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Invisible Review: “A little realism is included”

By Deleasa

I wish I could recall how I felt the first time I heard “Invisible.” As the first single, it had a unique sound that immediately caught my attention.  It kicks off with a combination of crashing sound of the drums and whispering voice.  I wasn’t familiar with Graham Coxon at all but his contribution on guitar was a satisfying addition.  Simon’s voice sounds strong yet not overpowering. Usually, it takes awhile for me to learn lyrics; but my ears tuned in after a couple of listens. I’ve embraced “Invisible” as my theme song as “the shy one…in the voiceless crowd.” I wish this song was around when I younger. Lyrically, it touches on the times that we are currently living in and everything that is going on around us. While music is often a source of escapism, I also appreciate when a little realism is included; as it connects us to the same moment in time even from different perspectives.  “Invisible” has a nice groove that makes me want to move. “Invisible”set a positive tone for what was to come from the Future Past album. 

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