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What is the function of a single in 2018?

My “Day in Duran History” desk calendar reminds me that on this day in 2011, BB2 announced that “Girl Panic” was the next single off of All You Need is Now.

Although I am the first to admit my memory isn’t what it used to be, I do remember hearing that “Girl Panic” would be the next single. I found that fascinating because up until that point, I hadn’t heard “All You Need is Now” more than a couple of times on the radio, if at all. I didn’t really understand the point of naming a single, unless of course we were talking about the physical release of a single – like on a 45. Sure, I’m dating myself here, but I really didn’t see the point, particularly if land-based radio wasn’t going to play anything the band released anyway.  I did buy the vinyl single, and like everyone else I waited on pins and needles for the video. But beyond that, I never quite got the necessity of the single.

My questions about singles lingered on through the release of Paper Gods, although on second thought I wonder if it’s simply that I have the wrong expectations in my head for what a “single” really means. Take “Pressure Off” for example. I never once heard the song played on any of the radio stations in Southern California. Not once. I didn’t hear about it being played anywhere, either. I don’t remember any kind of physical release, CD, vinyl, or otherwise for it…so what’s the point?

On the other hand, I know LA radio pretty well. In this market, there really isn’t a station that plays a genre that lends itself to recent Duran Duran. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard “Rio”, “Girls on Film”, “Ordinary World”, “Come Undone” and “Hungry Like the Wolf” on at least three, if not four stations in my area. It is rare that I can get into my car and drive the whole way home from work (45 minutes on a bad day) without hearing one of the above songs played. That said, as far as LA radio is concerned, Duran Duran hasn’t released even one song since 1993.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into a full diatribe on that kind of stupidity, so I won’t.

I do have to ask though – what is the point behind putting out a single these days? Is it beneficial for Spotify? For subscription services like Sirius XM? What about internet radio? Does a band really need to release singles? I suppose that leads me to the question of an album, too. Are albums still necessary?

I know that recently Nick suggested that perhaps the studio time the band has casually thrown around in mention during their Katy Kafe wouldn’t necessarily lead to a full album. He’s said similar things in the past. I can’t say I’ve liked the idea enough to shout from the rooftops about it. I’m a big fan of full albums, myself. I like the idea of a complete story being told through music. I hate the idea of losing that format.

Are albums really any more necessary today than singles? I’m not sure.  Let’s not confuse this with whether we want more albums and singles. Rather, let’s consider their necessity and usefulness in this current business model and market.




Gonna Tempt You…

I am super distracted and can’t say that I even know why.  It is not like I have a show coming up or something similar.  Yes, Rhonda and I are still working on convention stuff but it isn’t that.  Thus, I have no clue as to what the heck is causing my distraction or lack of focus.  This, of course, is unacceptable.  I have so much work to do as it is the end of the term, which means that I have a ton of grading to do, comments to make on report cards, etc.  If that wasn’t bad enough, next week we have final exams, which means that I will have a lot more grading to do.  Yippee.  Grading is pretty mind numbing and I just don’t want to do it.  Yet, I must.  There is no choice.

Now is the time that I must keep my eyes on the prize.  Finish the grading, finish the semester and move on to bigger and better things, like convention planning or preparing a presentation for a conference.  I need to focus.  Seriously.  As usual, I find myself thinking about how music might help me get it together.  This got me thinking…are there Duran songs that I might be able to use?

The first song that popped in my head was this one:

I know that this song was taken from a Churchill speech during World War II.  My situation isn’t anywhere near as serious but still motivating.  I think.

What about this one?  Would this one work?

I kinda like the idea of me getting my work done in “my own way”.  Although, I could just be giving myself another excuse so when I take 15 breaks, I could just say that I’m grading in “my own way.”  Crap.  I need something better.  Think, Amanda.  Think.

I’m not sure how motivating this one is but it feels dang fitting to me.  After all, “There’s a fine line drawing my senses together
And I think it’s about to break.”  For sure.  Big time.  Still there has to be something that is motivating, rather than excuse making or a song that represents how I feel like I’m going insane.  Geez.

Then, I think about this one.

No, that isn’t right, either.  While it feels like winter is marching on and definitely this grading is marching on, that isn’t what I’m going for.  I need something more to get my grading pen to move.  Come on, Duran Duran, I need your help.

Too much information?  Not sure about that, but there is too many papers, too much grading.  Now, my students would say that I have assigned too much work and that it is my fault.  No, in all seriousness, most of the work is late work or paper rewrites.  I guess I could not accept those…ugh.  It is my own fault!  I’m so stupid.  Where is the Duran song for that?!

This one, at least, makes me laugh.  All this she wants is to be done with grading.  Any idea how to get that to happen?!  Anyone?  Anyone?   Bueller?

Finally, I thought of another one!

Yes, that’s it!  I’ll be the last man standing…or in my case, the last woman standing!  I will defeat you evil mountain of grading!  Nothing will stand in my way.

This last song definitely feels like a reward to me.

After all, when my work is done, I can definitely take the pressure off.

On that note, I better get back to work.  Too bad a good Duran playlist won’t get my work done for me.  That said, anyone got any other good suggestions for me?  Any song to add that will allow me to procrastinate more?!  No, that’s not what I need.  I need songs to help me focus and be productive.  Help me out here people.  Please.  I’m begging…


You caught me in your web of youth: Those young Duranies

January 11th has got to be one of the most boring days on the Duran Duran history calendar, I swear. There are only three items of interest on this date, one of them being that they performed at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta in 1989.  That would have been during the Big Thing tour, I believe. Let us know if you were there!

As I was typing this, I thought of my friend Michael, who I believe is from the outskirts of Atlanta (or else I’m really getting this screwed up, in which case I still implore you all to stick with me…there really is a point, I promise!) Then I thought about the year 1989. I’m thinking Michael wasn’t even born yet…which blows my mind, to be honest.

You see, Michael is about one of the coolest Duranies I’ve met. It isn’t that he’s a rock star, or that he knows Roger Taylor personally, or that he’s a distant relative to Andy Taylor (none of which is true, at least that I’m aware of…), it is that Michael is young. By young, I don’t just mean younger than me. I mean that Michael is only two years older than my oldest! He’s YOUNG. And he’s a Duranie.

(and he put up with Amanda and I in Las Vegas, which probably should earn him some sort of medal)

Now, I don’t mean to pick on Michael, by now he’s probably reading this and wondering why on earth I had to go picking on him today, but it is people like my friend Michael that still give me great hope. He flew across the country to go to the show in Las Vegas, he hung out with some really great people (Amanda and I aside, the group he hung with were wonderful), and he really loves Duran Duran. I can’t even get my oldest to listen to Duran Duran.

Well, that’s not really true. She hears them while shopping, or even in the gym, and texts me things like




The thing is, I love that Michael found Duran Duran. And I’m really thankful he came to our Daily Duranie party. I love that there are young people who love the same band I grew up listening to, and that despite our obvious range in ages, we have this band in common. How cool is that?

Often, I’ll see younger fans post on Tumblr or even Twitter, and invariably, some older “get off my lawn” type of fan (basically someone like me, I guess!) will shoot them down and destroy their dreams in a single response.  Sometimes warranted, other times, it is just inhospitable. Sure, we’re all different. Times and music have changed. Yet, if we stop to think for a moment, we do have that band in common. It is the music between us.

Yep, on this date in 1989, Duran Duran played the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, and that was way before my friend Michael was a twinkle in his mom’s eye…little did we all know the best was yet to come in the decades ahead, right?


I came by invitation to general Chelsea mayhem

A fandom is populated by many different types of personalities. Some people are quiet and reserved, some are very outgoing with strong personalities, and still others are there solely for the object of interest itself.

As one might imagine, the same holds true for Duran Duran. Not everyone is here to interact with other fans. Some are here solely for the band. Some just want the music and don’t care about the band itself, other fans, or any of that. Others are curious about other fans but they’re not the type to jump in with both feet. Still others really want to create connections with other fans.

Durandemonium 2018 is going to be a fantastic, VIP-style, non-stop party. If you decide to accept our invitation and attend, you should know that you’re going to be in exceptional company with people who love Duran Duran, but also value friendships they’ve made (or will make) in this community. Those relationships and memories will more than withstand the career of the band, by the way.

The people who attend Durandemonium won’t be there to chase down the band as they go from black Escalade to elevator.  They aren’t expecting the band to play (however awesome that might seem!).  They will be there to celebrate being a fan and sharing that sort of kinship with other fans of Duran Duran. Our guests will arrive knowing that we are celebrating forty years of fandom, and the best way to do that is with one another. There will be singing and dancing, merriment and debauchery, but it will be our guests making it all happen. It will be those memories, from an exclusive weekend with like-minded friends, that carry them to the next tour and beyond.

There is nothing wrong with fans who plan their vacations around Duran Duran’s tours. Been there, done that myself more than once and my car has the mileage to prove it! I applaud the people who are so driven to shake Nick’s hand or get the best picture of Simon or Roger that they’ll wait all weekend for them. I love the avid concert goers that will drive all over the country just to catch the band in concert one more time. These are people after my own heart.

However, there are a ton of opportunities that already exist for fans like that. They’re called tours.  This party is for the cool people.

Everyone can be a fan, but not everyone can attend Durandemonium.