Flashback Friday: Another Late Night Show

Did anyone check out the Tonight Show last night? I know it was their 1,500th show so that might have drawn some attention from the public. Maybe some people tuned in to see Kit Harington or Miranda Cosgrove. I’m willing to bet, though, that the majority of people reading this blog checked in out to… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Another Late Night Show

Biloxi, 2012

I remember waking up at the crack of dawn in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was 2012 and my inner clock remained on Pacific Coast time, three hours behind whatever time shown on Amanda’s phone. We’d traveled there after landing the night before in New Orleans, driving from NOLA to Biloxi for a show at the Hard… Continue reading Biloxi, 2012

Flashback Friday: Quick Decisions and Changing Tickets

All You Need is Now

Ten years ago, Duran Duran was in the midst of the All You Need Is Now era. As many of you might remember, the full album was released in the spring followed by shows in both the U.S. and Europe. Rhonda and I along with a couple of friends traveled to the UK that spring… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Quick Decisions and Changing Tickets

Flashback Friday: Some Like It Hot

Despite the title, this blog post is not about Power Station or their song, Some Like It Hot. No, it is a reference to the hottest shows I have ever seen. Hottest, in this case, is not about how a band member or members look but about the literal temperature. It seems fitting these days… Continue reading Flashback Friday: Some Like It Hot

Reveling at Ravinia 2016

Rhonda is ready to host

Five years ago this week, I saw Duran Duran in Chicago. It was at Ravinia, which is a special venue for the Chicagoland area. The venue is part expansive park-like lawn with trees sprinkled throughout, and part outdoors (but covered) amphitheater, open during the summer for concerts and concert picnicking. While one may decide to… Continue reading Reveling at Ravinia 2016

We’ll Drink to That!

At least the drinks were festive! London, UK

Sometimes, it is crazy to think that I’ve known Amanda for eighteen years. But then, I sit back and try to think of a fun touring memory to share and realize that there are so many to choose from! Today though, I remember back to the times when Amanda and I used to pose with… Continue reading We’ll Drink to That!

Flashback Friday: John Taylor’s Socks

The other day I checked out a podcast posted by Duran Duran’s twitter entitled “For Your Ears Only” about film and television music. In this particular episode, John Taylor was featured as he described his favorites from the James Bond franchise. I found it a fun listen even though I cannot say I’m a huge… Continue reading Flashback Friday: John Taylor’s Socks