Only Duranies Would Get…

Has anyone ever seen this image?

I saw it sometime over this summer. When I ran across it, I took note, laughed a little but I did not think too deeply about it. Later, though, it came up again and took it as a sign that maybe it would make a good or interesting post. So, what is something that only Duranies would understand?

When I first thought about it, JoSi (or that John and Simon combination, especially singing together live) popped in my head. Now, I am not sure that any band really has someone like Simon, or even John, for that matter. That said, I know that other bands do have a singer/guitarist or bassist combination that makes fans crazy (in a good way!). So, maybe that isn’t something super unique to Duranland. The next idea that came to me is Durantime. I suspect that everyone reading this knows what I’m talking about. My guess is that other fandoms would not have a clue. We know that Durantime means that every project, album, etc. takes a LOT longer than what the band expects and states. We all know this concept and use it, I think, even when we are totally understanding the the creative process takes time.

So, on that note, what do YOU think is something that only Duranies will understand? Is there something musical? Maybe it is something about the personalities of the band members (or assumptions about those personalities). Could stereotypes about the band or their fans be something that we would only get? If so, what? Here’s another thought. Could this idea have changed over time? For example, if I was asked this question in the 1980s, what would I have said? All food for thought. What do you think?



  1. I’d say how batshit everyone goes when they play Friends of Mine! I’ve seen someone’s face at a gig where that happened – she was at her first gig ever (excellent choice!) and simply didn’t know what had hit her! 😀 😀

  2. He needs two hands…. that’s the first thing that came up in my mind !
    With that said, just to share with you, Backstreet Boys also use BSStime…. as their release and dates always takes forever !

  3. Well I know this happens with other bands, but whenever I hear about about someone forgetting the lyrics or tripping on stage, I always think of Simon and get a little chuckle.

  4. oh so many…but as far as live, I’d say the million gestures and expressions you can almost predict on every classic song. And lets not forget, the closer/band intros – Girls on Film – play the f’in bass John!!

  5. That you don’t go to a DD-concert ALL dressed in black, but at least wear a pink shawl with it.

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