This week in DD History – February 21-27, 2021

We’re already about to begin the third week of February! Time is flying by, yet we’re still feeling like it’s Groundhog Day every single day of the week (at least *I* am). Hope everyone is safe and well out there! February 21 Planet Earth peaked at #12 on the UK charts (1981) Duran Duran performs… Continue reading This week in DD History – February 21-27, 2021

In Review: To Whom It May Concern

This week, we turn our attention towards “To Whom It May Concern”. Originally titled “Mr. Jones”, this song was reportedly written in response to manipulation the band experienced from their attorneys. As the story goes, the song had been completely finished (as “Mr. Jones”) for inclusion on the album, but once having learned of it,… Continue reading In Review: To Whom It May Concern

In Review: Femme Fatale

This week, we’re going to cover Femme Fatale, a cover of the original song released by Velvet Underground in 1986. This song was released as a single in France, and also as a promo single in the Philippines in 1994. The original song was written by Lou Reed at the request of Andy Warhol. It… Continue reading In Review: Femme Fatale

In Review: Breath After Breath

It’s Monday after what was a very busy weekend for Amanda and I. We need to take a breath…and here we are, reviewing Breath After Breath (Corny segue?? You bet it was!!) Written by Duran Duran and Milton Nascimento, this song with a distinct Latin rhythm and feel features a ballad-y lyric sung in English… Continue reading In Review: Breath After Breath

In Review: Too Much Information

Hey everybody! The reviews are back! Instead of trying to figure out where we left off (Somewhere on Liberty, we believe)…we decided to forge ahead. We’re trying something new, too. Instead of our lengthier reviews of the past, we are hoping to stick to something a little punchier and short. Something you can maybe read… Continue reading In Review: Too Much Information