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Anchoring In This World

This weekend did not turn out how I expected.  It started out like it was supposed to.  I hung out with my niece Friday before taking her to the airport on Saturday.  After that, I planned to attend my school’s musical leaving Sunday open to be super duper productive.  After I returned home from taking my niece to the airport, I ran a few errands and sat down to dinner, thinking I would be heading to the play soon.  Unfortunately, this is when my mother called to tell me that my dad was pretty sick.  My weekend plans shifted instantly to how could/should I help.  After all, my dad isn’t young and struggles with health issues already.  This, of course, is the reason why this blog is so late.  Thankfully, he seems to be a little bit better today but I’m still struggling to refocus on my tasks.

I planned to go through social media to share what pictures, articles and videos that I could find about Duran’s Moscow visit for the BraVo Awards but I simply lack the time and energy to focus on it.  I know…I’m a terrible Duranie.  Maybe someone else could share with me via our social media or the comments section here.

While I don’t have time to look for extensive footage about this appearance, I did see a couple of tweets, pictures, etc. from the band’s official website, Dom and Anna.  When I scanned through social media and saw the pictures, I smiled each and every time.  They made the last 24 hours a little better.  It makes me feel good to know that the band is out there in the universe doing something related to their work.  It provides a bit of comfort to me.  Is that weird?    It is like I have these expectations of what should be around in life and when they are, everything feels normal.  They are my anchors.  My dad has one of those in his life:  White Sox baseball.  The baseball season is a standard.  It is always the same in terms of when it starts, what it will be like, etc.  It provides consistency, continuity of life.  This marker tells my dad that everything is normal and okay.  For me, what makes me feel like everything will be okay?  Duran Duran.  For my dad, baseball has been a part of his life for decades, most of his life.  The same is true for Duran for me.  Seeing them make an appearance means that the world is stable.  Life is stable.

Am I the only one who feels this way?  Am I the only one who uses Duran Duran in this capacity?


Stones and Glass houses: DD to play BraVo Awards in Russia

In what has got to be one of the shortest lead times to #Durantime ever – Duran Duran announced today that they will be performing at the International Professional Music awards – the “BraVo” in Moscow, Russia on March 10th.

For those of you who are saying “Wait, what’s the date today?”. It is March 5th.

When I saw the announcement, I was a bit curious, if not dubious. I’ve never heard of the BraVo awards. Aside from understanding that they take place in Russia, I knew nothing.

I looked at the awards website, and this is the first BraVo Awards, which explains why I’d never heard of it before. It was difficult to read the site due to some rather unfortunate banner placements, but it sounds like the awards are supposed to celebrate the musical “elite” from virtually everywhere in the world, other than America and probably Canada, and maybe Mexico. The site claims that the event will be attended by representatives of world music and film industry, media executives, cultural and business elite, ambassadors of partner countries, and famous celebrities. Sounds pretty fancy!

Let’s face facts – this is in Russia. Inevitably, there are always going to be concerns with that. Is it really just about getting paid?  For that matter, are the band being paid for this gig or are they also being honored? Does anyone know?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the band has the right to make money. I support that 100%. Artists can and SHOULD be allowed to support themselves through their art. Yeah, Duran Duran have made millions off of their music. Yep, they get paid to play, whether private gigs or on tour. They always have in one way or another. That’s not a crime and we need to stop acting like it is. Art isn’t free. It SHOULDN’T EVER be free. Art is the product of someone’s blood, sweat and tears, it isn’t free. Let’s get that out-of-the-way right off of the top. I believe the band has the right to make a living, even if they are making far more than I could ever hope to earn myself.

Is this really just about making a living, or is this about where they’re being paid, and by whom? Let’s face it, Russia isn’t known for being the greatest advocate or proponent of human rights in the world. Their government has been known to meddle in an election or two, as well.  It is difficult to support the idea of playing in a country that has that kind of track record, isn’t it?

Yet, I need look no farther than my own country as I consider my own feelings on the subject.  Right now, the President in my country is someone who is not well-liked around the world. Some might say that he has a pretty dismal view of human rights – to say the least, I might add. Others might say he is on the cusp of impeachment, insisting that he is one step away from being thrown in prison. Or maybe to some he already is a criminal. Should Duran Duran stop playing shows here in the USA until our President changes? Some of you reading might very well be saying yes.

Those of you who are saying the band shouldn’t play in Russia because of their government might also be saying the band shouldn’t play here in the USA because of the views of our own.

It feels a bit like a slippery slope when discussing where the band should or should not play based on the convictions of a country’s government. I remember a Katy Kafe where the subject of where the band would be willing to play was discussed with Simon. I don’t have the exact quote, but he basically said they’d play anywhere unless there was a specific regime in power somewhere that the band didn’t agree with. I’ve come to realize that the decision, in many cases, just can’t be that black and white.  The country where I live is far from perfect. The band has played here numerous times for award shows, even thought I am fairly certain they haven’t always agreed with our government, or its stance on human rights, including LGBTQ rights and immigrant rights. The band has come here and played for the elite in our music, film and fashion business in the same way they will on March 10th for Russia, or anywhere else in the world they decide, for that matter.

I’m just not sure about throwing stones while sitting in this glass house.