Guest Blog: Wishful Thinking

Duran Duran’s design team has been working overtime this summer! There have been a plethora of new products released in the last six months. I recently purchased a package that included apuzzle. What will I do with said puzzle? I will probably put it in storage; I bought it because it exists. This creative product surge reminds me of the 1984 era when you could find Duran Duran memorabilia almost anywhere. My late father once admitted that he bought me a Duran poster from an airport lounge while traveling home. So now I’m thinking about other products that I’d like to see officially released.

Magnetic Car Bumper decal

The paper, plastic car bumper decals were extremely popular in 1983. Some featured the band’s photo and others just the logo. However, these decals were semi-permanent. I’ve seen Dave Matthews band decals in my workplace parking lot so why shouldn’t I represent our band?

Travel mugs

There are several ceramic mugs featured in the website now. I drink copious amounts of hot tea and coffee so these mugs require more refills. They also have the potential to shatter. I’d welcome 2 varieties of a plastic travel mug. I’d appreciate the portability and they would be
conversation pieces as I’m on the go.

Plastic Water Bottle

I struggle with drinking the daily recommended water intake. Water tastes so bland. Water also creates more frequent restroom breaks. Yet, perhaps having one of the band’s classic logos on a tumbler would inspire me to hydrate more frequently. I’d even buy one of the squat water bottles with the lines denoting how much water I’ve ingested. Can you image if they put they printed current and past band member names on the water lines? There could be John, Nick, Roger, Simon, Andy, Warren, Sterling and Dom lines. Hilarious!


The RCM era spawned a keychain. I declined because I didn’t want to explain a knife through a heart keychain to my mechanic. I did repurpose one of the chucky plastic keychains with a band photo for my first car. Unfortunately, the chunky plastic covers split over time. We are due for an elegant double D keychain. Maybe it could be free on webstore if you purchase a certain amount. The keychain could also be used to hang off of your rearview mirror like the fuzzy dice of the 1970s.

Temporary Tattoos

I work with small children and they LOVE temporary tattoos. I make sure to admire them whenever possible. Some brave fans have Duran inspired tattoos. As a tattooed fan, I’m considering the possibility. I can see fans sporting these at concerts.


I have the puffy stickers somewhere in storage. I smile whenever I see them on resale websites. I’m writing in Bujo journals and planners more which requires stickers. It would be nice to have a set of individual band member stickers or various band logo stickers. Etsy might be the best
vehicle for this item because it wouldn’t be cost productive to import from the UK.


As a Duran fan, I have a fondness for the classic, white Keds type shoe. They remind me of the white, bowler shoes that Roger and Nick (filthily) wore on the epic Rolling Stone magazine cover. A pair of shoelaces with the band’s logo would “jazz up” a pair of ordinary kicks.

Double DVD/Blu Ray box set of all the band’s videos and documentaries

I know we can view any video on the Internet now. I’m frustrated that I have some videos on VHS, DVD or some not at all. It would be nice to have them as a set. I have most of the documentaries but some are connected to specific concerts. Again, it would be nice to have them
in one set. If I’m being greedy, I’d ask for any unreleased footage as well. The band could fundraise by releasing a limited amount of autographed video box sets to fan club members for an exorbitant price. Yes, I’m dreaming now.

Thanks for reading my fantasy items. I acknowledge that the Duran Duran has released some items as part of VIP packages. I’ve seen others unofficially produced on the artisan websites. We are the fan base that bought the Arena board game, so why not dream of future products? What items would you like to see released?

Only in My Dreams,

By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.

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