Undergoing Treatment

We are closing out our time with Medazzaland by spending Monday listening to Undergoing Treatment, the final track on the album. Self-deprecating, as well as what many consider to be a jab back at media and press, let’s get into it. Audio Lyrics Read “Undergoing Treatment” by Duran Duran on Genius Rhonda For me, “Undergoing Treatment”… Continue reading Undergoing Treatment

Midnight Sun

Today, we’ve moved onto “Midnight Sun”, the tenth track off of Medazzaland! There isn’t a lot of background story for “Midnight Sun” found online, although there was an Ask Katy wayyyy back in 2001 regarding its origins. Simon answered with a mysterious, “All I can say is that it is about someone special.” Audio Lyrics… Continue reading Midnight Sun

Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For


This week, we’re listening to “Michael You’ve got a Lot to Answer For”, the 9th track off of Medazzaland. For many, this remains a difficult song to digest. The prophetic tune was released as a part of the Medazzaland album just a month before the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997. As the band began… Continue reading Michael You’ve Got a Lot to Answer For

The Week in DD History: June 27-July 3rd, 2021

We are already half of the way through this year, people!! It’s funny because last year, I was already counting down the days until 2020 would be over…and oddly, I sort of find myself in the same position this year. It’s been a rough one. We’re all still hoping for better days ahead. Take care… Continue reading The Week in DD History: June 27-July 3rd, 2021

Electric Barbarella

Did you know that “Electric Barbarella” is Duran Duran’s 29th single? It was the first official single from Medazzaland, and although some cite otherwise, it has been touted as the first song available for digital purchase and download from the internet. This move did not make Duran Duran any friends in the retail world. American… Continue reading Electric Barbarella


Can you believe we are finally, blessedly, all the way up to the album Medazzaland? The ninth studio album, released in October of 1997, it also marks the first album without John Taylor (he left in January of the same year before the recording was finished). John’s work remains on three songs. This also heralds… Continue reading Medazzaland