Taking a Break

Every now and then, I need a reasonable breather. Unlike many, who actually have vacation time from their jobs – my particular profession as a stay-at-home parent, chicken-mama, feeder of the zoo, wife, and of course blogger and podcaster – doesn’t come with days off or vacation time. Typically if we want to take time for ourselves, we’re left in the position of just doing it and not having content, or we work ahead so that we can schedule posts for while we are gone.

What I’ve found though, is that the preparation for having just one week where I don’t have to think about websites, social media or podcasts, is kind of a lot. I go from having maybe four blogs to write up to perhaps six or seven, along with at least two podcasts to produce, record, and then edit, then of course, there are also the Vodka Fridays – both podcast and video – that need to be produced, recorded, edited and uploaded. Like I said, it’s a lot.

This week though, I am taking a bit of a break. You won’t find a podcasted episode of My Own Way this week, or a Vodka Friday – its going to be our Spring Break, and it’s only one week! There’s still plenty of blog content though, so check it out. In the meantime, I will chat with you all again next week!


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