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Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2018 is tomorrow!

Sadly, I am going to miss Duran Duran Appreciation Day festivities this year.  As I lamented earlier in the week on social media – this is the year where nothing goes quite as planned. Instead, I’ll be driving back to the OC from a quick trip north. It can’t really be helped, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sad about missing out.

It’s weird to me, because if all had gone as originally planned, I would be in Las Vegas right now, preparing for our convention. I hate thinking about that because I really wanted to do it, and while I know there’s no way I could have actually pulled it off, I sure wish we were there! I’m hoping for better DDAD showings in the future from Daily Duranie, that is for sure. We need a real party!

We do appreciate Duran Duran. More than they know, really. We write about them nearly every day in one capacity or another. I love that there’s a holiday for them, though! I know that our goals with writing the blog has changed over the years. It is an elastic sort of thing, I suppose. Right now, I use the blog as a sort of escape, but also as a way to solidify myself. I sometimes still have to figure out how to  allow myself “space” to be a fan, and I use the blog as a place to grapple with it, oddly enough!

Most of us can say that the band has been there through some of the most difficult times in our lives. The music guides us through, gives us the gentle shove when we need it, and even some hope that things will get better. I know it’s helped me. Right now, as I start really saying goodbye to the only house my kids have known, the place we held so many birthdays, holidays and family get-togethers, along with all of the memories held within (my darling son once took his teeth and ran them the entire way down our wooden stair railing – the grooves are still there. Yes, he’s still alive to tell about it!), I listen to the band a lot. Moving is rough, life can be crushingly painful, but music helps.

I hope everyone is able to take time and enjoy that they’re fans of a band that is still out there creating, even in 2018!  We are so lucky to still have them out there, writing, recording and performing – and even communicating with us on occasion. That’s definitely worth celebrating!

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day, everyone! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!




Something to Remember: Friendship and DDAD17

Friendship matters. In a world that is moving far too quickly, with relationships teetering towards collapse, a real friend can be hard to find and keep.

Before I ever began blogging, and well before I ever had the audacity to believe I could write a manuscript, I spent most of my days chasing after my two oldest kids. When we first moved to the neighborhood where we currently live, my oldest—Heather—wasn’t even quite a full year old. Gavin came along a year and a half later, and that’s when I joined the MOMS Club. Believe it or not, it’s an international club for stay-at-home moms. Joining the club was the best thing for me because I felt pretty overwhelmed here at home alone. Having somewhere to be each day, whether it was the park or another member’s home for cooking club, or just sitting on someone’s driveway while we let all of the kids play in the cul-de-sac, saved me. I made friends fairly quickly, and some were closer than others, but it still wasn’t enough. At the time, I couldn’t put my finger on what I was missing, but it was something.

I stayed in MOMS Club until my oldest was in first grade, I believe, and that’s when I realized I’d moved beyond what they could offer. Playdates and sewing classes bored the hell out of me. What I really wanted was some adult time and a real friendship that went beyond just being moms, and that was beyond the premise of MOMS Club.

Around that same time, I went to the first Duran Duran concert I’d been to in probably seven years. I’ve told the story before, but it was mind-boggling. That reignited a flame I’d thought had long since been extinguished, and I went searching online to see what else was out there. Or who!  I think at the time, I believed I was going to look for information on the band. I  had no idea what they’d been up to since Medazzaland, and I felt like I must have missed something. I joined the duranduran.com message boards and tried to glean as much as possible from the obviously long-time posters there.

For me, dd.com was a tough place. I was very intimidated by the people there, because they seemed to rip everyone to shreds, including one another.  It didn’t seem friendly, and I didn’t want to put myself out there. So I kept searching and eventually stumbled onto duranduranfans.com, which became my online sanctuary.

The story of how I eventually met Amanda has been told over and over, but the truth is, she was somehow exactly who I needed to meet. We are forever bonded by Duran Duran, and now, also by this blog and our experiences. When I met her, I had no way of knowing that she and I were opposite sides of the same coin, or that we would be there to push and encourage one another when needed. Amanda and I are so different in so many ways, you might not even think we’d be able to be friends. It’s just the opposite, though. She is strong where I’m weak, and vice-versa. It is the first real, solid friendship I think I’ve had as an adult.

I’ve run into people over the years who say that they appreciate the ban for the catalog of music, but that we really shouldn’t thank or appreciate them for bringing fans and friends together.  I’m just not so sure. For me personally, it was going to a single concert that led me to find my best friend. It is that same band who continues to push and encourage the two of us to keep going. And let’s face it, if it weren’t for Duran Duran, there would be no Daily Duranie. That alone is worth a thank you, and maybe even a toast!

Since this blog is written daily, we’ve kind of gotten into the habit of appreciating Duran Duran each day.  In many ways, it’s our own moment of zen, now that I come to think of it. In no way can I appreciate them more, though, than thanking them for somehow leading me to an entirely different chapter in my life, complete with a friendship I can count on, and memories I’ll never forget.

See you all tomorrow on Twitter! #DDAD17




#DDAD17: Party and Appreciate DD This Thursday!

If you are looking for hard-hitting Daily Duranie news today, I’m about to totally rock your world. After much discussion and logistical planning,  we are ready to announce that Amanda and I are hosting an online Duran Duran Appreciation Day (#DDAD17) par-tay!

Amanda and I have been spending a lot of time working while on Skype this summer. It’s the next best thing to being in the same room, and we’ve grown accustomed to this method over the years. I don’t know what prompted the topic one day while we were talking, but I said something about how I wanted to spend just one day this summer watching videos together and acting like idiots online. It’s pretty much what we do when we ARE together (just imagine those long car rides getting to shows). I just want one more day of that before we both go back to work, because no matter what we say now – by October we’ll both be saying things on the blog like “We miss our friends. We haven’t talked to one another in months, etc. etc.”

The thing is, if I had to pick one thing to really appreciate Duran Duran for giving me – it would be my friendship to Amanda. Yes, yes, the music is fantastic. Of COURSE. Many people will focus on that for Duran Duran Appreciation Day, and I think that’s wonderful. But the most important thing for ME has been friendship. And if it weren’t for Duran Duran, I would have never found Amanda.  I know it seems like such a strange thing to thank a band for, but I am pretty sure they get it. I think they’ve seen us enough to know, and I will never be able to thank them enough.  I suspect there might be another blog on that whole friendship thing tomorrow….

The other thing is, we’ve hosted similar parties in the past. They’re always at weird times because of the time differences around the world, and more often than not they’re during the week because Duran Duran Appreciation Day falls during the week most years.  As result, most people can’t really join in for the entire time.  Ultimately it dissolves into Amanda and I, drunk by 2pm my time…tweeting away with no one answering and yet we’re cracking ourselves up.  It is either amusing or maddening, depending upon your patience level.  The fact is, WE have a total blast being idiots, left to our own devices, and so this all comes down to the two of us.  As our good friend Patty once told us, “If you’re not having fun, it’s time to go.”

With all of that in mind, we invite you to join us in an afternoon/evening filled with Duran Duran videos, trivia, merriment, friendship, and joy.  The best part is that this will cost you nothing, and all you need in order to join in is a reasonably decent internet connection.

Beginning at noon PDT time (that is: 2pm central, 3pm east coast, 8pm UK…and so on), Amanda and I will be on Twitter, watching a specially compiled Daily Duranie video play list, making jokes whenever possible, drinking vodka tonics, and basically cracking ourselves up.  We would love to have fans from all over join us, or pop in and out as you’re able.  All you need to do in order to properly celebrate the day is find us on twitter at @dailyduranie, and use the hashtag #DDAD17. We’ll let you know when we begin the special playlist, and if you join late, we can accommodate that by throwing out the names of the videos we’re watching.

On another note, originally someone had suggested doing a Google Hangout and doing drunken Duran Karaoke. While this was an amazingly fun idea, the logistics aren’t that simple. Hangouts only accommodate up to 10 on a video call, and really – isn’t the point to be able to WATCH? I wish I could say we had the hookup to be able to host such things here on our site, but according to my IT guy – we are not a Fortune 500 company, and our yearly operating budget is “slightly smaller” than that. So videos and Twitter it is!!

(He means we operate in the red, which is true.)

So, check us out on Thursday, 12pm PDT, 8pm UK time.  We don’t currently have an ending time because we’re not sure how long this will go. If people are still around and willing to chat with us at 5pm (8pm east coast, 1am UK time), we’ll stick with it. If it’s 8pm and we’re still at it, fine!  If not, we’ll close shop, take some Advil, and sleep it off!

Hope you can join us, even if you’re just gonna pop in and out at your leisure!  #DDAD17



The 2017 30-Day DD Challenge (Daily Duranie Edition)

A few years back, we wanted to do something kind of fun during July and August, and created a 30-day challenge for Duran Duran fans.  It is EASY to participate, and we think everybody should, because DD Appreciation Day is in August (the 10th, actually) and this is a great way to lead up to our favorite holiday of the year!

Here are the “rules”:  Each day, you post the topic of the day as your status update on Facebook, Twitter, a favorite message board or where ever else you’d like, and give your answer.  If you want to give a reason for your choice, fabulous.  If not, fine.  If you’d like to find and post a corresponding YouTube video – the more the merrier!  Let’s use the hashtag #2017DDchallenge, and invite your friends to read Daily Duranie and friend us on Facebook/Twitter!

If my math is correct – and I hope it is because Amanda and I talked about this yesterday and I can’t remember what she told me to do (she’s on a plane right now so…) – we’re going to start this today.  We’ll do one question per day right up until August 9th. Then on August 10th, we’ll summarize the answers we saw, as well as add our own.

We’ve changed a few of the questions since we did this last, and we’re kind of curious to see if any answers have changed. We’ll let you know!!

1.  Song you never tire hearing live
2.  Fave side/solo project
3.  Fave side/solo project song
4.  Duran song that describes you best
5.  Video that makes you laugh
6.  When did you become a fan
7.  Fave picture of the band
8.  Fave album cover
9.  Song/video that takes you back to when you became a fan
10.  Song that always brings a smile to your face
11.  Video you forget about but love it when you see it
12.  Fave DVD
13.  Prized Duran related possession
14.  Least fave song live
15.  Fave song never seen play live
16.  Most recent concert
17.  First concert
18.  Fave b-side or bonus track
19.  Least fave video
20.  Least fave album
21.  Fave band member
22.  Fave pic of fave band member
23.  Fave album
24.  Fave show from PG Tour (or show wished you were at!)
25.  Song that should not have made it passed the editing room floor
26.  Demo that should have been on an album
27.  Most underrated song
28.  Song that should have been a single
29.  Fave video
30.  Fave song


Good luck – we can’t wait to read your 30-day challenge answers!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2016!

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day everyone!!  This year we are having a quiet celebration as Rhonda is on vacation with her family and I’m off to work.  (That seems really wrong, doesn’t it?!)  We figured that we did a lot of celebrating this summer on tour.  Next year, of course, we will be REALLY celebrating with Durandemonium 2017, the Duran Duran convention which we plan to hold in Chicago from August 10-13th.  Mark your calendars and ask for your vacation time NOW as we hope to see each and every one of you there!  We can then celebrate Duran Duran properly and all together!

This year, I asked everyone to send in favorites, including favorite song, video, interview and performance.  A lot of you did just that, which I really appreciate!  From there, I put everyone’s favorites into a YouTube playlist, which you can see below.

If you still would like to send in your favorites to be added in, please do!  If you want to share this playlist on your social media as I will be doing, the link is as follows:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlTPfAsmYEc&list=PLL4OFP5mGtk1cSoP1zr70L6p94hM9UnmX

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in this list, which I loved.  Yes, there were some duplicates, but not that many, which I think is pretty cool!

How else is everyone celebrating the big day?!


Duran Duran Appreciation Day ’16 Prep

It was brought to my attention that Duran Duran Appreciation Day is coming up!  In fact, it is on Wednesday.  Last year, we hosted an all-day, all-night party.  The party featured a video playlist in which everyone watched the same video at the same time and then talked about it on social media.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed picking out some of our favorite videos, which you can see here.

This year, though, we are unable to host a 24-hour party.  Rhonda is on vacation and I’m stuck at a bunch of work meetings.  Blah.  That said, we cannot allow the holiday to happen without doing something!

I would like everyone to pick out some Duran Duran videos on YouTube.  In fact, I want everyone to pick out 4 videos that fit the following categories (or to the best of your ability as these categories are tough to decide!):

  • Your Favorite Song
  • Your Favorite Video
  • Your Favorite Interview
  • Your Favorite Live Performance

Let me provide an example:

Favorite Song:

Favorite Video:

Favorite Interview:

Favorite Performance:

Then, send your 4 choices to us via Facebook, Twitter, here as a comment, or to our email (dailyduranie@gmail.com) by Wednesday.  I will create a playlist on YouTube of all of the choices so that everyone can see people’s favorites.  Of course, I would also encourage people to share those choices on personal social media accounts all day on Wednesday in order to get Duran Duran trending on our very special holiday!  For Twitter, we suggest that everyone use the following hashtag:  #DDAD16.

Let’s celebrate Duran Duran properly on Wednesday!


Planning for a little Durandemonium

As we’ve bantered about, we’re planning another Durandemonium for August of 2017. If you want a date, think Duran Duran Appreciation Day because our plan is for Durandemonium to encompass that date. We’re also tentatively thinking that we’ll stick with Chicago as the city – so there’s some planning in advance for ya!

Chicago is centrally located in the US, there is a ton to do as far as nightlife and entertainment options, there is plenty in the way of public transportation, and it is also a place where both Amanda and I are very familiar and ideally – Amanda is able to take all of the equipment we would need for the convention without having to rely on costly shipping.  We are very excited to begin the planning process, which is why I’m writing today.

Durandemonium is for fans. (Fun fact: I’ve never been to ANY convention as an attendee!) We have done some fun things at previous conventions, but what we would really like to know is what YOU might like to do. Please feel free to brainstorm in our comments, understanding that whatever we plan for the convention  will be included in the registration ticket price. For example, sure – we could have a live band perform, and if the sky is the limit – we might even be able to pay to have special appearances, but that cost ultimately gets passed on through the price of registration. No matter, this is brainstorming time and no ideas are bad ideas.

In order to get the creative juices flowing, allow me to list some ideas that have been done at conventions in the past:

  • scavenger hunt
  • club nights
  • banquets
  • icebreaker games
  • private screenings
  • cosplay (dress as your favorite line of lyric!)
  • trivia games
  • pin/merchandise trading/vendor areas

…and so on.  Send in your ideas, and remember – we’re brainstorming. Sky is the limit right now. Dreams are STILL free! (yeah, yeah…we know you want the band there. We are still planning for about 100 people to attend the convention, tops. Who wants to pay $1,000 or likely, even more per ticket? Anyone???)

Looking forward to reading your ideas for fun, good times, and Durandemonium!


Appreciating Duran Duran Part 3

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day everyone!!  Our celebration began last night with our online party!  Come join us here!  We are going strong all day long!  Rhonda offered her holiday thoughts here and now I am summarizing the last 10 questions in our month long Daily Duran Duran Challenge!  If you want to read about the rest of the responses you can go here and here!

Song That Showcases Dom Brown:

We knew that some might not appreciate this question, but to us, he is the 5th member of Duran Duran and deserves all of the respect and praise that the others get.  Therefore, we couldn’t exclude him from the questions!  Interestingly enough, 11 different songs were given as answers.  Some of the more common responses were:

  • Mediterranea
  • Falling Down
  • Ordinary World (live)
  • Tricked Out

The most popular answer was this one below:

How did we respond to this question?

Rhonda–Day Turned Black


Song/Lyric That Best Represents You:

Like the favorite lyric question, I truly enjoyed seeing what people chose for this one.  24 different lyrics were chosen!  What songs produced the most answers?

  • Mediterranea
  • What Happens Tomorrow
  • She’s Too Much

The song that people quoted the most was this one:

What lyrics did we choose to represent us?

Rhonda–“Search like the crowd, I’m fixed on your face
I know it well, but it’s a dream I can’t place” (Pressure Off)

Amanda–“Spare us your lives while we need you.” (Winter Marches On)

Song/Video That Takes You Back to When You Became a Fan:

The answers to this question shows when current fans became fans. As you can imagine, the most popular responses were some of Duran Duran biggest hits, including:

  • Is There Something I Should Know?
  • Hungry Like the Wolf
  • Save a Prayer
  • Ordinary World
  • Rio
  • The Reflex

The song that transports most fans back to when they became fans:

What did we choose?

Rhonda–Planet Earth

Amanda–The Reflex

Favorite Song Post-Reunion

This song asked the question, out of all the songs released after Pop Trash, after the Fab Five reunited which is your favorite?  People could have answered from Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre, All You Need Is Now, or even Paper Gods.  Indeed, all three released albums were represented.  Generally, the most popular answers were from All You Need Is Now and Astronaut.

  • Mediterranea
  • Sunrise
  • Girl Panic
  • Nice
  • Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
  • Before the Rain

The fans’ favorite song post-reunion?  This one:

How did we respond?  We both chose songs from All You Need Is Now.


Amanda–Before the Rain

Favorite Song from the Early Days (1981-1985):

Not surprisingly, 22 different songs were given as answers to this one!  Again, like the previous question, all albums from that era were represented.  Some of the more popular responses were:

  • Friends of Mine
  • The Seventh Stranger
  • Save a Prayer
  • Careless Memories
  • Planet Earth

What was the most given answer?  This one:

How did we answer?

Rhonda–Is There Something I Should Know?

Amanda–Planet Earth

Favorite Song from Notorious to Pop Trash:

Like the other similar questions about favorite songs from different eras, each album from Notorious to Pop Trash was represented in the answers given from the fans who participated.  The most common responses out of 24 different songs given were:

  • Someone Else Not Me
  • Serious
  • A Matter of Feeling
  • Winter Marches On
  • Notorious
  • Out of my Mind

The most popular?  Not surprising!

What were our answers?


Amanda–The Edge of America

Least Favorite Video:

We got 18 different videos as answers to this one.  Out of those 18, some of the most popular responses were:

  • Violence of Summer
  • Electric Barbarella
  • Wild Boys
  • The Chauffeur
  • Someone Else But Me

The clear winner (or loser) for this question was:

Our answers matched the rest of the fan base.

Rhonda–All She Wants Is

Amanda–Electric Barbarella

Favorite DVD/Documentary:

Interestingly enough, 11 different DVDs/Documentaries were mentioned!  Some of the more popular ones were:

  • A Diamond in the Mind
  • Rio-Classic Album
  • Live from London
  • Wild Boys Documentary
  • As the Lights Go Down
  • Extraordinary World

The most popular?  I bet we could all guess it…

Did Rhonda and I say the same?  Nope.  While we both love Sing Blue Silver, we really love this one:

Favorite Era:

This question, perhaps, could have used more of an explanation.  A lot of fans answered with a span of years while others mentioned albums.  Therefore, it was harder to figure out the most popular era.  That said, some of the more popular ones appeared to be:

  • Notorious
  • Wedding Album
  • Right now!  Paper Gods
  • All You Need Is Now

Overall, though, the most favorite time period for the fans was 1981-1984, featuring the first three albums!

How did Rhonda and I answer this one?  Easy!  Right now!

Favorite Fandom Moment:

This one is very, very personal as the answers can vary to include the first time someone heard a song or saw a video, the first concert, the best concert, meeting the band, meeting other Duranie friends and more.  I know this much–I’m enjoying reading every single response given!  In order to show a lot of why we write this blog or plan meet ups and conventions, here’s the slideshow Rhonda put together for Durandemonium, our convention in 2013.

So what are our favorite moments:

Rhonda–Having Dom Brown play White Lines right in front of her at the show in Durham in August of 2012. She tells me that she’d waited her entire life for that front row spot, and she finally got it thanks to a friend. Going up there was crazy enough, but once Dom saw her, he continued coming over there, bending down and playing. It was wild to see it happening, and I was worried she was going to need medical attention!!  (she survived, obviously.) 

Amanda–April 1st of this year.  The reason is quite simple.  We got to see a few songs performed.  Some pictures were taken with some band members and it was the best time with fellow fans.  Everyone had a good time and was excited for each other.  It is what I hope for with each and every show!

That’s it!  These are 30 reasons why Duranies appreciate Duran Duran!  We love their songs, their videos, their side projects, the band members, their live performances and all of the amazing moments and friends they have brought each and every one of us!  Of course, we aren’t quite done with our celebration!  Our online party goes for a few more hours and features some more Duran viewing and the drinking game that accompanies Sing Blue Silver and A Diamond in the Mind!  Join us and celebrate until we can celebrate no more!




Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2015

I’m writing this late on August 9th because tomorrow morning I will be jumping online, hoping to squeeze in a little fun in between the shuttle service I seem to run here at home.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2015

When I was eleven, twelve or even thirteen years old, there were many, many days when I would sneak back into the confines of my bedroom – a little 12 ft x 12 ft box that was all mine. I could go in, shut the door, close out the world along with anything that was bothering me,  and daydream about anything that really mattered – and for me, that was Duran Duran. I’d put my stereo on as loud as I could get away with, lay back on my bed and stare at the ceiling and aaallllll of those posters on the walls. Never, in all of those hours that I spent in there contemplating the day that Roger Taylor would show up on my doorstep to convince me that I was the girl for him (We ALL have dreams!),  did I once consider that someday I would be writing about the band, in any capacity, much less on a computer of all things.

At the time, I don’t think I ever thought about what I’d be or what I would do when I grew up. Childhood seemed like it would last forever, and the days where I would be expected to actually be productive or manage completely on my own seemed like life plans for someone else!  Little did I know…  Point being, I never really thought I’d write. Writing was something I had to do for school, something that I didn’t necessarily enjoy, and darn it why couldn’t I just take five classes of music or band each day??

So here I am, typing on a laptop at my dining room table amidst the cacophony of my household on a Sunday evening.  Grinning as I get a private message from my partner-in-crime telling me that she met Brandon Flowers tonight; mourning the fact that I was supposed to be at that show with her (it always works out that way, I swear!) and yet I’m here in California,  I acknowledge my crazy life. I chuckle as I think back to last month’s Katy Kafe where John said at some point that real life is complicated. That is no joke. There are times, like right now, that I almost beg for a little simplicity.

So how does Duran Duran really fit into all of this? That is really the question, isn’t it? I’ve been a fan since I was ten years old. Early 1981. That means about 34 years now. I struggle with that concept. It’s really been that long? How?? In a lot of ways, it was much easier to be a Duran Duran fan when I was ten. I went to school, came home, had chores to do and homework to finish, but other than that – no expectations. I could listen to music, watch TV and spend hours examining each page of Tiger Beat and Bop!, among many other teen mags. The downside was of course that I wasn’t allowed out of our small town to go to shows or try to get that treasured autograph from a band member. Nowadays, I have three “employers” as well as a husband, none of which are exactly supportive or understanding that Mommy needs to write a blog or do research when dinner needs making or when someone needs to be driven somewhere. On the upside, I do have a car now. So there’s that. These days, I struggle to find balance where there is precious little to be found. I am certain I am not alone. The thing is, we fit Duran Duran in however we can, don’t we? There’s no right or wrong way. Sometimes it’s a struggle, and other times we are lucky enough to get a weekend or longer to revel in our fandom. Those times are precious and not nearly often enough, or long enough. I tend to forget to really appreciate them until I no longer have them, like right now.

As much as I struggle with balance, support and encouragement in the outside world that we’ll call “Rhonda’s Real Life”, I appreciate this band. It isn’t just about the music, or the fact that they have the most amazing (and under appreciated) guitar player on the planet, either. Born from the single craziest idea I’ve ever uttered out of my mouth (“We really should write a book, Amanda!”) has come this blog. This insane, full-time BEAST of a blog…and I have learned that I like to write. I need to write. Indirectly, the band led me to the one thing that gives me the most solace and peace in my life.

Duran Duran has been there for me from adolescence. They may not really know who I am, and they might not really even care in any sort of personal way, but they’ve been there. I can’t really imagine my life without them in the same way that I really can’t imagine my life without writing, my friends, concerts, Facebook, or even Twitter these days. I appreciate Duran Duran every single day, but there’s something especially sweet about being able to put aside one day of the year to watch a video or two, chat and laugh online, and allow the band to take center stage.

I hope everyone has a chance to enjoy Duran Duran today. We’re lucky to have them. Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!


Appreciating Duran Duran Part 2

Today, I am continuing to appreciate all things Duran Duran by compiling the results from questions 11-20 from our month long daily challenge.  Yesterday, I summarized the results of the first 10 questions in part 1, which you can read here.  The process here was simple.  Each day, we asked a question of Duranies on Facebook and Twitter and kept track of the results.  Here is how the questions 11-20 turned out!

Favorite Song to Hear Live:

Twenty-six different songs were given when we asked which song fans loved to hear live the most.  What were the most popular responses:

  • New Religion (Perhaps, this should be back into the setlist then!)
  • Save a Prayer
  • Wild Boys
  • White Lines

What song is the most popular to hear live?  This one below:

How did we respond to this question?


Amanda–Careless Memories

Least Favorite Song to Hear Live:

This question, of course, was the flip side to the previous question.  Fans realize that the setlist must be limited.  Thus, which song would they like removed in order to free up a space for a different song?  Here are some possible suggestions:

  • A View to a Kill
  • Come Undone (Yes, please.  Oh…wait…that’s just my opinion!)
  • White Lines
  • The Reflex
  • Ordinary World
  • Save a Prayer

Which song would the fans really want dropped?  This one below:

We had the same response to this question but different than other fans!

Song That You Want to Hear Live but Haven’t!

The answers to this one really varied since when and how often people have seen Duran live can be very different for each individual fan.  Nonetheless, 44 different songs were given as answers.  Some of the more popular ones were:

  • Late Bar
  • New Religion
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • Shadows On Your Side
  • New Moon on Monday
  • Secret Oktober

The most popular response was:

How did we respond?  Again, we had the same response!  This one (Hint, Hint!!!):

Favorite Song from a Side or Solo Project:

Like all the rest of the questions, we had a lot of different answers to this one (22 in total).  The side/solo projects mentioned included Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor solo, Simon Le Bon solo, Neurotic Outsiders, and Andy Taylor solo.

Most popular were:

  • Election Day – Arcadia
  • Goodbye Is Forever – Arcadia
  • Lady Ice – Arcadia
  • The Flame – Arcadia
  • Missing – Arcadia
  • I Do What I Do – John Taylor

The most frequently given answer?  There was a tie between these two!

What did we say?

Rhonda–Amazing by Dom Brown

Amanda–Fields of Eden by John Taylor

Favorite Video by a Side or Solo Project:

Like the previous question, a variety of side/solo projects were featured as answers, including Arcadia, Power Station, John Taylor solo, The Devils, and Simon Le Bon solo.  What were some of the more popular ones?

  • Election Day – Arcadia
  • Goodbye Is Forever – Arcadia
  • Missing – Arcadia
  • I Do What I Do – John Taylor
  • Hey Day – John Taylor

The most popular, however was:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Election Day by Arcadia

Amanda–The Flame by Arcadia

Favorite Lyric:

This was, by far, my favorite question because I loved, loved, loved reading all of the different responses.  Lyrics from 45 different songs were given and there were very few lyrics that were repeated more than once.  This really shows how many different lyrics of Simon’s people really connect with!  What were the lyrics that were repeated by more than one fan?  These:

  • “My obsessive fascination is in your imagination.”–I Don’t Want Your Love
  • “Because I believe a little part of you inside of me will never die”–Do You Believe in Shame?
  • “Some people can call it a one night stand but we can call it paradise.”–Save a Prayer
  • “Was I chasing after rainbows?”–The Seventh Stranger

By far the song that was most often quoted was the one below:

What lyrics did we choose?  Interestingly enough, we chose lyrics from the same song!

Rhonda–“And so we travel, and we unravel”

Amanda–“On the bomb ticks that is my heartbeat”

Song That Showcases John Taylor:

In most cases, people chose Duran Duran songs for this question, but they could have chosen side or solo project songs as well.  17 different songs were given.  What was some of the most given?

  • New Religion
  • Last Chance on the Stairway
  • Planet Earth
  • Chains

The most popular response?

Rhonda and I wanted to choose solo work for this one.

Rhonda–Hey Day

Amanda–Johnny Full of Fear

Song That Showcases Simon Le Bon:

Again, in most cases, Duran Duran songs were given as answers.  Some did chose Arcadia, though.  All in all, 12 different songs were given as answers.  The most frequently given are below:

  • New Religion
  • The Chauffeur
  • Palomino

The most popular response was:

How did we response?  We agree with the rest of the fans with Before the Rain!

Song That Showcases Nick Rhodes:

Answers mostly focused on Duran Duran with some stating Arcadia songs as ones that best show off Nick’s work.  The most often given responses were:

  • Union of the Snake
  • Save a Prayer
  • Lady Ice – Arcadia
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Medazzaland

What was the song that most fans chose?  This one:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Tricked Out

Amanda–Save a Prayer

Song That Showcases Roger Taylor:

Interestingly enough, no fan (besides Rhonda) chose a solo song for Roger despite his project, Freebass, from the 1990s.  Everyone else chose a Duran Duran song.  Here are the most frequent responses:

  • Wild Boys
  • Girls on Film
  • Careless Memories

The most popular response?  This one below:

How did we respond?

Rhonda–Softunderfoot by Freebass

Amanda–Careless Memories

That’s it for today!  Tomorrow, on Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I’ll summarize the last 10 questions of our 30 Day Daily Duranie Challenge!