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Land of the free…until we disagree

Happy Wednesday! (it IS Wednesday, right??)

Let me just open this post by sharing that I did not sleep well last night. My eyes are still tired (and blurry), I woke up about an hour later than normal, and I’m finding that I am struggling to form reasonably understandable sentences. I’m also way late…. Good luck reading! ūüėÄ

Can’t wipe the wind blown smile off my face

From time to time, something will crop up that gets the community into a heated debate over political stances. Whether that was a shirt that John wore somewhere, or a political event that John attended (hmm…John seems to be the only example here that I can think of….), it gets fans in an uproar.

One thing I’ve noticed is that if a fan happens to agree with whatever is being said or supported, typically there’s no problem. It only seems to be an issue when you sit on the opposing side. Granted, I’m generalizing here, and I know it. (I did not stop to actually count opinions being presented verses the number of fans reading or actively participating. Shame on me!) That said, I don’t think anyone would disagree that it tends to create a discussion when one or more of them choose to be open with their political opinions.

Land of the free

Then there are the times when the band has released new music and a faction of fans don’t care for the new direction, collaboration, theme, etc. Basically, I mean every single time something new has been released. I mean, let’s be open and honest about that, right?

Imagine having both happen simultaneously. Can you envision the drama? A nightmare scenario indeed, yet, this is the very issue that fans of The Killers have been handling for the past couple of days. I’ve witnessed entire Facebook groups coming apart at the seams purely due to a single song and video. It has been both heartbreaking and eye opening on any number of levels.

The song (and video, directed by Spike Lee) is titled “Land of the Free”. It is a song directed squarely at the United States and was written by Brandon Flowers in response to the issues happening in our country as of late. My job here isn’t to embrace or lambast the song, it is purely to present the topic. For those who haven’t heard the song or seen the video, here it is:

Land of the Free by The Killers on YouTube

Walk the edge of America

The Killers are hardly the first band to present a politically charged song or video, they are just among the more recent to do so. I myself am a fan of The Killers, and to the best of my recollection this is easily the most political song they’ve done. Even Duran Duran has written a political song or two – but they’ve done it with far more finesse and subtlety (I’m thinking “Edge of America” – both the song and the video that was released late last year, or even “Paper Gods” – which they themselves said was politically motivated, albeit far less obvious). Even so, I’ve seen grumblings about how the band should stick to what they do best.

Having watched the video and listened to “Land of the Free” a number of times now, it isn’t hard to imagine why or how an entire fan community could be split. There’s no guesswork with the lyrics. They are strong and they are hurled directly in the faces of all Americans. They are a tough pill to swallow regardless of where you sit. It is not a pretty picture of America that is painted.

Concrete beach to scrape my hand

As one of their fans aptly put it, “Art is meant to provoke. It is meant to be controversial, and it is meant to be discussed and debated.” This is true. Their music and video is indeed art, and if it sparks discussion, that should be OK. We find common ground and understanding through communication, not by sweeping the topic under the carpet.

It is difficult to watch a fan community crumble over a single song. Comments range from dislike due to the song not sounding like it belongs in The Killers catalog to the topic of the song itself. On the opposite side there is joy and pride for bringing up a very difficult yet timely and necessary topic. Not many see that while this one song is rightfully controversial – it is only one song, and not the determining factor for where the band will head from here. It is easy to get so caught up in the details that you forget that The Killers are still a band. They’ll make more music.

I have to wonder what we would do as a community if a similar song was released. I believe the demographics for Duran Duran are a bit *ahem* older. But are we wiser? Do we realize that their opinions have just as much “right” as ours? Would we agree with the sentiment? Would we be able to get past the details enough to find common ground?

I’m just not sure.


October 2018 Katy Kafe with Simon!

Hello readers! I am sorry I continue to keep skipping out on blogging. I’m finding that it is very difficult to blog while attempting to sell a home along with being a mom, wife, and homeschooling parent unless I want to blog between the hours of midnight and 4am. ¬† My current pay grade here at Daily Duranie doesn’t allow for those hours.

On with the important news: Simon was the October guest in the Katy Kafe! Here’s the thing: admittedly, I’ve gotten a little bored with the Katy Kafe’s lately. ¬†I knew I needed to sit down and listen to it today, and yet I was putting it off…which is horrible. I suppose, in all fairness, I had been hoping for big news when there might not have been much to share on the band front.

That ends today, my friends.

The October 2018 Katy Kafe covered everything from sailing to a song title disagreement, once Simon – because he is Simon to you and I – insisted that Katy call him Charlie, as most of his friends do. I thought this was cute purely because when she called him Simon to begin with, he scoffed and asked her, “Since when do you ever call me Simon?” Katy explained she was trying to be professional and he just laughed. It was a nice exchange, to which I smiled and appreciated. ¬†I highly recommend getting your own membership to DDM so that you can hear it all for yourself!

I tweeted this earlier, but it bears sharing here as well. I don’t know what has happened to me over the past year or two (three or four??). ¬†Maybe I’ve lost what little was left of my mind. Maybe I’ve finally gone off the deep end. Perhaps gasp I’ve gotten SOFT, or have become a complete pushover, but hearing Simon makes me smile. Oh, I’m still going to give him a rough time…but I did smile.

To be clear: I don’t mean smiling in that fan-girly, giggly sort of way. No way. He’s SIMON, for crying out loud. Let’s not go overboard, here.

Moving on….immediately!

The highlights, as I have deemed appropriate:

Smell like he sounds

The taglines are too easy. Katy and Simon begin the Kafe talking about perfume. Simon co-designed the four fragrances from D.S. & Durga, deciding to do one scent per decade. Simon shared that he had someone “very close” to him test the fragrances, and she was not necessarily captivated by them all. This made Simon realize that he couldn’t really expect anyone to love them all, because they are very different. D.S. & Durga released 500 rollerball essential oil bottles for each scent, and the hope is that if they do well, in 2019 they will arrive in other places for those of us interested in a sniff or two!

I had to laugh, because Simon likes that one is named Hungry Like the Wolf. Of course he does…that earned a huge eye-roll from me. He also described each scent:

Hungry Like the Wolf:

Musky tone with forest scents. He even used the word “ecclesiastical” in the description because it reminds him of church incense. (patchouli, anyone?) He says this is very “raw”, and the name appeals to his sense of humor. “Who would ever name a perfume Hungry Like the Wolf?” “Who would buy it?”

I know who.

Come Undone:

Simon believes this might be everyone’s favorite. He says it is very subtle with a sexy, skin-element.

I have no idea what that description might mean, but I know I’m going to have to go and check it out when and if it ever makes its way to America. Is it weird to wear a Duran Duran inspired scent to a Duran Duran concert, right along with a Duran Duran t-shirt??

Yes, these ARE the types of things that go through my head on any given day.

Skin Divers:

Simon regards this fragrance as a day at the beach. He describes it as fresh smelling, like the ocean (not seaweed, but the fresh scent that comes with being out on the water), combined with the scent of a blow-up plastic unicorn that you use for a float.

A. He had me until the unicorn. Then I floated away on a Coppertone cloud of coconut, sand, plumeria and ocean.

B. I have to think that he just means that’s the vision that pops into his head when he smells it, as opposed to the fragrance smelling like…well…plastic.

You Kill Me With Silence:

He says this is deep, intense, woody and¬†smokey-ness. It is dark and brooding. I’m imagining my temper in a bottle! ¬†I’m curious about this one, too. During the description, Simon shared a little bit about the inner-studio discussion surrounding the title “You Kill Me With Silence”.

There were two camps: One that wanted the title as we know it, and another that wanted to go with “Kill Me With Silence”, which has an entirely different feel. I suspect that some may have felt the name was too long – but it is a very good example of how one word can change an entire phrase, or song title!


I think many of us who have been around for a while know that sailing is in Simon’s blood, and it makes him the person he is. Recently he has gotten involved in the Tall Ships Youth Trust, which is a wonderful organization where they take kids out and allow them to experience the camaraderie of being out on the sea. They are currently raising money in order to buy their own tall ship.

Simon has also been keeping up with his role as a spokesperson for the Blue Marine foundation. He appeared at the Southampton Boat show for Sunseeker (a boat manufacturer). They decided to get involved with Blue Marine, not only by raising awareness for boaters, but also cleaning up their own manufacturing process. Every little bit counts!

Additionally, each year around this time, Simon comes to the Kafe with tales of sailing races, and this year is no different. After spending family time up in Languedoc, France, he traveled to Cannes to join the crew on Blitzen, a 57′ sloop built in 1938. They raced among similar wooden boats of the same age in the Regatta Royale, among a few others.

What is Simon’s job on the boat while racing? He trims the main sail, which is akin to working in the engine room on a powered ship, and when the boat owner is not present, he drives the wheel.

February shows and that set list…

Katy wasted no time bringing up the recently added shows in New Orleans and Las Vegas for February of 2019. She specifically asked a question that many have been grumbling about online – these show aren’t¬†really ¬†a part of the Paper Gods tour, so what can fans expect to hear? Will they maintain much of the current set list, or will they change it up?

I felt that Simon’s answer was both pointed…and vague at the same time. He opened by explaining that we should bear in mind that the last “new” material was Paper Gods, and so yes, the show will be based on that. He said they will keep “bits” of that in the set list, otherwise the show will be purely a¬†Greatest Hits¬†set.

Here’s the thing, Duran Duran is not a band that is going to drag out songs that the majority of their audience has never heard. They’re just not going to do that. ¬†Too many people in the audiences have never heard much of anything beyond Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, Come Undone and Ordinary World. No amount of complaining from fans will change that simple fact. If you are going to any of their shows hoping to hear Faith in this Colour, or Fallen Angel (or FallING Angel for that matter), you’re probably going to be sorely disappointed. I wish they’d have more faith in themselves beyond their hits, and I really wish they’d dig a bit deeper and challenge themselves in the process, but they just don’t.

Part of this is my own fault. I go to a lot of shows. I don’t do just one show a tour. I do many. I go whenever they’re nearby enough for me to sneak away. ¬†I used to complain about hearing the same (or very similar) set over and over again, until I realized that this really is a ME problem. I’m the one going to as many shows as possible. Most people don’t. They go to one show, they hear all of the songs they grew up with including a few they probably never heard before but didn’t mind, and they go home happy. It’s the same thing I typically do whenever I go to a concert for any other band besides Duran Duran, and maybe The Killers or Tears for Fears. As a result of that, I learned to understand that I’m probably going to hear the same or similar set over and over. It is a trade-off, and for me, it is currently one that I am willing to make. I love the band, and I’m happy to hear whatever they want to play.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t jump for complete joy if they pulled a rabbit like “Secret Oktober” or “Late Bar” or even “All You Need is Now” out of their hat every now and then, though. I just know not to expect it. ¬†Some wise person once said that expectations are future resentments or something like that….

This is also not a band that particularly enjoys switching up their set from night-to-night, beyond¬†maybe¬†a song or two. As Simon said,¬†Paper Gods is their most successful album since the reunion. It would be utterly ridiculous for anyone to assume that they wouldn’t play any of it. That album is now a part of their history, and given that they don’t have anything new to play – my advice is to expect the same basic set list and be thrilled when/if they play something new. I am looking forward to hearing all of it.

Still gonna roll my eyes at HLTW, though. Old habits and all.

What’s this about studio time??

Katy said she heard a rumor about studio time before the end of 2018. Yes, that’s right…they’re going to actually go back into the studio again, and we get to begin the process all over again.

Yes, I did say “we”. It takes a village, y’all. ¬†Who else is going to wax on, wax off with all of the tidbits of rumor, producers, song-titles, and all of the rest of the good stuff??

Speaking of…

Did we actually just get an album scoop??

Yes, you read that headline right too. Not only do we know that the band is going to meet, chat and begin the groundwork for the next album, but we were given a¬†name. ¬†Apparently Errol Alkan will be meeting with the band as they go back into the studio, and while the word “producer” was not used – I have to kind of think that’s at least the initial plan. They want somebody to steer the ship.

OK, so who is Erol Alkan?

(Come on, you know you were going to google his name, right?) Erol is a 44-year old DJ, producer and remixer. I mention his age because he’s not some wet-behind-the-ears kid, and he has absolutely worked with bands we have all heard of before, both by producing and remixing. Want names?

  • The Killers (he co-produced “The Man” off of Wonderful, Wonderful)
  • Tame Impala
  • Daft Punk
  • Scissor Sisters
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Depeche Mode
  • Interpol… and the list goes on.

While I tend to think he’s more notable for his DJ/club and remixing reputation at this point, I think he has great instinct and is probably up for the Duran Duran challenge. It will be very interesting to see where this goes from here. Above all, it is outstanding to have a bit of news regarding a new album!

The Birthday

Simon turns 60 on Saturday. I have a hard time believing that. Even while listening to the Kafe today, I had a vision in my head of Simon in his twenties. Age is but a number, right?  He has plans to take over what he says is a very small restaurant, and celebrate with family and friends. As he should. Happy Birthday to you and your dad, Simon!!


I don’t keep up with Simon’s Reader because I’m too busy reading literature that I have assigned for my youngest (a by-product of homeschooling – there is a lot of reading. Right now I’m pre-reading¬†Little Women).¬†However, Simon has been keeping up with it – presumably in part because he’s subscribed to Audible, which is a subscription based-audio book application through Amazon, or Kindle. He touts the ease of being able to listen while doing anything and everything, which makes sense. In any case, he is going to be doing an “audio” Simon’s Reader very soon – so here’s your chance to catch up if you’ve been missing out!


That’s a wrap for the October 2018 Katy Kafe. I can hardly wait for news to trickle in during the coming months!



Run For Cover

On Tuesday, I greeted my new students by leading them through a variety of activities all around the school building. ¬†Then, if that was not enough, I drove 45 minutes to pick my niece before driving another hour to Milwaukee to see the Killers perform along with the Violent Femmes. ¬†Then, I had to drive over an hour to get home before getting about two hours of sleep to actually teach the new students the next day. ¬†To say that I’m tired now would be an understatement. ¬†The first week of school is always rough. ¬†I’m out of practice as I forgot how much I’m on my feet and how much I have to talk in class. ¬†And I definitely added to my exhaustion by going to this show. ¬†That said, I don’t regret it.

I have to admit that it was a hoot to go to the show with my niece. ¬†Before this, there is little opportunity to go to show with her (or her sister). ¬†She grew up in a completely different region of the country. ¬†So I felt like I could not let this opportunity pass me by despite the crappy timing. ¬†When I asked my niece if she wanted to join me, she enthusiastically answered with a yes. ¬†I knew that she was a fan of the Killers even if her fan status might not be as serious as my fan status with them. ¬†As for the Violent Femmes, I doubt she had any clue about them. ¬†No matter. ¬†She is someone (unlike her aunt) who goes in with a positive attitude and works hard to always enjoy herself. ¬†The show just confirmed this as she sang, danced and clapped throughout both bands. ¬†It was fun to see as she reminded me just to let go and take in each and every moment. ¬†My favorite moment with her was at the very end, when both bands played a song that represented Milwaukee. ¬†What did they choose? ¬†You might imagine…Needless to say, my niece did not have a clue what the song was!

The show was great! ¬†I had seen both bands before but this was a brand new venue that holds 17,000 seats. ¬†Needless to say, I was thrilled that we could get actual seats as I might have died in general admission. ¬†Violent Femmes impressed my niece to no end. ¬†I think she appreciated the variety of what they played. ¬†They performed many/most of their classics but also busted out a polka and a bluegrass song. ¬†She laughed a lot as she texted the rest of the family to declare that they were “awesome”!

The Killers, as always, put on a tremendous show. ¬†That said, I could not help but to compare the show and my experiences to what I’m more used to–Duran shows. ¬†I noticed I was doing this right away, from the very first song. ¬†They started with a bang by playing Mr. Brightside. ¬†I found this fascinating. ¬†Some might argue that this is their biggest, most well-known hit. ¬†If that is so, is that a good strategy? ¬†I started to think about Duran’s opening song. ¬†I have seen a few different ones. ¬†Typically, it is a track on the latest album like Paper Gods or Before the Rain. ¬†I have seen them play a hit to start the show like Wild Boys. ¬†But I don’t think I would say Wild Boys is their biggest hit. ¬†After thinking about this, I paid attention to the rest of the set list, which actually turned out to be pretty routine from there.

Then, there were a few really explicit moments during the show that screamed Duran to me as they, too, used confetti and asked the crowd to use their cell phone lights as you can see in this video:

Now, I suspect that there are lots of bands/artists who use these concert extras. ¬†Nonetheless, when they were used, I immediately thought of Duran and all of my various concert memories flooded my mind. ¬†That said, on one hand, ¬†I welcomed this show in its ease. ¬†It didn’t take long to plan and didn’t need a lot of special travel arrangements. ¬†There was no drama at all (other than the one scary moment on the way home in which we were passed on the road by a high speed chase). ¬†I didn’t ponder what I was going to wear much and didn’t plan on partying hard. ¬†That said, there was a part of me that found myself almost aching with missing Duran and everything that goes along with a Duran show.

As I continued to ponder that emotion for the rest of the week, I think about the song, Run for Cover, from the most recent Killers’ album. ¬†The concept of running for cover, or hiding from something, for whatever reason feels fitting. ¬†Attending this show felt a little bit like running away from the reality that summer was ending and more. ¬†Unfortunately, as memories of other concerts washed over me at the show and as sleep deprivation became real, I acknowledge the fact that I cannot really run or seek out cover. ¬†Reality is reality.


It’s Going to Tempt You

I am not a very spontaneous person. ¬†I’m sure that those of you who are reading this blog post who know me personally might even be laughing at the thought. ¬†Yes, it is true. ¬†Typically, I take a long time to make a decision even when I have thought about my choices over time. ¬†Let me give you an example. ¬†Over the course of my life, I have saved money to buy the latest electronic gadget. ¬†I will then research, decide on the best option, and save money for whatever I want. ¬†Then, I go to the store to finally buy it and I will still stand there and debate the decision to myself once again. ¬†I kid you not. ¬†This indecisiveness happens with work, too. ¬†For instance, it comes each and every time I don’t feel good. ¬†I will literally spend hours going back and forth about calling in sick. ¬†Why do I do this? ¬†I suppose it is insecurity about doing the right thing. ¬†Should I really miss work? ¬†Should I really spend the money?

Funny enough, the one area of my life that tends not to be indecisive is when it comes to my fandom. ¬†Just ask Rhonda. ¬†It does not take me long from reading or hearing about a new show announcement to deciding that we should go. ¬†Typically, if I see a Duran alert about a new show, by the time I am contacting Rhonda, I already have a tentative plan about what we should do in order to go. ¬†Fandom is the one aspect of my life that I truly allow my heart to lead rather than my head. ¬†Of course, this sometimes has gotten me into trouble. ¬† ¬†Take the UK tour of 2011. ¬†The shows were announced. ¬†Tickets went on sale within 24 hours of the press release. ¬†If we were going to go, we needed to buy them then, we said. ¬†So we did. ¬†I knew that this tour, which was to take place in May, was pretty awful timing in terms of work but I just went for it. ¬†I assumed that I would get those details figured out later. ¬†Well…a month or so later, I did get it approved but it took a lot of effort by contacting a lot of people to help me. ¬†If I had thought more, I probably shouldn’t have or wouldn’t have gone for this idea, but I didn’t. ¬†It was Duran. ¬†It was Duran on tour in the UK with my friends. ¬†I didn’t think. ¬†I just acted.

Do I regret the decision to go to the UK for this tour? ¬†No. ¬†Not one little bit. ¬†Did it suck that I had to push hard to get to go, to get approval from work? ¬†Absolutely. ¬†Did I ever give up? ¬†Strangely enough, I didn’t. ¬†Maybe, I should have. ¬†Some might have taken it as a sign that I shouldn’t go, that it wasn’t meant to be. ¬†Still, I pushed. ¬†Now, we know that those UK shows in May of 2011 did not happen. ¬†Strangely enough, I still don’t regret going even with the extreme effort with work. ¬†I learned a lot about myself, fandom, Duran Duran and friendships during that trip.

Of course, over the course of my fandom, I have gone to other events that I should not have due to my crappy schedule. ¬†The best example of this is when I went to John Taylor’s book reading and signing in Chicago in late October 2012. ¬†Not only was that night a “school night” meaning that I had to work the next day but it was also days away from Election Day. ¬†This meant that I was working about 80 hours a week between teaching and campaigning. ¬†I knew that the responsible thing would have been to stay at home, get more work done, go to sleep at a decent hour, etc. but I didn’t. ¬†I couldn’t. ¬†This was John Taylor. ¬†Was it crazy of me? ¬†Absolutely. ¬†I remember standing in line to get my book signed and answering call after call about the campaign. ¬†Then, I ended up with like 3 hours of sleep, if that. ¬†Yet, it was amazing night that was worth the multi-tasking and the sleep deprivation.

Now, I face a similar situation. ¬†It, unfortunately, isn’t with Duran Duran or John Taylor but with the Killers. ¬†If you have read this blog for awhile, you probably know that both Rhonda and I love the Killers. ¬†I would definitely pick them for my second favorite band and I have been lucky enough to see them live a number of times. ¬†Well, a few days ago I saw an event on Facebook stating that they are playing in nearby Milwaukee on September 4th. ¬†Sometimes, I think there is a conspiracy against me. ¬†What date is September 4th? ¬†It is literally the first day of school with students. ¬†On that date, 9th graders come to learn their way around the building as they walk through their schedules and meet their teachers. ¬†It is not a regular day of school but it is tiring as there is lots to do to get ready. ¬†The next day, the 5th, will mark the first normal day of school in which all students come and attend class during regular hours. ¬†Ugh. ¬†What a terrible date for a concert!

So, once I saw the event, I shared it and began debating to go or not to go.  It is right in the beginning of the year,

which means that I am already super exhausted. ¬†That said, I also can and will be prepared so that I can leave right at the end of the day. ¬†Should I let work dictate my life? ¬†Should I be good and stay home? ¬†Double ugh. ¬†Again, I waffle. ¬†Yesterday, though, this changed. ¬†I found myself with a presale code for this concert. ¬†At that moment, I did not stop and debate. ¬†I used the code and within minutes I had tickets purchased. ¬†Oh boy. ¬†Will I regret this decision? ¬†Maybe, I will when I am driving home afterwards, exhausted and begging for sleep. ¬†Perhaps, the next day will be so painful that I will kick myself over and over again. ¬†On the other hand, I did not second guess my decisions in those other examples. ¬†Besides, it is a concert. ¬†It is about seeing a fabulous band live. ¬†How could that decision be wrong? ¬†Now, to find someone crazy enough to go with me…


The Range of Fandom Responses

Recently, when I have taken time to glance through social media, I have been seeing a lot of posts from friends talking about going to see the Killers live. ¬†On one hand, those posts (pictures, videos, comments) make me smile. ¬†After all, I get how fandom fills one’s heart and brings nothing but happiness. ¬†On the other hand, it makes me a little sad since I couldn’t go see them myself this tour. ¬†They played in Chicago and Minneapolis during semester finals week. ¬†Those cities are the ones I can easily get to. ¬†Unfortunately, that is the one week that I absolutely cannot be gone. ¬†I have to give the finals and, more importantly, I have to grade them. ¬†Work had to come first.

As I type that, though, I have to acknowledge that it would have been a different story if it was Duran. ¬†I would have done what I need to do to get there. ¬†Thinking back, I have bent over backwards to get to Duran functions even when the wise decision would have been not to go. ¬†The most obvious example was the John Taylor book talk and signing that took place in Chicago in October 2012. ¬†Life was a little…lot….super crazy then. ¬†I could not afford to take a day off because Election Day was around the corner and I needed to be gone for that. ¬†I had also taken time off earlier in the month to attend a President Obama rally (and to meet him that day). ¬†My students needed me to be there. ¬†So I did what must be done. ¬†I drove to Chicago, attended the function, and drove right back home. ¬†This, of course, led to more exhaustion and eventually falling ill a week or so later.

As much as I love the Killers and other bands, I won’t bend over backwards in the same way that I do for Duran. ¬†It is as simple as that. ¬†This reminds me of another time when I asked friends who would be into seeing Depeche Mode with me. ¬†At that time, I had a friend say to me, “I love Depeche like you love Duran. ¬†They are my band.” ¬†Okay. ¬†Cool. ¬†I can always appreciate fandom. ¬†Plus, I figured this meant that she was totally in for Depeche. ¬†Funny enough, though, when it came to the actual purchase of tickets, she folded. ¬†She wasn’t willing to part with the $150 or whatever the ticket cost was. If it was Duran, I wouldn’t have hesitated with that $150 ticket price. ¬†Does that mean that the original statement about Depeche being her Duran was wrong? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I cannot really compare someone else’s fandom to mine. ¬†After all, some might say that I have taken this fandom thing way¬†too far. ¬†This blog might be one example. ¬† Who else keeps up a daily blog for 7 years other than the two of us? ¬†Who else is planning another convention?

Fandom is really a personal thing. ¬†What one person is willing to do might be very different than what someone else is willing or able to do. ¬†For me, I am willing to sacrifice a lot if it means going to something Duran. ¬†While I love other bands, I’m going to be pretty limited in what I would want to do. ¬†Some people, on the other hand, might be really strict at all times even with the band they love the most. ¬†Still others might be open to doing a lot for a lot of bands they love. ¬†This range of responses is part of what fascinates me about fandom. ¬†I know that fandom is about having a passion for something or someone. ¬†How that translates in real life actions depends on the person.


Words, Playing Me…

I have been thinking about lyrics a lot lately. ¬†I think it started from this set of questions of the day we have been doing. ¬†First, we ask our readers which song has the best lyrics per album. ¬†(We are starting Liberty, by the way!) ¬†Then, we ask people to pick THE best lyric or line from the song that they determined had the best lyrics overall. ¬†Eventually, we will compare all of the favorite lyrics. ¬†Beyond the question of the day, I have also been listening to the new Killers album and trying to bond with it. ¬†One song, in particular, has caught my attention due to the lyrics. ¬†The song is Rut and it definitely fits how I have been feeling at/with work. ¬†Lines like, “I’m climbing but the walls keep stacking up” or “I’ve done my best defending but the punches are starting to land” make me feel as if someone is putting my feelings into words. ¬†This personal connection to the lyrics have made me want to listen to the song a lot.

When I think back to my lifetime of listening to music, I recognize that the importance of lyrics has grown on me. ¬†When I think back to falling for Duran, I think of songs like Save a Prayer and the Reflex. ¬†When I think about those songs, lyrically, they make me laugh. ¬†Save a Prayer is obviously about a one-night stand–something that my 9 year old self could not relate or connect to! ¬†The Reflex, on the other hand, just seemed silly to me as a kid. ¬†That song’s lyrics, though, are ones that people still seek understanding of. ¬†In fact, our most viewed blog post of all time is the one where I pondered what the heck the Reflex is really all about. ¬†I know that I did not connect to the song in 1984 because of the lyrics, no matter what I thought they meant. ¬†No, in 1984, it was all about whether or not the chorus was catchy and the video showed cute guys.

Yet, now, when I think about the Duran songs that I have connected with, I think of the ones that captured something in its lyrics that I can relate to.  The first song that comes to my mind about that is Before the Rain.  The verse that spoke to me in 2010 was this one:  Little pin-pricks
And how my ears bleed
On the bomb ticks that is my heartbeat
In every life-flash
In every car crash
I hear the silence waiting to fall

Why did it speak to me? ¬†In December of 2010, I had to say good-bye to a beloved pet, Othello, and then 10 days later, I said good-bye to my grandma, my lone living grandparent. ¬†My heartbeat felt the pain of the silence that follows death and I connected with it deeply. ¬†To me, it spoke of grief. ¬†Is that what the song is about? ¬†I doubt it but there was enough there that made me feel like I was not alone in my grief–that someone else understood.

The same thing is true with Duran’s latest album, Paper Gods. ¬†I remember listening through it a few times before I really tuned into the lyrics. ¬†The song that caught my attention then? ¬†Last Night in the City, believe it or not, the exact opposite of Before the Rain. ¬†The lyrics described exactly what touring means and is like to me. ¬†It is where we get connected, whether that connection is with the band and the fans or with fans to fans. ¬†What is funny is that Rhonda connected with the lyrics around the same time. ¬†I have fond memories of a text message exchange one evening as we traded favorite lyrics back and forth and talked about not only what they could mean but, more importantly, but how and why they spoke to us. ¬†It was at that moment that I knew that I could and would bond with that album.

What about the rest of you? ¬†How much do lyrics matter? ¬†Do the lyrics need to speak to you in order to ¬†love a song? ¬†Likewise, if a song’s lyrics are silly, can you still bond with the tune?


You Catch That Mirror

This weekend marks the release of the latest album by the Killers. ¬†As many of you know, both Rhonda and myself are fans of that band. They aren’t Duran to us, as no other band could ever be. ¬†Yet, we like them and we do pay some attention to what they are up to when we can. ¬†As both a fan of the Killers and a student of music fandom, I have spent a little time in between grading to see how the hardcore Killers fans are responding to the new album as well as changes within the band. ¬†The more I looked at social media, the more I found myself smiling. ¬†Why? ¬†It all felt so familiar as looking at that fan base was like looking at a mirror of Duran’s.

So how are the Killers fans reacting to the new album? ¬†Some absolutely love it. ¬†I have read adjectives like “brilliant,” “genius,” and “amazing.” ¬†Others are complaining. ¬†Some claim that it is not the rock music they come to expect with the band and that the guitars are straight up “missing”. ¬†Still other fans try to be a little less harsh with their disappointment by calling it a “letdown.” ¬†Of course, much of the discussion focuses on the comparison between this new album and the previous ones. ¬†It doesn’t sound like the “classics” say some while others believe that fans shouldn’t compare but evaluate the album by itself.

If I didn’t know that those comments were on a Killers thread, I could have assumed that it was a Duran related thread from any of their album release weekends. ¬†Goodness knows that the most recent albums of Duran have been met with both praise and criticism from fans. ¬†As I read, I understood the passion that those fans are feeling. ¬†The music matters to them. ¬†They all want to love the new album and some do and some don’t. ¬†Maybe, in some cases, the fans who love it are not being critical enough. ¬†In other cases, perhaps, the fans who don’t like it aren’t open-minded enough. ¬†Part of me wanted to respond as someone who feels like I have been through this a bunch. ¬†I wanted to remind everyone that they are all passionate for a reason–because they fell for the Killers at some point. ¬†More than that, I had the urge to point out that this is just one album. ¬†The band has been around for awhile now and things can change. ¬†One disappointment is simply that–one.

Then, of course, the discussion surrounding the band itself comes up as some fans point out that both Mark, the band’s bassist, and Dave, the band’s guitarist, have walked away, at least as far as touring goes. ¬†There is concern that the band won’t be the same without them, which is valid. ¬†Other fans feel like they should support those guys’ decision to walk away, if that is what is best for them. ¬†Again, I feel like Duran fans have been through this. ¬†We know what it is like to have band members walk away as we have been through it a lot. ¬†Does it change the feel of the band? ¬†Sure. ¬†Does it mean that the overall feel of the band changes? ¬†Maybe. ¬†Maybe not. ¬†I feel like in the case of Duran, the band is larger than the individual members. ¬†The feel of Duran is stronger than any particular member, which is why the band and its fans were able to survive through the loss of all the Taylors as well as Warren and Andy for a second time.

If I could give any advice to these fans, I would remind them that times change, bands change. ¬†What feels like a huge deal right now might not be a big deal later–it will simply be one chapter in a long history. ¬†I would recommend holding on, even if they are not fans of what is going on with the personnel or the album itself. ¬†I know a lot of Duran fans who walked away when Andy and Roger left in 1985 or left with albums like Big Thing or Liberty and regret it. ¬†I know that I wish that I remained more of an active fan throughout the entire history of the band. ¬†I am also glad that I stayed with the band through a rough Red Carpet Massacre period in which I wasn’t a huge fan of the album and even less of a fan of the division within the fan community. ¬†Lastly, I would urge them to try to find something positive or something to be excited about. ¬†It can make all the difference in both enjoying one’s fandom but also in getting through a rough patch.

I will be watching how things go both for the Killers and their fans from here on out.  Perhaps, watching them can provide a mirror to our fan community that I could learn from as well.


Too Much to Know?

Sometimes, life has a way of sending a bunch of little signs that all add up to one idea. ¬†That is how my week has been leading to this little blog post. ¬†It really started early in the week when Rhonda posted a couple of blogs about both Anna Ross’s new music (which if you haven’t heard by now, you NEED to get on that!) and a new song featuring Dom Brown. ¬†Then, there was some discussions on Twitter about John Taylor’s solo work. ¬†Lastly, there was a moment at Wednesday’s Killers show that really made me think. ¬†While none of these things really seem to go together, they all got me thinking. ¬†Do Duranies really want to embrace all of Duran or just some Duran? ¬†If so, am I guilty of this, too?

I really started to think about this question after a moment in the Killers concert that I would never expect to see at a Duran show. ¬†A few songs in, Brandon, the lead singer, asked the audience if they would prefer to hear an obscure, “b-side”, called “Under the Gun” or a classic hit of theirs, “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine.” ¬†Shockingly enough, the entire audience wanted the more unknown song. ¬†With any show, I wouldn’t expect the entire audience to be made up of die-hard fans. ¬†I would expect a lot of die-hards but some who are just fans. ¬†For example, I love the Killers but I cannot say that I’m as hardcore about them as I am about that other band. ¬†Nonetheless, I stood in shock by the fans’ voting for the lesser known song. ¬†I’m sure that there are plenty of Duranies reading this blog that thinks, I would definitely vote for the b-side. ¬†Yes, I’m sure that most of the fans reading a fan blog like this would be die-hard. ¬†Would people who are just casual Duran fans? ¬†Would the vast majority of any Duran audience vote for it?

I’m thinking about my experience in San Francisco where I was half way back. ¬†I’m pretty certain that the people around me were fans but not hardcore ones. ¬†They had not seen any of the previous shows on the Paper Gods Tour. ¬†Some of them, it sounded like, had never seen Duran before. ¬†The songs they referenced were all the hits of the 80s. ¬†Based on their reaction to the newer songs, they had not heard Paper Gods. ¬†Those fans? ¬†They would vote “A View to a Kill” over “Khanada,” for example.

Then, I started to think about how even the die-hard fans who read this blog reacted to the blog posts about Anna and Dom. ¬†While those posts got positive reactions, I guess I was expecting more. This led me to think more broadly. ¬†I know that there are Duranies who love, love, love the band but don’t own all their albums. ¬†I know there are many, many fans who are HUGE John Taylor fans but are not super familiar with his solo catalog. ¬†Now, don’t get me wrong. ¬†I’m not criticizing. ¬†Sometimes, it is takes awhile to get into new music. ¬†I also won’t lie. ¬†None of the songs or projects that I just mentioned sound exactly like Duran. ¬†It could be that many of these fans have listened to some solo and side projects that just don’t like them enough to listen more. ¬†Again, I’m not criticizing or blaming. ¬†After all, I have tried to love all of the solo and side projects but I don’t put Andy Taylor’s solo work on very often or the second album from Power Station. ¬†Does that mean that I don’t love Andy or I don’t love all of Duran? ¬†Of course not. ¬†It just means that his work is different than what I’m used to and that there are parts of Duran that I love more than others.

I think my point, though, goes beyond what’s in a collection or what would be cheered for at a concert. ¬†It is more about what Duranies are actually interested in, generally. ¬†There is a large part of the fan base that really does just love Duran of the early 1980s. ¬†I have now spent years asking various questions or opinions about everything from songs to videos to live performances on this blog. ¬†Way more often than not, Duranies will choose something off of Rio or the 1984 live performance. ¬†Again, I’m not criticizing anyone here. ¬†Heck, I just answered the question about favorite b-side with Secret Oktober like tons of other fans out there, but I do acknowledge that it is a standard answer. ¬†My favorite album is the first one. ¬†It isn’t Rio but Rio is one of my favorites. ¬†I get why this is the case. ¬†Most of us fell in love with a certain band with a certain sound and look. ¬†It is hard to love changes in the same way.

Yet, I wonder if we as a fan base could really benefit from challenging ourselves. ¬†Instead of just playing the Rio album, pop in Medazzaland. ¬†Instead of listening to Arcadia, try a little Neurotic Outsiders. ¬†When you feel like busting out some solo work, try Anna’s new material. ¬†I know that I need to take my own advice with this. ¬†I’m good with John’s solo stuff because he’s my favorite and I genuinely really like but I want to know more of Simon’s, for example. ¬†That means I have to push myself to try something new or something I’m not as familiar with. ¬†Somehow, I don’t think I’ll regret it.


I Know the Score Like the Back of my Hand

If you are good at Duran Duran lyrics, you probably realized that the title of this blog did not come from a Duran lyric. ¬†No, it came from the Killers’ song, “The Man.” ¬†Why in the world would I quote the Killers on a Duran blog? ¬†Simple. ¬†I saw the Killers live on Wednesday in Milwaukee. ¬†I could summarize the show by saying that it was absolutely fabulous but I wouldn’t be me if I did just that. ¬†No, I like to go into some detail. ¬†I’m not going to lie. ¬†I took some notes in my head during the show as I couldn’t help but to compare some to Duran.

Show Length:

The Killers appeared on stage at about 9:05, about 5 minutes after they were supposed to come on stage. ¬†That isn’t much different than what Duran did for the shows in Oakland and San Francisco. ¬†Like Duran, the Killers started with some music as the band entered the stage with bright lights flashing. ¬†Needless to say, excitement increases no matter who is playing! ¬†The Killers went on to play for a little less than 2 hours. ¬†Again, this is similar to Duran’s concert length. ¬†They played about 20 songs which is close to the number of shows played a typical Duran show. ¬†This made me think. ¬†While I hear a lot about band/artists who play for 2 and a half hours or 3 hours, it is starting to feel to me as the exceptions rather than the rules.


Before I went to the show, I took a look at the recent set lists to get an idea of what they have been playing. ¬†I even came up with a playlist to listen to in the car that I figured would closely match the set. ¬†In general, I was pretty close based on what they have recently been playing. ¬†That said, there were some interesting changes. ¬†For example, they opened with “The Man” which is a new song to be included on their upcoming album. ¬†I suspected that they would do that to advertise it. ¬†What surprised me, though, was that the second song was another new song, one that came out like last week, “Run for Cover.” ¬†Both songs went over well. ¬†One fascinating moment was when Brandon, the lead singer, asked the crowd to pick the next song. ¬†He gave two choices. ¬†Choice one was “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” which is a popular song of theirs. ¬†The second choice was a b-side called “Under the Gun.” ¬†The crowd chose the b-side. ¬†You know…if Duran wanted to ask the crowd if they wanted to hear say “Late Bar” vs. “Hungry Like the Wolf,” I would be okay with that. ¬†Beyond that, there were not many shockers to the set. ¬†I was not surprised, in the least, that “Mr. Brightside” finished the night as it acts like Duran’s “Rio.”

Just the Music:

One aspect of the Killers show that I immediately noticed was that they did not have visuals.  They had lights, of course, that they used to enhance the songs but they had no video.  I wonder if that was specific to the small venue that they played at or if that was something purposeful.  While I have seen the Killers before, I cannot remember if there were visuals.

Post Show:

After the show, my friend and I planned to just head home. ¬†After all, we were sweaty and tired from standing on our feet. ¬†(For the record, I’m still very anti-GA. ¬†It is hard for me to see and it is too hot and too uncomfortable. ¬†Give me seats, please, bands. ¬†Please.) ¬†As we sat down in my car, my friend noticed that there was a crowd at the back of the venue. ¬†We decided to take a closer look and noticed that Dave Keuning, the band’s guitarist, was standing outside signing autographs and taking pictures. ¬†We figured we could join the crowd. ¬†Immediately, the student of fandom in me began to observe the scene. ¬†I noticed that the crowd was calm. ¬†People nicely asked for autographs or photos and Dave accommodated. ¬†(Maybe a certain blogger asked for one even!) ¬†That said, as new people showed up, they did not look around to consider if other people who were already there were waiting their turn. ¬†I, for one, thought it was great that Dave was willing to be out there with fans. ¬†That said, he was the only one of the band to do so. ¬†I wish that the whole band was out there and I wish that there was more of an organized line just so that people didn’t feel that they needed to be super assertive to get their turn.

Would this work for Duran? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I have seen them after shows, behind venues before, but it always feels more crazed. ¬†The members of Duran seem to be in demand in a different way. ¬†Now, in fairness, I don’t know what the crowd would have been like if Brandon Flowers, probably the most popular member, was out there. ¬†Maybe it would have felt more like Duran. ¬†Maybe the Killers fans are more used to having a band member outside with fans. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I have more questions than answers.


I adore the Killers and thought they put on a fabulous show.  Brandon, like Simon, knows how to work the crowd by moving around, asking for audience participation, and sharing stories/thoughts to introduce songs.  Now, I have to decide if I want to get tickets to see them again in January.  They are playing in a venue with a GA floor (ugh!) but seats on the side.  It would be interesting to see how the audience would change in a much bigger venue.  One other thought popped into my head about three songs in.  I adore a quality live show.  Someone at work yesterday asked me how many concerts I have attended in the last five years.  I had to really think and then I shocked the heck out of my colleague with my answer.  I followed it up by saying that I go see quality bands, including the Killers and Duran Duran.

Here is a video clip of Wednesday’s show:

Wonder who is in this picture??:


TV vs Radio: The Era of Fan Conventions

Lately, I’ve seen more posts from friends meeting various celebrities at conventions than I have seen of friends meeting Duran Duran. Not that it’s a problem, I’ve just taken notice.

I thought it was funny a few years back (actually it was probably four years ago now) when Amanda posted that the President of the United States was easier to meet than Duran Duran. ¬†I suppose that for her, that’s probably true, but it’s still kind of weird when you think about it. And yet, she’s met Barack Obama twice. She’s campaigning again, and I’m honestly a bit curious about who she might meet this time!

But, getting back to conventions, I’ve seen pictures from friends meeting everyone from the lead actors in Supernatural to Superman. These conventions aren’t necessarily “new” (I remember conventions for fans of LOST for instance, and I think Trekkie conventions have been around for decades), but they certainly have experienced an upsurge in popularity in the past few years.

I don’t doubt that some people are very interested in discussing canon or the meta involved with a particular TV show. ¬†They go to conventions to listen to the panels in the same way that I adore sitting down with other Duranies and really getting into the nitty-gritty discussion of an album. I also believe access‚ÄĒas in access to the celebrities‚ÄĒmust be a¬†driving force behind attendance. Those photo ops sell out quickly, from what I’ve read.

It is also clear why Hollywood, and the TV industry in particular (but not SOLELY TV by any means) encourages participation in these conventions. It is the same reason why shows like Scandal and again, Supernatural, and even Sherlock, encourage their stars to use Twitter or other social media to reach out. ¬†I’ve been followed by some of the celebrities from my favorite shows, and that’s always a thrill.

What truly fascinates me though, is how some of the one-time most ardent Duran Duran fans I knew, have now migrated out of our immediate fandom and into TV show fandom. They use conventions in the same way that I use concerts. They are an¬†escape, a reason to meet up with friends‚ÄĒand by the looks of it, they’re a blast.

The conventions look like a lot of fun, and I think they must be a way to add another dimension to the fandom experience. Getting a photo with a favorite. Hearing the celebrity(ies) of choice¬†speak on a panel. None of that would ¬†work well if fans were getting the vibe that these stars didn’t¬†want¬†to do those things. Whether that’s the¬†acting thing coming into play or it is because these celebrities understand that without public support they’ve got nothing‚ÄĒI do not know, but I find it fascinating all the same.

In music though, it is supremely different. For example, to my knowledge the music industry doesn’t seem to have conventions like this that are open to the public. I mean, one could site NAMM (North America Music Merchants) as being a convention where music celebrities tend to gather or appear‚ÄĒbut unless you’re in the biz or know somebody‚ÄĒyou’re not getting in.

There are a few other conventions that are truly just festivals in disguise. For example there is an alternative music festival in Los Angeles where tribute bands perform, but it really isn’t a convention in the same sense as say, Comic-con. There are cruises and things, but most bands aren’t¬†willing to be captive for their audience for multiple days at a time….and I can’t blame them.

In much of the music industry, there’s a genuine effort to maintain mystique whether we’re talking Duran Duran or Paul McCartney. They are¬†on¬†the stage, we are¬†off. ¬†That platform they perform on is their pedestal, and nary between the two shall meet. I believe the thinking may be that separation creates demand. Perhaps it does. But I have to wonder why having celebrities reach out in other areas‚ÄĒlike movies and television‚ÄĒworks so well? ¬†Why is music so different?

I’ve read a lot about fans over the past few years. We can definitely be an overwhelming crowd. Words like “crazy”, “obsessive”, “manic”, and even “sex-starved”, and of course “groupie”, all get applied rather liberally‚ÄĒbut those words¬†seem to be spread equally across all fandoms with no consideration for what¬†type¬†of fans we’re talking about. ¬†So is it really all that different to be a fan of the TV show Sherlock, a fan of Robert Downey Jr., ¬†or a fan of The Killers? Does one have more potential for obsession than the others?

As you might guess, I don’t have the answers. ¬†I don’t know what drives someone away from concerts for their favorite band to instead drop cash to go to a convention like Wizard Con, but I see a lot of fans doing it. I don’t really know if bands or artists like Duran Duran could use similar ideas to cultivate a more loyal following. ¬†I just know what I see‚ÄĒa lot of one time multi-ticket buyers have stopped going to concerts in favor of supporting their favorite TV actors and shows through conventions and other opportunities. ¬†There might just be something to it.