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Allow Me To Introduce The Encores Club!

Lazy Listeners Unite!

I’m wondering how many of our readers out there would describe themselves as a “Lazy Listener”? I’ve described myself that way, accurately so because up until very recently – I didn’t even bother clicking on the “New Releases” playlist on Spotify! Like many of you, I’m nearly fifty, I didn’t think I had a ton of time (or patience), and I like things handed to me…preferably on a shiny silver platter!

I didn’t want to do the homework. The searching. The wincing as I heard sounds that might be unpleasant to my ears, even. The fact is, I was stuck in a rut. I don’t know that I was happy, but I am sure that I was complacent! It was easier just to click on my own playlist, or wait for the next Duran Duran album to come out, than to find new bands on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I listen to music – but inevitably it is music I already know. We go back to what we are already comfortable with, don’t we? Such is the lazy listener, which is me!

Hit that New Release button!

So, what does one do to motivate themselves into finding new music? First, you agree to do a monthly YouTube show with someone who knows far more about music than you do. Second, you start reading all of the music magazines and e-newsletters that show up in your email. Then maybe you even begin taking recommendations from the very person/people in your favorite band(s). Lastly, you start clicking on that New Releases button in Spotify!!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve easily listened to more new music than I have collectively over the past ten years. I’m not an expert by any means, but I feel a lot more informed about what’s out there, I’ll say that. Names like Caroline Rose, Ist Ist, Orla Gartland, Inhaler, Public Practice, and Denai Moore are among bands and artists I’ve uncovered lately, thanks to the methods I mentioned above.

We’re not critics, we just play them on YouTube

I mentioned a few weeks back that Jason and I have been working on a new project called “The Encores Club”. Essentially, it’s a YouTube show for people of a certain age (Read: whatever age you are is the age we’re talking about!) that are interested in getting a couple of newish music suggestions a month. Our thinking is that there are a ton of people out there that don’t know where to start when it comes to finding new bands to follow, and I’m here to take that journey with you! There are a lot of music critics out there – nearly every music site or magazine has them – but there’s not much out there for the real people. If you happen to be reading this and sitting back nodding your head – this might just be the show for you!

We’re doing some of the heavy lifting, too. Each month, Jason and I pick a couple of albums for listening, and then come together with guest or two for a 20-minute (yes, just 20 minutes is all we’re asking!) video to chat about them. It’s a good way to dive into a music search of your own! Over time, you’re going to get to know us, what we like, what we don’t love, and how our music tastes are expanding. (Ok, perhaps I mean *my* musical taste…because Jason’s is already pretty vast!!) The very first episode comes out on June 25 – just three little days from now!

Yes, I’ve just used Daily Duranie blogging space to shamelessly plug the new show.

The Encores Club premiers this Thursday!

The Encores Club isn’t what I’m working on “instead” of Daily Duranie, by the way. Jason and I can do both! This site and blog will continue on – it’s a part of my soul at this point and I wouldn’t give it up. After all, it’s nearly a decade old now, and we’re waiting for a new album, right? Amanda and I are still a team. Jason is still our faithful intern and team member, and he isn’t too famous to quit answering my texts…yet! Regardless, we still have work to do here. In fact, Amanda is going to be one of our guest Encore Club members for an upcoming show we’re filming this week! (I wonder if that show will go longer than 20 minutes….)

So, check us out on the 25th for the premiere of our very first show! I’m posting the link to the first show here, but it won’t go “live” until the 25th. Please watch it on the 25th, and if you like what you see, hit the subscribe button! Then if you click on the bell icon, you can be notified whenever we put up new episodes or other fun things! Then, we’d really appreciate your help by shouting about The Encores Club on Twitter! If you have a new album you’d like to see us discuss on a future episode, let us know via twitter or our very own gmail! We look forward to continuing to chat about new music!

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