Are All Autographs Equal?

I meant to get this blog post done on Tuesday when it was my turn to blog. Unfortunately, work got a little insane, which meant that there was no spare time, especially with an evening meeting. Anyway, it probably fits better now as everyone is still basking in the glory of the new album.

With Friday’s release, it seems like everyone in Duranland is spending time listening and commenting about what they think. On a similar note, I have seen some questions and comments about where everyone purchased the album. So, I’m curious. Where did you get your copy of the album? Did you go digital? Did you go to a local record shop or a box store that still carries CDs? Some place else?

Like probably many of you, I bought a digital copy so that I could have it right away. I’m impatient, after all! But I also bought physical copies from the “Duran Duran store” that popped up with the announcement of the album release date, way back in May. I won’t hide the fact that I, in fact, bought multiple version of the album as well, including the deluxe CD and a green vinyl. Then, yesterday, I saw a tweet from DDHQ advertising signed versions at Newbury Comics here in the U.S. Now, I don’t have a Newbury Comics anywhere near me…but my brother does. So, without thought, I texted him and asked if he would get one for me, which he agreed. (Unfortunately, his local store did not have any copies.) After I sent the text, I wondered if I should have even asked. After all, I had other ones coming eventually. (Like many others, my order has not yet shipped due to “global supply issues”.) I justified the ask based on the fact that this version would be signed. That makes it special, right?

Okay. So, here is where the confession comes in. I have other signed pieces of memorabilia. For example, I have signed copies of All You Need Is Now. From what I remember, those signed copies were available to purchase. They were not part of a special event or anything. That being said, I do have a signed copy of Red Carpet Massacre from a CD signing that took place in Chicago in 2007. That CD was signed in front of me and even features my name as John made a point of asking each person’s name to personalize it.

Here are my questions: Is that signed copy of All You Need Is Now equal to my signed copy of Red Carpet Massacre? Would the signed copy of Future Past be equal? Should I worry about getting a signed copy of Future Past since I do have other signed items and other versions of the album coming? Maybe I can justify it by saying that the more copies are bought, the better it is for the band, right? That sounds very logical, right? Right??


By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.


  1. It’s funny. I was going to preorder my copies of Future Past, but a part of me just doesn’t want to do a lot of online buying. Partly it’s my Technophobia, partly it’s just knowing once I go down that rabbit hole, there will be no stopping me. I make my niece order what i must have and pay her. And she was all prepped to do this…but I just didn’t. Crazy, right? So I worked my night shift Thurs, slept for a few hours, and got into my Duran shirt and went to Zia to be first in line for the album. I got there at 9:20, glad to be first, but also perturbed because where were all the other Duranies? But then I started worrying-like how many copies do they have? If too many fans show up, am I first in line or will we have to cage fight for it? Until about five minutes before they opened all the traffic was for the car parts store, which led to mixed emotions .I was a little sad more fans weren’t sharing this experience with me. We could have talked, sang some songs, had a mini-con. But then I worried would I get my copy? But the others remained in their cars until the doors opened. I asked the nice lady who opened up where the new releases were, specifically Duran Duran. She smiled and led me to them, and then said “The one in front is autographed.”-I picked it up, in disbelief that yes, it was signed (Some of the band have hard to decipher signatures), and that they were not charging more for it. I thanked her profusely, and then went for the CD. Upon checkout the Manager came to get my photo, and she said that it was a surprise, that they, presumably the band didn’t want to put it on social media, I’m assuming so a lucky fan would get it, not some speculator who’d just want to sell it for profit .It was truly a great surprise and unexpected blessing that just made my day. I feel blessed by the universe for this, and I wish I could thank the guys personally. I have opened the album, will play it, and the autographed paper will get framed so I can enjoy it everyday. But to answer your question, I don’t think any autograph is inherently more ‘special’ than another. If it brings joy, then that is enough. Perhaps one signed in person, where you get a moment with the person signing it is the ‘best’-but I wouldn’t want to suck the joy out of any autograph as long as it is a real one-not counterfeit.

  2. I have signed autographs from meeting them and I don’t get why people want autographs in general without meeting them. That’s just my opinion, but it seems meeting is part of the fun. I haven’t gotten the album yet but also bought a vinyl and a deluxe CD, both from Amazon.

    1. I wonder how people who don’t or will never have a chance to meet the band feels about them. *shrugs* I agree, though, that autographs from an actual meeting is way more meaningful. -A

      1. I wonder as well, especially if someone doesn’t live near a major area where they are always doing appearances? I understand the idea of autographs and maybe I would feel different if I never met them.

  3. My line of thought is more in the vein of how to deal with the disappointment of getting something that is merely “initialed,” vs an actual signature, when you pre-purchased based on the word “signature,” not “initialed.” That’s pretty disappointing, to be totally honest.

    I have other signed items, some which were signed in my presence, some not. Some personalized to me, even. I’m immensely #Blessed and thankful for those experiences, but not everyone gets that lucky, I know.

  4. I have a signed CD copy of Future Past – one of the Amazon UK limited editions. It’s purely because during that mad pre-order midnight back in the spring when nobody seemed quite sure where to pre-order the album, the link to the Amazon limited edition was the first one I managed to find on social media! I did end up pre-ordering a green vinyl too 🙂

    My CD copies always end up being beater CDs for listening to while driving, so I’ll be taking the signed card out and keeping it somewhere safe! A lovely memento of the Future Past buildup.

  5. To be accurate, my album was mostly initialed- SLS, NR (with a star) a Scrawled JT and the last is Roger, because there is no one else. JT and Roger’s were very hard to decipher, JT’s is just wow. But while I agree the ‘best’ or most meaningful would be one personally obtained, face to face, I’m delighted with this, because it was a complete surprise, unannounced, and no extra charge. I feel it was a nice gesture from the band, a surprise to delight an unexpecting fan. So, while I’d love to meet them, and get a personalized autograph, I still think this was more than nice. I wonder how many of them they did?

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