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Question of the Day: Thursday, October 17, 2019

86% of our participants own A Diamond in the Mind while 14% do not.

What about Unstaged?

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Do You Own Unstaged?

Duran Duran Unstaged DVD Review

I love getting new Duran Duran merchandise and my most recent purchase, Duran Duran Unstaged on DVD, arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago.  I figured that I have had plenty of time to watch thoroughly (what I suffer through for this blog!) in order to provide a solid review.


The cover of the DVD is not what I was expecting.  When Unstaged first happened in 2011 to when there were screenings here in the States, the image accompanying it was always this one:

Original Unstaged

This image isn’t a bad one.  After all, it goes really well with the All You Need Is Now album cover.  Yet, the DVD came with this image:

Unstaged front

In some way, the fangirl in me like this one better as the guys are all featured.  That said, I have to wonder about the inclusion of the lead singer of My Chemical Romance in the upper left.  Anyway, I like seeing the band members in full on performance-mode.  That said, will buyers be confused when they find out that it isn’t just a “regular” concert performance but a David Lynch production with various images combined with that concert performance.  In that sense, the original cover might be more appropriate.

The Show

Now, I have seen Unstaged at a movie theater and I have seen it on my computer screen.  Watching it on DVD was better than the computer screen (my monitor isn’t all that good!) but it wasn’t as fun as seeing it in the theater.  Then again, all things Duran would be better in a theater.  I have now been lucky enough to see Live from London, A Diamond in the Mind (at our Durandemonium convention in 2013) and Unstaged in theaters and all three were better in that format!  Of course, though, I will take what I can get!

The Special Features

There are 10 of them:

  • Reunited
  • Backstage
  • In the Studio
  • First instrument, concert and song
  • Starstruck
  • Q&A
  • Nick’s dream
  • Simon’s dream
  • White light
  • Trailer


This special feature is a compilation of individual interviews with the band members discussing the band’s reuniting.  Nick and Simon focused on how they never left while John and Roger gave background info about when and where it took place.  The other focus of these interviews was Mark Ronson and seeing him DJ.  I remember having seen all of these interviews before when Unstaged was about to happen.


This clip has no talking to it but shows the band backstage, getting ready, warming up before showing a bit of them performing.  This feature was new to me.  I only wished there was more to it!

In the Studio

This is the EPK that was released prior to the actual release date for All You Need Is Now.  I still love this and love that it reminds me of how much I adore the album, All You Need Is Now.

First instrument, concert and song

This part goes back to those individual interviews in which each band member is asked about their first musical instrument, first concert and the first song that made them cry.  Again, these were not  new interviews.


More individual interviews followed in this one.  In this case, the band discussed when and who first made them starstruck.  While these interview clips were like the rest, I don’t remember having seen these before.  To me, anything I haven’t seen makes it worth the price of purchase!


This was the strange Q&A that David Lynch led before the show.  He spoke in a weird “language” and read questions that people sent in (where?  how?  I don’t remember!  Does anyone?).  Some questions were were all members and others specified certain band members.  I remember having seen this before as well.

Nick’s Dream

This one was new to me!  In this one, Nick discussed his dream, which he concludes was due to being tired and jet-lagged causing people and things to be out of sync!  Good thinking!

Simon’s Dream

Unlike Nick’s dream, Simon retelling his dream wasn’t new to me.  I did appreciate that at the end Simon did not have any idea what his dream meant.  That made me laugh the first time and this time as well!

White Light

Like Nick’s dream, this one was unfamiliar to me!  In this one, Nick is sitting in a darkened room.  It is unclear if he is talking about a dream or a story.  It sounds like he can definitely be a dream but he claims it happened.  Hmm…


Last but not least is the trailer to Unstaged.  As I watched it one more time for this review, I decided that I have seen the trailer a bunch of times.


Most of the special features were ones that I have seen before and are available on YouTube.  That said, there were a couple of clips that were brand new to me.  I always love seeing new Duran footage.  I also really appreciate having all of these clips together in a format that doesn’t require me searching online, then having to make sure that they are what I was looking for, etc.  No, they are all together here, adding up to a nice extra 25 minutes.  Not bad.  Would I have liked more new parts?  Of course, but I am glad to have what is here for my Duran collection.


Duran Duran Unstaged on DVD

Anyone see this posted on Duran Duran’s Facebook and Twitter this week?

Unstaged ad

That’s right.  Duran Duran’s Unstaged will be coming out on DVD in less than 2 weeks in the United States and Canada!  To refresh everyone’s memory, Unstaged was a film by David Lynch from a live concert that took place in Los Angeles in March 2011.  It wasn’t quite a concert film but it wasn’t quite something else either, but a combination of Duran Duran live with strange images and projections from the mind of David Lynch.  This DVD won’t be exactly new footage as some of us (coughRhondacough) were there that night while others of us reviewed it from the YouTube stream.  (You can read about Rhonda’s experience here and my review here.)  Unstaged was also shown in movie theaters as well, which many of us got to experience (read those reviews here and here.)  Despite having seen it streamed online and in a movie theater, I’m still pretty excited by this DVD release.  Why?  I’m excited to see how I view it now and I’m excited for those extras!

If you read my review in March of 2011, you can tell that I wasn’t super thrilled with it.  I didn’t know what to expect and it showed.  I found some of the images problematic and I missed just seeing the band perform live, which is more of what I expected based on other concert films.  Yet, when I went to see it in the theater, I knew what to expect and could really enjoy it more!  Yes, perhaps, my enjoyment increased due to seeing the band on the big screen!!  I have to admit that I have seen the band on the big screen three times (Live from London in November 2005, A Diamond in the Mind at Durandemonium in October 2013 and Unstaged) and each time has been REALLY awesome!  Is it seeing the band larger than life?  Is it being in a room with other fans?  A combination of both?  Maybe.  Thus, I’m interested to see how my reaction changes again after seeing it at home, in my own living room.

Of course, beyond seeing it for a third time, I’m pretty excited by those extras.  I’m always excited to see DVD extras.  According to the photo above, there are 11 extras.  Here is the list:

In the Studio
First Instrument,
Concert & Song
Star Struck
Nick s Dream
Simon s Dream
White Light

I suspect that we might have seen some, if not all of those.  I am also sure that many/most/all might be available on YouTube, but they aren’t all listed together and I can’t just watch all of them together.  Plus, I’m also confused by what I can find on YouTube.  For example, if I look up Duran Duran Unstaged Trailer, I find these videos and more.

Which trailer is the one on the DVD or will it be a completely new one to me?  I look forward to finding out!

I do wonder about a couple of things, though.  First, I wonder why it is being released on DVD vs. blu-ray.  I would have preferred to get it on blu-ray but I do understand that it might have been easier to produce on DVD for various reasons that are beyond my knowledge.  Second, I know that it has been released somewhere beyond North America but I can’t remember exactly where.  Australia?  If you know, let me know!  I also wonder why it can’t be released worldwide?!  I’m sure that there are lots of other fans who would love to own, just like I am!

What do the rest of you think?  Are you excited by this DVD release? Will you be ordering it, if you can?



This Week in Duranland – November 10 to November 16, 2014

I figured that this week in Duranland might be kind of quiet since they had their big public appearances last week.  Yet, it turns out that the week was plenty busy!  Did you catch everything?  Did I?  Read on to find out!  As always, I checked their official website, their official fan community website and their social media.

“Soul Boys of the Western World”
John Taylor wrote a couple of short notes this week on the band’s official website.  The first note was about this documentary, which is about Spandau Ballet.  In the note, John raves about the documentary and encourages everyone to see it.  I would think that any Duran fan would be interested since they were their “rivals” of sorts and could enlighten people about the music and fashion of the early days of both bands in the UK.

Teenage Cancer Trust
The band did perform this week!  Many of us were wondering if there was a show somewhere as Simon had tweeted about Movember and about how he can’t have one on stage but can shave everything else after the 15th, which indicated that there was a show in the works.  While it wasn’t a public appearance, they played in London for a fundraiser.  I love that the band wants to give their time and energy to causes like this one.  Read John’s complete note about it and see a picture here.

November Katy Kafe!
I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to these each and every month!  I, especially, can’t wait if it means getting a scoop and we definitely got one this month!  Rhonda covered it all in her post earlier in the week!

The song by Charli XCX featuring Simon is out tomorrow!  What does everyone think of it?!  I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about being able to buy new music featuring anyone connected to Duran!

The live performance directed by David Lynch played yesterday in Portugal at a film festival.  Read about it here.

More Anniversaries!
This week saw the 7th anniversary for Red Carpet Massacre and the 30th anniversary of Arena that Rhonda discussed here!

2015 Calendar!!!
As Rhonda talked about here, the Duran Duran calendar for 2015 will be available on November 27th!  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one!

Okay, Duranies, what did I miss?!


This Week in Duranland – October 20, 2014 to October 26, 2014

It is Sunday!  It is time to recap the week!  As always, please let me know if I missed anything!

“Lorde’s ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack featuring “Kingdom” with Simon Le Bon and Charli XCX
Lorde has curated the soundtrack for The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay, Pt. 1.  This soundtrack will feature none other than Duran’s very own Simon Le Bon.  Simon has teamed up with Charli XCX to do a song called “Kingdom”.  This soundtrack is due out on November 17th.  For all the details, check out the press release and this blog post.  You can also read an article on billboard.com.

October Collector’s Corner
This month on dd.com, the collector’s corner focuses on Simon and all of his different projects outside of Duran Duran.  If you are someone who is a big Simon fan or someone who wants to know the complete history of the band, I recommend checking it out here.

Live from London
Can you believe that it has been 9 years since Live from London was released?  I was very lucky to be able to go see this live concert in the movie theater, which I wrote about here.

Apparently, Unstaged is now available on DVD in Australia.  Has anyone in Australia purchased it?  I would love a review!

DJ Roger
Apparently, Roger did a little DJ gig at a charity event for the Duke of Edinburgh in London.  This organization focuses on young people from 14 to 24 to help them gain the necessary skills for work and life.  I would head to Duran’s Facebook page to see a picture of Roger at work!

Ask Katy
Have you checked out the Ask Katy questions on dd.com lately?  See what was asked about songs from Seven and the Ragged Tiger being played live and the band’s response here.

Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran
Did you see that the entire 22 track album is available for pre-order on iTunes?  It is available October 28th!

John Taylor Supporting Henley Recovery Cafe
John was in the news this week for supporting the recovery and peer support program of the Henley Recovery Cafe as he visited and shared his experiences in recovery.

Yasmin’s Birthday Surprise
Check out the band’s Facebook page to see a picture of Simon and Yasmin at Yasmin’s Surprise Birthday Party!  We wish her a happy one!

Next week should be a busy one with the release of the tribute album and Duran Duran in Austin!  Until then…


This Week in Duranland – October 13, 2014 to October 19, 2014

It is Sunday, which means that I’m taking the time to summarize all of the official happenings in Duranland.  As always, if I missed something, comment on this thread to add anything I overlooked!

Duran Duran’s Unstaged is now available for rental and download in the UK via iTunes, according to this press release.

Joe Vizvary from Images in Vogue Interview
DuranDuranMusic has a new exclusive interview up on the site.  This time, it is with Joe Vizvary from Images in Vogue.  For those of you who are wondering who Images in Vogue are, they are a band who, in fact, opened up for Duran Duran in 1984.  The interview includes some background information on the band and the band’s experiences not only as their opening band for 3 shows but also the other connections they had.

Katy Kafe with Simon
Rhonda covered all of the highlights of this month’s Katy Kafe here.  If you missed it, start with blog post then head over to duranduranmusic.com to listen to it!

Fashionista.com published an article with the title, “8 Game-Changing Guyliner Moments in Pop Culture.”  Guess which band might have been featured?  For the record, I, personally, am a big fan of guys in eyeliner.

A few anniversaries were celebrated this week.  First, Medazzaland turned 17 on the 14th.  Second, Big Thing turned 26 yesterday.  Beyond album anniversaries, we celebrated one year since Durandemonium, the fan convention we organized in 2013 in Chicago.  You can read about it on my day in Duran history post from yesterday.  All of these are making me feel pretty dang old!

Peavey’s Anniversary
Speaking of anniversaries, Peavey, the musical instrument company, is celebrating their 50th.  Apparently, John Taylor is helping them with that.  This picture, posted on Duran’s Facebook, was taken for it.

Peavey's 50th anniversary 10.14

Nile Interview
Nile Rodgers is one busy guy!  This week, he did another interview in which he mentioned his current work with Duran.  Check it out here.

Dell World
Duran Duran and Dell?  What’s the connection?  Rhonda covered it all here.  If you missed that blog post, I’ll let you know that it has everything to do with Austin, Texas, in November.

So, what did I miss?!


This Week in Duranland (October 6, 2014 – October 12, 2014)

It is Sunday!  That means that it is time for me to summarize the past week in Duranland.  What happened this week that you (or me!) might have missed?  What do we have to look forward to in the weeks to come?

Nick as Curator
According to the press release on duranduran.com, Nick acted as curator for a set of artwork for the Parisian Galerie 1900-2000.  This is for the upcoming Frieze Masters art fair that will take place from October 15th to October 19th in London.  I wish that I was in London to be able to attend this fair myself, especially as Nick pointed out that this Galerie had a tremendous collection of Dada and Surrealist art!

Unstaged Availability
It seems like there is more news about Unstaged each and every week!  Now, the big news is not only will it be available On Demand in the US and Canada but it will also be available for download and rental on the same day (October 14th)!  The press release has a list of where you can rent, download or watch via On Demand.  Likewise, the same press release said that there will be news coming about international air dates and DVD releases.

Astronaut Anniversary
This weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of the release of Astronaut.  TEN YEARS!?!  I can’t believe it.  To me, it feels like it was just yesterday when it was released.  Roger wrote a very nice piece about his remembrances from the reunion and from making Astronaut.  It is definitely worth a read.  The best line, in my opinion, is the last line about how it worked for a period of time.  It definitely did!

Recent Pictures
Pictures from Duran Duran’s Facebook page–Simon from a recent photo shoot and John in the studio!

Simon photo shoot 2014John from studio 2014






Nick Rhodes & Lori Majewski
This week, Nick was interviewed along with Mad World author, Lori Majewski on the Robert Elms show on BBC London.  Rhonda covered this interview well on this blog post.

Simon, Lorde and Hunger Games
Like the Nick and Lori interview, Rhonda covered this here and gave all the details!  To summarize, Lorde picked Simon for the next Hunger Games Soundtrack!

What did I miss?  While I might have missed some stories on the Duran front, I will tell you what I definitely miss.  I miss seeing the band.  I miss going on tour.  I miss Duran shows.  I miss my friends.  These news tidbits are good but I want more.  Am I the only one?


This Week in Duranland (September 22 to September 28, 2014)

I’m hoping that this post comes out coherently and clear.  I apologize, in advance, if it doesn’t as I’m typing this with a significant fever.  For the record, I never get fevers and I hate being sick.  Despite my illness, let’s check into Duranland this past week.  What happened?  What did you miss if you weren’t paying attention or if you were sick like me!?

Unstaged On Demand!
According to the press release on duranduran.com, Duran Duran’s Unstaged will be available On Demand in the United States and Canada on October 14th!  Thus, you can watch it from your own living room then!  I would also recommend checking out the band’s YouTube page for extras!

Birmingham Music
Duran Duran was one of many artists featured in a little news article on famous bands/artists coming from the city of Birmingham, which you can read here.

Austin Auction
There are two online auctions to meet Duran and to get 2 VIP tickets for their show in Austin as part of the Grand Prix Formula1 Fan Fest.  This auction is in support of Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research.  The other auction is for Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

Geneu Beauty U
Nick has a new project!  He is the creative director for Geneu, which is a beauty company that focuses on anti-aging products, in particular.  Read about it here!

Duran Duran & Nile Rodgers
Billboard.com featured an article about the collaboration of Duran and Nile for the upcoming Duran Duran album.  I highly recommend reading this article.  I loved reading about Nile’s excitement about working with Duran but I learned some things, too, including that John views this album as one with “various formulas” while Nick sees it on the dance floor.  According to the article, they are also in discussions with various labels.  Interesting.

Simon on ESPN Radio
Did you get a chance to listen to this interview?  I love how Simon puts these interviewers in their place right away!  Obviously, though, he did this interview to advertise Unstaged coming to On Demand.  Nonetheless, he certainly gave them a run for their money, which I have to admit entertained me greatly!

Social Media
John posted a couple of pictures this week from a little record store shopping at Antone’s Records in Austin, Texas.  Dom also mentioned being in Austin.  Apparently, they were playing a private gig there and, luckily, there are some videos of the performance floating around the internet.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Danny Benavides (@dannybenavides) on

What else did I miss?!  Please let me know what I missed so that I can add it here!  Until then, let’s welcome in October and, hopefully, a month closer to hearing #DD14!


I Look at You Differently: My Unstaged in the Theatre Experience

Last week, Rhonda went to see Duran Duran’s Unstaged in the theatre with a friend of ours and she wrote about her experience in this post.  As someone who attended the actual concert, she had a unique view, which affected her enjoyment of seeing Unstaged now on the big screen.  I was not fortunate enough to be there at the Mayan Theatre in the spring of 2011.  Instead, I watched it from the comforts of my living room and reviewed it here.  I had watched some scenes/songs since but not the entire thing.  Still, I knew what to expect.  I wasn’t expecting to change my opinion about it but I was looking forward to spending time with some nearby Duranie friends and hearing Duran Duran in a movie theatre setting.  After all, I knew what it was like to see A Diamond in the Mind on the big screen during Durandemonium, our 2013 convention.  Besides, any day and time, you get to scream, clap, or shout for Duran with Duranies is a good day!

My little group of Duranies started off small as it began with just two of us from my place on Sunday morning.  Soon, we had picked up a third.  About 45 minutes later, a fourth completed our set and off we were.  ThUnstaged marqueee movie theatre where it was held in the Milwaukee area was in a little shopping center/mall area.  It totally reminded me of the same setting we had for the screening during the convention.  It was a nice area and provided us plenty of opportunities for food beforehand.  When we arrived at the theatre itself, we *squeed* a little when we saw Duran Duran on the movie marquee as we all stopped to take a picture of it.  Once inside, our excitement renewed when we were able to take pictures of the sign outside that particular screen’s door showing what was coming up next.  Again, we had a need to take more pictures.  We made ourselves comfortable and I decided to mingle a little.  After all, I had a few Daily Duranie wristbands left.  Perhaps, I might tell some people about this little blog I know, I thought.  Many of the people I chatted with before the “show” seemed excited by the blog.  Yet, it was clear that many of these people, while fans, weren’t so…dedicated, obsessed, focused on the day-to-day activities of the band and their fans.  I wished that there was more time as I would have loved to find out how they heard about the event to begin with.  One person did tell me that she is never online and she heard about it through the newspaper.  Really?  Fascinating.

Soon enough, it was time for the very loud previews to end andUnstaged door those familiar sounds of a Duran show that was to begin.  I found myself on the edge of my seat, wanting to get up as I would in a show but definitely not knowing what this crowd would be into.  I clapped and sang during the first couple of tracks but was dying to get up.  It seemed SO unnatural to stay seated.  Thank goodness for my friend, Lisa, who declared at the beginning of Planet Earth that she was getting up.  Yes!  Now, the party can really start!  Of course, it still took awhile for this to feel completely comfortable since the crowd beside my group remained in their seats.  I didn’t really get that since a couple of them were definitely dancing in their seats.  That said, we did sing, clap, shout “switch it off” and gave John his usual introduction chant.  At the end of the show, I again reached out to make contact with the rest of the crowd, which only numbered like 16 including us.  One woman did say that she was there on the Wednesday when it screened and that, while there were more people then, we were definitely more fun!  Oh yes.  Yes, we were.  Interestingly enough, while we were more fun, a couple actually got up and left in the middle of it.  I wonder why.  What were they expecting?  I wonder if they were expecting just a clear live performance or a behind-the-scenes documentary or what.

Expectations for this sort of thing does matter.  It definitely shadowed my thinking when I saw it “live”.  At that point, I was so starved to “see” the band and a show that I didn’t want anything extra.  I just wanted them.  It isn’t that I’m not feeling that way now but I know what to expect.  I also know that if I want a pure live show,  I can put on A Diamond in the Mind anytime I want.  Also, at the time the event happened and streamed on YouTube, we had a choice between cameras.  I don’t remember all of the details but I do remember that there was the crowd camera, for sure.  Thus, initially, I switched through them, which probably took away from me enjoying it.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still some elements of Unstaged that are not only NOT needed but harm the overall feel.  Those things are obvious including the Barbies, the mice, the sausages, etc.  That said, I found myself enjoying it a lot more this time around.  Was it that I knew what to expect?  I’m sure that helped.  Is it because I knew that the audience was probably going to be a little weirded out, especially since most hadn’t seen it and I have a strange need to stick up for anything Duran does when with people not in the fan community?  Is it the atmosphere of a movie theater?  Being with different people this time around?  All of the above?  Probably.  I just know that I felt a lot more relaxed while watching.  I wasn’t pushing to have it be something it is not.  I liked that the setlist was different and I was reminded of how much I adore Mark Ronson and what was accomplished with All You Need Is Now.  That reminder isn’t a bad thing.


Unstaged group

The WI crew at Unstaged–From Left to Right:  Lara, Jennifer, Me, and Lisa!

The Past Week in Duranland (September 8 – September 14)

This has been another wild week, hasn’t it?!  It can’t just be me thinking that, can it?  Of course, the question is…will it continue to be this active, this fun in the coming weeks or will there be a lull until the Austin show?!  Time will tell!

There were a couple of major events this week!

First, Duran Duran performed on Fashion Rocks on Tuesday, September 9th.  If you would like to read more about that, you can check out the blog post or the press release on dd.com.  As part of Fashion Rocks, you could download a live version of Girl Panic via Shazam.  Details can be found here.  I went through the process.  It wasn’t super speedy due to internet traffic, but it was pretty simple.  I thought it was nice to give a little gift even though many of us were hoping like heck that it was a snippet of a new song!  As a side note to Fashion Rocks, this week, at work, my students had to look at personal artifacts about me and come up with a historical event of mine.  I shared some items from the UK trips of 2011 so obviously they had to figure out that I was a Duran Duran fan!  Most of my 9th graders had not heard of Duran Duran.  I could easily tell them, though, that Duran had been on TV on Tuesday, which seemed to impress them!

Second, Duran Duran’s Unstaged screened across the United States on Wednesday with some other screenings taking place this weekend.  Rhonda wrote about her experience in this post.  She had a unique perspective (one of my students’ vocabulary words for this unit!) since she had attended the actual live event in 2011.  I will be attending my screening later today.  A few of us are driving from Madison to the Milwaukee area where we are meeting a friend, having lunch and going to the screening.  I am looking forward to it and will be sure to share my experience here as well.

Beyond these large events, we were treated to some other Duran news.  First, Roger joined Katy for September’s Katy Kafe.  It sounds like things are finishing up!  Highlights were written about in this post.  Second, Simon tweeted about how they are “picking up the ball” next week and addressed the tweet to Duran, Mr. Hudson and Nile.  I’ll assume that it about the album.  What can I say?!  I’m anxious!!

Of course, John also tweeted some, too.  In true John fashion, he tweeted a number of pictures from his Instagram account.  While they are all worth viewing, I, particularly, enjoyed the picture of John, Simon, Gela, etc. from September 9th!!  Speaking of pictures, I would recommend checking out Duran’s official twitter for other pictures, including a number of them surrounding the Fashion Rocks event.

If that wasn’t enough, this little blog celebrated a birthday, too!  We put together a little playlist on YouTube and asked that everyone watch it with us!  We used the hashtag #DailyDBday14 and had quite a bit of fun with lots of people in attendance, both on Facebook and Twitter!  Again, we really appreciate everyone who reads this blog and/or joined us for our party yesterday.  Since it was our birthday, we think that each and every one of you should treat yourself to an item or two at our Cafe Press store.

Did I miss anything with all this excitement?!  If so, please, let me know as always!!