In Review: Breath After Breath

It’s Monday after what was a very busy weekend for Amanda and I. We need to take a breath…and here we are, reviewing Breath After Breath (Corny segue?? You bet it was!!) Written by Duran Duran and Milton Nascimento, this song with a distinct Latin rhythm and feel features a ballad-y lyric sung in English… Continue reading In Review: Breath After Breath

In Review: Shotgun

Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)

It is Monday, which means we’re working on another fabulous review! Today, we’re taking a close look (and listen!) at Shotgun, an interlude track on The Wedding Album. Audio Lyrics Shotgun Get it together, thing is jumpin’ I wanna see your bullets pumpin’ Shotgun Get your finger on the trigger Got to make the shooter… Continue reading In Review: Shotgun

In Review: Too Much Information

Hey everybody! The reviews are back! Instead of trying to figure out where we left off (Somewhere on Liberty, we believe)…we decided to forge ahead. We’re trying something new, too. Instead of our lengthier reviews of the past, we are hoping to stick to something a little punchier and short. Something you can maybe read… Continue reading In Review: Too Much Information