Today in Duran History – Seven and the Ragged Tiger

On this date in 1983, Duran Duran’s third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, was released worldwide.  That’s right.  It means that today marks its 31st anniversary.  How about some fun facts on the album?
It is 37:36 minutes in length.
Last album written and recorded by the Fab Five until the reunion
Produced by Alex Sadkin, Duran Duran and Ian Little
Album was worked on in the south of France, Montserrat and Sydney
Featured three singles:  Union of the Snake, New Moon on Monday and The Reflex
Peaked at number 8 in the Billboard 200 chart of top albums in the US and spent 64 weeks on the chart
Went double platinum (2 million copies sold)
Now, why don’t you put it on for a spin?

Question of the Day: Thursday, November 20, 2014

Welcome to our new home!  While everything here looks very similar to how it was, there are some adjustments that need to be made.  One of those things that needs to be tweaked is the use of polls, which we typically use for our daily questions.  Until this is fixed, we will ask people to vote on the picture of their choice either through leaving a comment here, tweeting us on Twitter or responding on Facebook.  To make my life easier, please, only vote once–don’t vote in multiple places or for multiple pictures.  On that note, I present the question of the day.

Yesterday’s winner:  Picture JJ


Picture D or Picture E?


Picture D


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Happy 10th Anniversary Dom!

I know that at least some of you have noticed that the site has been down for the past couple of days.  I’ll save you from the stupid details, but it comes down to two things:

  1. I am not a webmaster, tech-geek, web-designer…etc.


Regardless, we’re here…we’re working…I think most people should be able to see the blog now, and for that I’m thankful, even though I’m still ironing out the details of how to get things to look the way they once did. That will happen over the next couple of weeks, but for now, as I’m about to take off for a trip to Wisconsin tomorrow (of all places)…I’m hoping everyone can read this post. In all of the excitement (read: behind the scenes at my house stress), I nearly forgot an important date.


Ten very short years ago on this very date, Dom Brown played his very first gig with Duran Duran. I wasn’t there for it – I didn’t see him play until March of 2005, but I know many of our readers must have been there.

Dom wrote (!!!!) a very nice post for that you should check out. It is filled with nice memories and definitely chuckled over the fact that his wife Martha knew all the words to the Duran Duran songs – love that!

I write about Dom a lot on the blog, so if he really needs to see how much I appreciate his being on that stage – he probably doesn’t need to look very far. He is incredibly talented, but he also stepped into very large shoes. It could not have been very easy to not only be “the new guy” and learn all of the music, but also be the “sub”.  Yet he handles all of that, plus all of the criticism that comes his way as a result of not being Andy OR Warren with an enormous amount of grace. I have nothing but respect for him.

So Dom, if you’re reading – happy anniversary!  We’re glad you’re here, and thank you to your family for sharing you with us. I’m sure that part isn’t easy either.




Today in Duran History – The Electric Factory

On today’s date in 1997, Duran Duran played at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia.  This date was included on the Ultra Chrome Latex and Steel tour in support of the Pop Trash album.  Al’s Not Well was the opening band, and this concert was simulcast on the web.  I hear there might also be a bootleg of this show called Out of My Land out there somewhere….


Today in Duran History – Serious

On today’s date in 1990, Serious peaked at number 48 on the charts in the UK.

I don’t care what Nick Rhodes says, Serious is yet another example of an underrated Duran Duran song.  I still love that opening groove. In fact, we’re gonna watch the video right now and celebrate right along with the Gum Chewing Controller.  (You’re welcome, Nicholas. Anytime!!)

Happy Monday!


This Week in Duranland – November 10 to November 16, 2014

I figured that this week in Duranland might be kind of quiet since they had their big public appearances last week.  Yet, it turns out that the week was plenty busy!  Did you catch everything?  Did I?  Read on to find out!  As always, I checked their official website, their official fan community website and their social media.

“Soul Boys of the Western World”
John Taylor wrote a couple of short notes this week on the band’s official website.  The first note was about this documentary, which is about Spandau Ballet.  In the note, John raves about the documentary and encourages everyone to see it.  I would think that any Duran fan would be interested since they were their “rivals” of sorts and could enlighten people about the music and fashion of the early days of both bands in the UK.

Teenage Cancer Trust
The band did perform this week!  Many of us were wondering if there was a show somewhere as Simon had tweeted about Movember and about how he can’t have one on stage but can shave everything else after the 15th, which indicated that there was a show in the works.  While it wasn’t a public appearance, they played in London for a fundraiser.  I love that the band wants to give their time and energy to causes like this one.  Read John’s complete note about it and see a picture here.

November Katy Kafe!
I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to these each and every month!  I, especially, can’t wait if it means getting a scoop and we definitely got one this month!  Rhonda covered it all in her post earlier in the week!

The song by Charli XCX featuring Simon is out tomorrow!  What does everyone think of it?!  I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about being able to buy new music featuring anyone connected to Duran!

The live performance directed by David Lynch played yesterday in Portugal at a film festival.  Read about it here.

More Anniversaries!
This week saw the 7th anniversary for Red Carpet Massacre and the 30th anniversary of Arena that Rhonda discussed here!

2015 Calendar!!!
As Rhonda talked about here, the Duran Duran calendar for 2015 will be available on November 27th!  I have to admit that I’m looking forward to this one!

Okay, Duranies, what did I miss?!


Two Duran fans with a lot of opinions!