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Rebel Rebels – A Belated Thank You

The early 90s have never been my favorite Duran Duran era. Forever grateful that the Wedding Album brought the band commercial success, it doesn’t get a ton of play in my collection. The Thank You album gets even less. The choice of songs felt jaded and misguided and only a few hold my interest for the entire song (“Lay Lady …

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In Review: I Wanna Take You Higher V. 1

It’s that time again, and this week, we tackle “I Wanna Take You Higher” version 1. Originally recorded by Sly & the Family Stone in 1969, Duran Duran includes not one but two versions on Thank You. This week, we’re listening to the first. As we agreed last week, we will listen to Duran’s version, then the original, then back …

The Heart, The Mind, The Albums

The Heart, The Mind, The Albums:

Our newest write at Daily Duranie wrestles with his heart and mind while revisiting every album.