What Is a Collector?

By Sandra What makes a person a good collector or a bad collector? Does the amount of pieces in a collectionmatter? Those are all the questions that someone might asked themselves before showing theircollection to others. Yes, that conversation will have a lot of different answers from all differentopinions. None of them are better than… Continue reading What Is a Collector?

Memorabilia Medley: Future Past Merch

In the last few years, Duran Duran and their team have included some sort of discount on the official store as part fo the Duran Duran Appreciation Day celebration. This year was no different. Yet, this year also featured some new items, including some new merch, specifically focused on the upcoming release, Future Past. What… Continue reading Memorabilia Medley: Future Past Merch

What About Bootlegs?

Do you collect bootlegs? I’m pretty sure I don’t. If you read this last sentence, and are asking, “Pretty sure?”, read on. I saw Duran Duran at the House of Blues in Anaheim – the one that closed in Downtown Disney. I can remember how wide-eyed I was when the realization hit that Simon was… Continue reading What About Bootlegs?