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I’ve Seen You on TV

Yesterday, as I watched the snow falling, I graded, hoping to get caught up. (No, I did not include a typo in that first sentence. It snowed here yesterday. Yes, it is almost May.) I wanted to finish my grading for a couple of reasons. Progress reports are due on Wednesday. More importantly than that, I wanted to be able to watch the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony without feeling guilty.

There is something special about seeing Duran Duran on TV and there always has been. I remember as a kid getting so excited to see the band on TV. Before we had a VCR, I had to just hope that whatever they were on I would be able to see it. It had to be before my bedtime (gosh I was so young!) but also when I didn’t have to fight my siblings and the parents for the family TV. This was always a struggle but when I was successful, there was nothing better. One appearance from childhood that sticks out is this one from the Bob Hope Birthday Special:

From what I remember, I won the TV (we only had one in color with cable) because my grandma was there and she liked Bob Hope. In fact, she would have taken the time to retell the story for the 10th time or more about seeing Bob Hope perform in person decades earlier.

Sometimes, I didn’t know about a TV appearance but was lucky enough to catch it by changing the channels. Here are two that worked out that way:

Of course, there were times that I knew that Duran was going to be on TV but I couldn’t watch. I felt like someone was trying to torture me when this happened as a kid. Why were my parents so mean, I wondered. The biggest example of this was Live Aid in July 1985. My family was in the process of moving and on that Saturday we were to drive to our new house to drop off some needed items for my dad who was staying there during the week. I have a very clear memory of me begging my mom to let me stay with my best friend as she folded sheets that were going to the new house. No matter how many reasons I gave for needing to stay, she wasn’t having it. No, my help would be needed. Great…That said, we returned home in the evening and I managed to get back in time to see both Power Station and Duran! Even though I didn’t miss any of it, I pouted the entire day and refused to join the family for the Chinese takeout.

Another example of a Duran appearance that I was not able to watch was As the Lights Go Down. In this case, it wasn’t because my parents had plans for me. No, it had to do with the fact that it was airing on Cinemax, a cable channel that we definitely did not have. So what did I do? I did what must have been done and I begged my cousins to record it for me. They agreed but when they returned the videotape, they had missed some songs. I was so annoyed but I knew that I didn’t have the right to be. After all, they had done me a favor. Imagine how excited I was when the concert was included in one of the Seven and the Ragged Tiger special reissued box sets. Now, the band has been releasing some of the songs from it on YouTube after this year’s RSD special vinyl released of it. Here are the tracks they have released so far:

On that note, I might spend a little bit more time today watching some good Duran Duran clips. After all, what gets better than that?!


April 2018 Katy Kafe with Roger

I have been so busy that I missed the news that a brand new Katy Kafe had been posted this week.  It makes sense since Roger’s birthday is coming up this week.  (Happy Early Birthday, Roger!)  As always, I’ll give it a listen (I suffer greatly for this gig.  Not.) and provide some of my thoughts about what I heard here.  As always, I will not be sharing word-for-word what was said.  Nope.  If you want to hear it all, head to DuranDuranMusic and log in with your membership.

Trip to Peru

Katy opened up the Kafe with a discussion about Roger’s recent trip to Peru to see his wife’s family who lives there.  Apparently, he enjoys traveling there in April because the weather is beautiful and people spend time on the beaches.  (I wouldn’t know anything about this as I just had two winter storms this past week.)  One thing I did learn was that Roger studied French in school but struggles with languages.  (This I can relate to.)  His son, Julian, is trying to learn the language, too, with the idea that he will be bilingual.  Very cool!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame:

As soon as Katy mentioned that the recent induction to this year’s crop of Rock ‘n’ Roll members, I took note as this is a topic that seems to come up every year in Duranland.  She then asked if this was a goal of the band.  Roger’s reaction is what I expected with the idea of if it happens, great, but if not, it won’t change anything.  I can understand that sentiment.  Plus, it is probably the best way to approach awards.  Katy thinks it will happen as more New Wave artists are getting in.  Interesting to note that Roger definitely thinks that Depeche Mode should be in.

Elliot’s project:

Roger’s son, Elliot, has a new project, working with Denis O’Regan who was the photographer on David Bowie’s ’83 or ’84 Tour.  Recently, Denis found a lot of backstage photos and Roger’s son is helping to put these photos together in a book.

Return to the Studio:

When will Duran be back in the studio?  Roger’s response, “Definitely this year.”  That said, there is no specific date planned yet.  Apparently, the band is enjoying the down time, which I cannot blame them.  Roger is starting to look forward to returning to the studio now that he has had a break.

Record Store Day:

Roger expressed some excitement about the release of Duran Duran Live at the Budokan, but seemed to be more thrilled with the live DVD that will be coming out about that show/venue.  This did not surprise me as the whole show was shown on Japanese TV.

Birthday Plans:

Roger plans on spending his birthday at home with his family.  Interestingly enough, Roger claims that people who have the Taurus astrological sign do not make a big deal of their birthdays.  I’m not sure about that as a fellow Taurus.

This Kafe was not necessarily filled with a ton of news or insight but it was still enjoyable.  Again, I wish Roger a happy early birthday!!!


This Past Week in Duranland (September 15 – September 21)

It is that time of the week when I sit down and actually make sure I know what all happened over the past week.  I do this to ensure that I am caught up but to help any of you reading this who might be in a similar boat.  So, what happened this week?  No more Unstaged screenings.  No more performances–aired or streamed.  Was it a completely quiet one, then, in Duranland?  Let’s take a look!

September’s Collector’s Corner was published!
This month’s corner focused on the three different versions of the Carnival EP, which was released in 1982.  I do own the US version and appreciated finding out the differences between the versions.  It made me want to get all three now!  If you, too, would like to learn about the EP and the different versions, check it out on duranduran.com here.

Vanity Fair UK October edition!
The October issue of Vanity Fair UK contains a supplement called, Vanity Fair On Time, which features those pictures of Simon on the Rio boat that Simon fans have been dying for!  It also contains an essay written by Simon himself!  See a couple of pictures on the official press release!

Fashion Rock photos!
If you are a paying member of DuranDuranMusic, there are some photos from Fashion Rocks that can be seen in the photos section.

John Warwicker Interview
DuranDuranMusic is featuring an exclusive interview with John Warwicker, a graphic designer who worked on Astronaut and the singles from that album.  While he didn’t work on anything official until 2004, I found the interview to be fascinating as he met and did some posters for the band before they signed with EMI.  He has also been recently involved with Denis O’Regan’s Careless Memories project.  What really caught my attention, though, were his comments about John and Nick and their ambitious nature.

Rio’s Bass Line:
Bestbassgear.com mentioned John Taylor’s bass line in Rio as being one of the toughest bass lines around.  They also featured an isolated clip of the bass here.  While I always appreciate recognition of John’s work, I hate that it is wrapped up with a line that reads, “In fact, some of you might think, ‘Duran Duran counts as a band?'”  Really?!  They wrote and played their own music for decades.  I cannot believe that people are still saying crap like that.

Mark Ronson Article:
On a better note, Mark Ronson discussed Duran Duran on cue point.    As a fan who LOVED All You Need Is Now, I adore Mark Ronson both as the producer on that album but also as a fellow fan.  I love the comments he made in this article about how he was a great producer and a super fan when working on that album.  I will always say that part of the reason that album turned out SO WELL is because Mark is a fan.  He gets it.

Rolling Stone Magazine on 1984:
This week, Rolling Stone magazine published the list of the Best 100 Singles of 1984.  As someone who loved music that year, I couldn’t wait to see who and what made the list.  The Reflex made it.  Any guesses at what position it landed at?

Crave Online:
Crave Online also featured a little article on Duran Duran, which is available on duranduran.com.  In this article, there is a brief review at the Madza party and the lack of recognition by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Twitter Activity:
Simon hasn’t tweeted much this past week but he did come on to comment about the Scotland vote and to mention one of U2’s new songs.  Did anyone listen to that one?  Simon said that he wished Duran would do something like it.  John didn’t tweet much but did post a few pictures.

Is that it?  Did I get it all?  For a “quiet” week, there was still quite a bit of activity!  On to the next week…