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Skin Trade, 1987 (and other deep cuts): Do You Remember?

So let’s get right down to it: on this date in 1987, Working for the Skin Trade debuted on MTV. Do you remember?

I know one person out there does for sure.  Patty Palazzo, owner of Punk Masters and one time assistant for someone named John Taylor, likely remembers this without much problem. A year or two ago (maybe even longer?) I interviewed Patty for Daily Duranie. During that interview, we talked about Skin Trade, or rather – her obsession for the song. I haven’t forgotten that little tidbit!

So, in honor of this special day, let’s watch the video!


I like the days in history where we have a song, single or video to celebrate – it gives me a chance to watch again. I’m not one of those people who will purposefully get out my collection of Duran videos (I don’t really have much of one) and watch them. There’s not enough time…which is why whenever I’m at Amanda’s house I basically overdose on Duran videos when I have the chance!

The thing is, there are a lot of other songs that I almost never think about because they aren’t singles or on setlists…and some of them don’t even have videos at all.  On Monday morning, DDHQ asked what should have been a simple question: what is your favorite “deep cut” by Duran Duran. Deep cut meant a song that wasn’t a single.

My first thoughts were Late Bar and Secret Oktober, as always. But..DOH!…those were both B sides ON singles. Do they count? I’m always afraid of posting an answer and then realizing that I didn’t answer the question correctly. The last thing I want or need are 50 other fans telling me that I didn’t answer right (and yes, there are always some that take a certain amount of glee in setting someone straight). So I checked out some of the other replies before posting. I decided that no, I probably shouldn’t post those two songs because while technically they weren’t singles, they were B-sides and not even on the albums. sigh So what to choose?

My brain went blank. Amazingly, peacefully, blank. I might not have even been able to remember my name at that point. Seriously. What in the hell was (is…I mean IS) wrong with me?  So, I went album by album in my head. What was on the first album? I thought of those songs. Nothing really jumped out at me. Went on to Rio – what was on there? That’s when I came upon Hold Back the Rain. Always did like that one. Almost never hear it live. Hmm. Then I thought about other albums. Notorious was never one of my big faves (sorry). Big Thing was fine – shoot, now as I’m writing, I’m thinking I should have probably picked Land or Palomino. Wait, are those singles? (No, no they weren’t. I’m an idiot and need a brain transplant.)

So…I could have done that all day, as it turns out. I settled on Hold Back the Rain rather quickly because of two reasons: A. it is a good song and one I really like. B. I was trying to hurry.  But, I did think about Paper Gods. One of my most favorite songs off of that album is a pretty deep cut that you don’t even get unless you buy one of the exclusive versions – Planet Roaring.  That’s another one that I would probably give my eye teeth to hear live. (well, maybe NOT my eye teeth. I’d look strange without them. How about a molar??) The big fan in me wishes they’d play it live. It’s anthemic, it’s easy to sing along with them, and it would get the crowd going…or at least the crowd in the first three or four rows. sigh.  I hate it when my brain knows something my heart wishes to completely disregard.

So, go on then…what’s your favorite deep cut?  No pressure…we’ve got time…answer in the comments!


Question of the Day: Friday, December 2, 2016

Yesterday’s winner:  American Science

Which song do you like better:  Duran’s Skin Trade or Arcadia’s Goodbye Is Forever?

Question of the Day: Friday, September 30, 2016

Yesterday’s winner:  Secret Oktober

Which song would you rather have ADDED to the setlist:  The Seventh Stranger or Skin Trade?

Question of the Day: Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yesterday’s winner:  A View to a Kill

Which song would you rather be LEFT OFF the setlist:  Skin Trade or Meet el Presidente?

Question of the Day: Friday, October 23, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  New Moon on Monday

Which single do you like better?

Question of the Day: Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  Skin Trade

Which single do you like better?

Question of the Day: Friday, October 9, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  A View to a Kill

Which single do you like better?

Question of the Day: Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  Lonely in Your Nightmare

Which song would make the better 3rd track on the ultimate Duran Duran album?  It would follow the songs:  Rio and Planet Earth.

Question of the Day: Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yesterday’s winner:  Lonely in Your Nightmare

Which song would make the better 3rd track on the ultimate Duran Duran album?  It would follow the songs, Rio and Planet Earth.

Duran Duran History: Rock Over London

Today’s Duran Duran history takes us back to 1987, to the era of Notorious, when Rock Over London featured Skin Trade.  Rock Over London was a vinyl radio show that broadcasted in the U.S.  Other artists featured on this particular episode included Wang Chung, Roger Waters, Heaven 17 and World Party.

Skin Trade peaked at number 39 on the Hot 100 chart in the U.S.  Shall we watch the video?