Touch the Sunrise Reaction

I am willing to bet that everyone in the Duran universe has heard about Duran Duran’s announcement earlier this week. They will be playing (theoretically) at a festival the last weekend in April in Ibiza. It is called Touch the Sunrise. As you probably suspected, we had some things to say about this announcement, this plan. After all, we like to make statements. We don’t run from giving our opinions and this video continues that pattern. Many of you might agree with us. Some of you might want to scream at us in disagreement. We would love to hear what you all think as long as you are respectful. On that note, here’s what we think.



  1. I’m half and half on this… I did go ahead and sign up to go, well because , like in Texas, most of the state is open almost completely. And there are several states that are opening. I get that’s not the case in other countries… but again who knows? But then on the other hand, I agree it’s totally irresponsible of them. I believe that at this point, 3 of them have had it… not sure about Nick. So with that, I’m surprised they ok’ed this to go on… when I heard about it, I thought” oh Andy’s back yard!” But then I heard he’ll be on tour at the same time. Maybe Ibiza has had few cases and have had no resurgence… wishful thinking I know… anyways… that’s my thoughts…

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