Life of Chains

I have had a great time. No matter how long I’ve been writing Daily Duranie, and no matter how long I keep going, I will always be truly grateful for the blog, the people I’ve met, and just how much fun I’ve had along the way. This past weekend, I spent some time really thinking… Continue reading Life of Chains

Plastic Paradise

I feel as though the past week has been a whirlwind, and I’m not even in the band! Each day has a variety: things to watch, articles to read, new music, and chart news I couldn’t have even imagined. Like many of you have mentioned, it has been difficult to keep up – a very… Continue reading Plastic Paradise

Why Some and Not Others?

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The baseball season ended this week. Now, I know that there are four teams still involved in the playoffs but, for me, for my family, it ended once our beloved Chicago White Sox was eliminated. The playoffs were a big deal for my family as everything from clothing choices to daily schedules to unplanned but… Continue reading Why Some and Not Others?