.   Tickets for the event went on sale as well.  While, unfortunately, these fans won’t be able to attend, but, if you are more fortunate, we welcome a guest blog!!!

Before I go further into more Fashion Rocks news and info, did anyone check out the clip with Angie Harmon discussing Duran Duran on Jimmy Kimmel?  If not, I included it.  It is a fun one!

Of course, though, the biggest news this week focused on Duran’s upcoming appearance on Fashion Rocks.  First, there was an article written about it in Noise 11, which you can read here.  Then, there were videos.  *sigh*  Here is the website where you can catch all of the clips.  Now, I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t comment on a few aspects of them, would I?  Let’s go clip by clip.

1.  Duran Duran Path to the Future

This first clip starts out with a bit of history, including the controversy of the Girls on Film video, location videos and the first download.  Then, they start talking about the new album.  Simon mentions how titles are useful to him writing lyrics.  The collaborations on the album are discussed, including John Frusciante and Mr. Hudson, who Nick credited for bringing a new energy, which led to having everything come into “focus”.  Hmm…my mind is already whirling.  Then, John really gets it going by saying that the album will be “Duran in extremis” and that it will be “everything you ever wanted in a Duran record”.  Well, then.  This, of course, led Rhonda and myself to ponder that question.  Her response will, hopefully, be turned into a blog post.  Before that is posted, though, I will ask all of you, our dear readers, what is everything you want in a Duran record???  That said, I did like the listing of successes and the moment when this popped up on the screen:  Fashion Rocks screen cap

Spring can’t come fast enough!!!

2.  Duran Duran and the Evolution of the Band:

This was your basic quick history of the band, at least in how they got their start and what their early days were like.  While I feel like I could dictate in their history in my sleep, at this point, seeing and hearing their story never gets old for me.  I will always hear some new tidbit or see some picture I had never seen before.

3.  Duran Duran Fashion Icons, Then and Now:

Like the last one, I knew a lot about how their musical influences had always been fashionable and about how they each have different styles but ones that create a similar aesthetic when put together.  Yet, this clip truly might be my favorite.  Why?  Simple.  Simon falls out of his chair at the end of it.  So funny!!  Obviously, he was fine as everyone on the clips laughs with him.  I seriously could watch that over and over again!!  Mr. Smooth…

Beyond the band as a whole, as we know, John Taylor was in LA this past week, which Rhonda blogged about here.   Simon shook the Twitter world this week–not from posting a big spider but by posting a picture of himself from the 1980s wearing…well, not much.

On that note, I can’t wait to see what next week will bring!



This Past Week in Duranland – July 21 – July 27

This has been a busy week in Duranland.  Part of me thinks that must be because my partner-in-crime was gone, which left me to blog, when necessary.  It’s all good, though.  I like that there have been things to discuss!  That’s the way it should be!!!  On that note, I’ll do my best to summarize everything that I saw and heard.

Obviously, the two biggest happenings involved the lawsuit Duran is involved with and their upcoming performance on Fashion Rocks.

For those who missed the lawsuit information, which would have been hard to do since the news seemed to be on every news source, both domestically and internationally, the basic idea is that Duran Duran is involved in a lawsuit against Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc., a company they hired to run part of their paid fan club.  I wrote a blog in reaction to this piece of information, which you can read here.  Of course, there were fans out there who seemed confused or misunderstood due to poorly written headlines and really thought Duran Duran was suing their fans.  This, of course, couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, Duran Duran released a statement clarifying the situation here.  Another good article about the situation could be found at Billboard.com here.

In more positive news, it was announced that Duran Duran would be one of the artists performing in this year’s Fashion Rocks, which will take place and be televised on September 9th.  The blog on that is here.

There were lots of little bits of album news released this week as well.  First, this month’s Katy Kafe with Simon revealed a number of tidbits.  The blog about that is here.  Social media also provided some  information.  John Taylor shared that Hollie Cook visited the studio.  Hollie is a British singer who has performed as a solo artist and also as part of the lineup of the Slits.  I’m not sure if this means she is working on the album or just visiting.  Anyone know?  Likewise, there was a studio visit with Natasha Khan of Bats for Lashes.  Hollie and Natasha weren’t the only women in the studio as Anna Ross posted that she was in to work on a new track that she says we are going to love!  According to her status update, she has worked on quite a few tracks.  Beyond the news about who has been in the studio, John also posted a few pictures from the studio, including one with him and a dog, one with Nick and the same dog and one of Mark Ronson.    While we are on the topic of the studio, have you checked out the new pictures in the dd.com gallery?  If not, go here to see them!

The last pieces of news that caught my attention related to 1980s Duran.  First, Buzzfeed posted an article about 6 things you might not have known about the Rio album.  If you want to read it, go here. Then, Bop magazine announced that it would no longer publish monthly publications and would only issue special editions.  For many of us, Bop magazine was one of THE magazines to provide Duran news and posters!  I know that I wasn’t the only one who had many, mnay pictures and posters from Bop magazine decorating my bedroom walls as a kid.  Thus, this news makes me sad.  Truly, it is the end of an era.

I think that is about it!  Of course, there was so much happening that I am sure that I could have missed one, ten or 10,000 things!  If so, let me know so that I can edit this post and add it in!!!


Katy Kafe with Simon – July 2014

There seems to be quite a lot to talk about lately in the Duran universe!  Just this past week, Duran has been been in the news because of their lawsuit against Worldwide Fan Clubs, Inc. (a company, NOT their fans) and because of their upcoming participation in Fashion Rocks.  Then, I find out that the teen magazine, Bop, is ending!  Some of those topics have been blogged about and others are worthy of being blogged about!  Yet, I will instead listen and give some highlights to this month’s Katy Kafe!  Speaking of the paid fan club, truly, one of the best perks is being able to really listen to Katy Kafes.  While we might give some highlights and reactions to what we hear here, it isn’t the same as listening to them, personally.  You get so much out of listening to how the band member sounds, how he reacts to questions, and more.  You also get something out of the questions Katy chooses to ask and her reactions!  On that note, I recommend listening for yourself, then, reading and reacting to the rest of this blog!

Before I go into detail, Simon was clearly very chatty and very open! He gave quite a bit of scoop regarding new album and future touring.    There is much to respond to and I have no doubt that I missed some key information.  Listen and remind me about what I missed!

Album news/information:

Some of what he shared isn’t new.  We knew that they were continuing to work with Mr. Hudson.  He talked about how much of an influence he was and that they had written three more songs with him.  Perhaps, this influence is what has led the album to have a different feel to it than what it was in the beginning or than All You Need Is Now.  Simon described AYNIN has having an 80s vibe.  This one he says is more “modern” with, at least, some club vibe.  He also made a point in saying that he hesitates to label it because it can pigeon-hole it.  People, instead, should just listen rather than  speculate about what it is going to be like.  (I, wholeheartedly, agree.  I won’t lie, though.  I like to speculate.  I like to ponder.  I get nervous and want assurances that everything is going to be all right.  That said, I know that Simon is right.  I need to listen first.)

Simon did indicate that things are getting close to being done.  He described the album as having “critical mass” and its own “direction”.  I take that to mean that the album has a personality now.  The individual parts/songs have been created but the album as a whole has a personality.  I look at all Duran albums that way.  This is why I can point out that every Duran album has quality songs on it but I don’t like each album in the same way.  For example, I love the song “Out of my Mind” but Medazzaland definitely isn’t a favorite of mine.  Anyway, they did work with Mark Ronson to “prepare things” and he said something about surprises coming up.  Likewise, they hope to have Spike Stent mix the album in September.  That shows real progress!!!  Another thing that shows progress is that the album has a name.  Simon didn’t share it but did share how long it was in terms of syllables and that they needed to figure out how to spell it!  Fascinating!!!  Any guesses out there?!

Simon did mention a first single and talked about record labels.  As of now, they are unsigned and will take into consideration what the focus is for the label.  Some labels are major labels and others focus on new media.  I couldn’t tell which why Simon was leaning towards but he did voice his opinions about record companies, in general.  Could any of you tell which kind of label he would prefer after listening?  This is an area that I will be keeping my ears and eyes open to in the future.


Simon said that he looked forward to going out on the road after the album comes out.  He hopes to do larger arenas/venues and more festivals.  What do you all think about that???  Would that mean only major cities?  Would that mean less shows?  I wish I knew!

Other topics:

Beyond the band album news, Simon did discuss a few other topics, including Fashion Rocks, the White Nights Festival, family vacations, and photo shoots.  Apparently, for Fashion Rocks, they only have a few minutes to play.  Thus, they have to choose to either do one song or a short medley.  Katy gave her preferences.  What would yours be?  As far as the White Nights Festival goes, he discussed their performance, the city and a funny story about what he was asked to do as far as introducing someone.


I was thrilled to get so much information about the album!!!  I suspect that he was more forthcoming because they are getting close to getting done.  Perhaps, he is feeling really good about what they have accomplished and is ready to share it with the rest of us!  If that is the case, may I recommend a snippet or two?  30 seconds of a song or two?  It wouldn’t be to speculate as much as to share in the excitement!!!





Fashion Rocks Announced!!!

Last night, after a long day, I finally decided to call it a night when I got a tweet from my partner-in-crime.  What was it in reference to???  It was a response to Duran’s tweet about Fashion Rocks.  This, of course, led to a series of tweets and emails processing, discussing, reacting.  What the heck am I talking about?

Well, according to the press release on dd.com, which you can read here, Fashion Rocks is returning!  Fashion Rocks isn’t new for Duran as they performed in 2003 and 2005.  For those who need a refresher, this show is to showcase the relationship between fashion and music.  Typically, a fashion designer shows one’s work while a band or musical artist performs.  Duran will be one of many to perform this year.   This event will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and will be televised for those of us who are unable to attend in person on September 9th.  Now, if you are lucky enough to go, tickets go on sale August 1st, according to the press release.

I’m not going to lie.  In response to this tweet, the very first thing I did was check the date and the location.  Was there any way I could get there?!  The answer, unfortunately, is no.  It is in the middle of the week and in New York.  What does this tell me, though?  I am missing that band like crazy!  I can’t deny it or pretend that I’m not.  I totally am.  I had a sense when I was searching like mad for any and all footage from the White Nights Festival.  I had an even bigger sense when I began unpacking all of my Duran belongings in my new place.  Each box, each item reminded me of how much I love them, how much I have loved being a fan.  Yet, this news and the exchange of messages with Rhonda really solidified it for me.  I miss them terribly and I cannot wait to see them on Fashion Rocks.  More importantly, I can’t wait to hear that album and to see them live once again!!!  Please, tell me that I’m not the only one…Please!!  I’m not alone, am I????  The rest of you are missing them, too, right?!?!??

Maybe, watching their performances from past Fashion Rocks will help me get through the wait!