Poll: How do you listen to Whooosh!?

A few weeks back, I was listening to Whooosh! (If you are unaware, you should run, not walk, directly to Spotify and look up “Whooosh!”, and give it a good listen!) On that particular program, Simon and Katy were explaining that if for some reason you didn’t want to hear them chat in between songs, you could look up the Spotify playlist that goes along with the program and only listen to the songs.

This surprised me, but not because I didn’t know the playlist existed. I’m not sure if this is the case for everyone who listens—and in full disclosure I have a Spotify Premium account—but I have to toggle between the podcast itself (the segments where Simon and Katy chat) and the playlist to hear the songs. I have to think this is a “me” problem. Not only that, but the segments is listed so that the most recent one plays first rather than starting from segment one and going straight through to segment five. Again, I’m assuming it must be user error and I just haven’t messed with Spotify enough to know.

Regardless, I take the time to listen to the podcast as Simon and Katy intended, toggling between the individual segments and the playlist. But, I’d imagine that not everyone does it that way. So let’s hear it – do you listen to the full show? Just the chatting? Only the music? Vote below, and bonus points for those willing to kindly comment, sharing how they voted and why! -R

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By Daily Duranie

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  1. I know the issue you are having, I don’t know why it defaults to that song/chat segment separation. Here is how I finally figured out how to listen from beginning to end with one touch:
    * Search “Episode 20 – Whooosh!”
    * Tap the first song (under the promo clip) and then it will play all the way though. : )

    BTW, if you haven’t asked a question yet, you should! Katy read mine and one of my friends (she apparently doesn’t get that many, ha, ha!)

  2. I don’t have a premium Spotify account. But when I click the link from DD social media each week, it takes me to the page that plays the entire show in order, just as if I were listening to a broadcast radio show. Which is how I want to listen to it anyway, so that’s fine. I do like the fact that each song & segment are listed separately so I can go back to individual songs more easily later.

  3. I use the release of the episode playlist as my second standing desk session of Fridays. It helps me get more calories burned, although I usually have to remember to take my Spotify out of shuffle. 🙂

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