Paper Gods – A Duran Duran Comeback?

There has been quite a bit of press for the band recently, and it has been fantastic seeing their name (and faces) in the news again promoting Paper Gods. As a fan, it is always exciting to see the band in magazines and on covers – although admittedly these days – I see very few “physical” covers, most of it (for me) has been what I’ve seen online. The days of sitting around carefully extracting centerfolds and pin-ups to add to my wallpaper is pretty much over, but I still love reading the articles online and seeing the new band photos, doesn’t everyone?

Since this blog is really an ongoing conversation regarding the “State of Duraniverse”, we comment as fans – which isn’t difficult considering that is exactly what we are. I don’t look at things from a public relations point of view or as an industry insider might, simply because I’m not. That’s the difference in this blog. I’ve never worked at a label or a radio station, and the closest I’ve ever been to management was working with a fledgling band who once opened for Duran Duran. It was like herding cats, I might add…to say the least. I leave planning promotional agendas to the people who are paid to do such things, and I react to things in the same way as any other fan…not as someone who works in the “industry”.  This is a point well-worth making because sometimes, I feel as though it is forgotten. Amanda and I are fans. Much of the time, we’re the lightning rod for the community-at-large, and at other moments, we’re the microphone.

One thing I’ve noticed with the latest round of press is that Paper Gods is a Duran Duran Comeback. The first time I read it, I skipped over the word, because let’s face it – media can be stupid. They assume that just because they haven’t noticed the band as of late, no one else has heard from them either. The second and third times, I wondered if a pattern hadn’t formed. After that I stopped counting, and then this morning I saw the word “comeback” again after another fan pointed it out on Twitter.

I realize that for much of the rest of the world, Duran Duran apparently ceased to exist after what…Ordinary World? The Reunion? I’m really not sure, but it is clear that even though the media has covered Duran Duran without fail (in varying degrees) for each album; and media has used the word “comeback” for more than one album in the past…they’re apparently using that word again to describe the promotion of yet another album release by my favorite band. It’s low-hanging fruit I suppose. Easy words to pin on a band that have not had a bonafide hit in a while, even though to those of us who have been loyal fans for several decades at this point know they’ve never gone away.

Does it really matter? Most likely not. As I continue to be reminded by those who actually DO work in the industry – it’s about the press and I should be thrilled that they’re getting out there on the cover again. Period. It doesn’t really matter WHAT is actually said in the articles about them, it doesn’t apparently matter whether the article is written with a snarky tone or with dignity and respect, it’s about getting their name out there. I did miss my classes on public relations in college, and I’ll be honest: I would have failed MISERABLY at them. My loyalty gets in the way when it comes to this stuff. I couldn’t be that person who sends notes to fans like me reminding them of how amazing it is that they’ve got the cover and that I shouldn’t be disappointed by the words contained within. (apparently no one actually reads the articles these days, which I should probably understand given my experience with this blog at times) I’m still stuck on someone calling Simon out for caring about lighting, or talking about each member of the band’s personal (and ancient) history rather than the music at hand. That’s why I’m a fan blogger and not someone working at a record label, and I’m fine with that, actually. My struggle with the press is real. Cognitively, I get it. Any press is good press. I don’t love the method…but I get it.  Emotionally? I’m loyal and it really bothers me at times. Is that negative? I applaud their covers, I applaud their PRESS. I just don’t care for some of the words used to describe my favorite band. So sue me.

Simply put, I’m a fan and I don’t like seeing my band disrespected.  They’ve worked their asses off to get here; and no, they never left. “Duran Duran Comeback”? Are you kidding? Just because the rest of the world may not have loved All You Need is Now or Red Carpet Massacre doesn’t mean those albums didn’t exist, and many within our community find those albums to be among their best. Comeback for the rest of the world, maybe??

I have no idea what is in the future for Paper Gods, and I’m certainly not going to Monday Morning Quarterback before the game even begins. The Duran Duran comeback the media is talking about could end up being that the new album is a runaway hit, which would be amazing!  I just know that as a fan, the word can be taken in multiple ways – and for those of us loyalists, we know the band has never left, and we’re still right by their sides on this journey. I’m just looking forward to seeing this band get back out on the road again. Let the celebration of #DD14 begin!


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I’m Addicted to the State You’re In

I have been thinking of Duran Duran Live a lot lately.  There have been a number of reasons for this.  One reason is that a friend of ours posted a little countdown to the fall tour on Twitter.  Personally, I love countdowns and plan on doing one myself when it gets closer!  Another reason is the Duran Duran is even posting live pictures with the caption of, “#duranlive, coming soon soon soon”.  Perhaps, it was seeing this live performance of Pressure Off from Winfield House London:

I’m sure it also had to do with the fact that we have been asking some questions about Duran’s setlist as part of our 30 Day Daily Duranie Challenge.  We asked these questions, “What is your favorite Duran song to hear live?”,  “Which song have you NEVER heard live but want to?” and “Which is your least favorite Duran song to hear live?”  I loved reading all of the responses and really got ME thinking about seeing Duran live myself.

In seeing the responses to those questions, I noticed a number of people who haven’t seen Duran Duran live yet or haven’t seen Duran Duran live in a really LONG time, which made me think about my personal history of seeing the band live.  Like those who haven’t seen Duran live for a long time, I, too, was in the same boat in 2005.  It had been a really long time since the last time I saw them (1993).  Like these fans in this position now, I had many reasons why there was a huge gap, including college and grad school.  To be honest, I also didn’t get a spark from the show I had attended in 1993.  I enjoyed it (of course) and thought they performed well but…it wasn’t enough to get me hooked.  Perhaps, this was because my seats were horrible or because of the people with.  Maybe, it was because the chemistry on stage felt wrong to me.  (I openly admit that I wasn’t a big Warren fan.)  No matter the cause, I didn’t feel the NEED to see the band live again.  I’m sure that I would have seen them again if the shows were convenient, based on schedule or location, but I didn’t go out of my way to see them.

Then, the reunion happened and my sleeping fan spirit awakened and was super hungry (ha!) to get as much Duran as I could.  Therefore, when tour dates were announced, I was game to go as many shows as I could within driving range during my spring break.  I didn’t try to get to shows far away or to shows that would require time away from work.  I was anxious to see them but I wasn’t hooked.  In fact, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to take off of work or to seriously travel to see them.  No way.  That seemed above and beyond what I was comfortable with.  I didn’t think others who did were weird but I couldn’t really understand the underlying motivation.  Then, I went to that Chicago show in March of 2005 and everything changed.

I won’t ever forget that show.  We were third row in front of John Taylor.  I remember how surreal the whole thing felt.  There I was about to see this band again that I had loved since I was a little kid with these new friends of mine (ha again!).  Everything felt exciting and the anticipation built through the VIP party and the opening band (snort Clear Static snort).  The lights went down and that torturous heartbeat began as the band came out and stood at the front of the stage.  I realized almost instantly that I never felt the way I was feeling at that very moment ever during that 1993 show.  As the show moved along, I realized that as much as I was watching the show, I was also part of it.  I was part of the crowd singing along and clapping when directed.  I shouted out “switch it off” during Planet Earth and yelled for John to “play the f’ing bass” during the intros.  I remember looking at all of my new friends during the “We Are Family” addition to Notorious.  I had all my sisters with me, indeed.  If all of that wasn’t enough, I had an amazing time after the show with these new friends into the wee hours of the morning and got to go to another show with them the following night!

I knew right then and there that I was hooked.  I was a goner.  I was in serious, serious, serious trouble.  I knew that my life was changed from that moment on.  Not only did I really bond with my partner-in-crime (laughing hysterically at 5 am at a restaurant will do that), not only did I fall even more in love with that band, I knew that I would be addicted to this–the shows, the lifestyle, the touring.  Everything changed right then.  I know that I’m sounding pretty overly dramatic but I truly do believe that.  My priorities changed.  How I lived my life changed.  I have thought many, many times about how things would have been if I hadn’t gone to that show or done that tour.  What if Rhonda didn’t go to that show with me?  What if the band wasn’t amazing that night?  Would I be doing this blog?  Would I be preparing for the next tour?

When people ask me how many Duran Duran shows I have seen, I tell them and then I point out that all of those but ONE were from 2005 on.  Why do I stress that?  After giving it some thought, I really feel it is to emphasize the monumental shift that took place right then and there.  After that tour, I was ready to travel via plane (and did!).  I was ready to take off of work as necessary.  I was ready to put money aside solely for touring purposes.  The truth is that I’m addicted to the shows, the tours.  Could I stop?  Sure.  Would I want to?  Absolutely not.  This, of course, brings me back to the people who will be seeing Duran Duran for the first time in the upcoming months or the people who will see them for the first time in a long time.  I wonder if they know what they are truly in for.  Do I warn them or welcome them to the club?!  Once you are bitten, once you take that concert “hit”, you can’t go back.  I wouldn’t want to, either.


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Crisis Equals Opportunity: The Daily Duranie Facebook

Today has been quite a day. During the summer, Amanda and I have committed ourselves to working on projects together via Skype, and today was no exception. We got online, chatted a bit and settled down to work. That’s when the day was completely derailed.

Amanda went to log on to our Daily Duranie Facebook account like normal, only to find that she couldn’t get into our account. We were locked out and Facebook wanted to confirm our identity…something that has never happened before. It wanted government ID, a birth certificate or something similar. While we acknowledge that Daily Duranie has taken on a life of it’s own….it’s not quite THAT big. We thought we’d been hacked, to be honest.

So, we settled into trying to understand why this happened. In a nutshell, Facebook wants to “encourage” people to only use their real names for personal accounts. This is of course, because they want businesses, public figures, bands, magazines, entertainment entities, authors, etc to create a Facebook Page instead. Pages are more of an advertising type of entity as opposed to a personal account for regular ole folks. Pages are fine, but the main problem is that in order to get your posts widely seen – EVEN by those who follow – you must pay to have the posts “boosted”.  That’s great if you’re a business who has a revenue stream to support such activity, but if you’re a small blog like us?  That’s an issue, and that’s one reason Amanda and I agreed to stick with a regular account, and all was fine until today.  Today Facebook decided that we weren’t getting in. Period. No warning, no measure for helping or allowing us to just move the account to a page, nothing. We could try to appeal (which did not work), or move forward.

So we set about creating the new Daily Duranie Facebook Page, and fretting about all that we’d lost. Maybe none of you realize, but we’re talking nearly FIVE YEARS of hard work. Posts. Pictures. Nearly 2500 friends. Real friends from around the world. The more I typed, fixed profile pictures and cover photos, messaged Duran Duran pages and groups…the bigger the knot in my stomach and throat became. We have put blood, sweat and tears into this blog in a way that no one on the planet can really understand. It has felt at times that for every two steps forward, we’ve taken five backward. Yet, I couldn’t separate myself from Daily Duranie even if I tried, because it’s ME. It’s Amanda. It’s US.  And a large part of the two of us is now in Facebook jail. Welcome to Tuesday, my friends.

As I set about understanding the reasoning why our account – out of all the thousands of FB accounts who go by pseudonyms instead of birth names – was chosen today, I discovered that the only way Facebook really keeps track is if they were told about us. That means that someone, most likely a “friend”, made the point to tell Facebook about us and mention that we’re not a real person. Except of course, we are.

Upset? Yes. Wounded? Sure. Done? Not even close. We’re just getting started.

So instead of working on the other projects today, Amanda and I have been scrambling to get the page together, tell people what happened, we’ve BEGGED Duran Duran to retweet our page link (nothing yet, but we’re hopeful – surely they have to know how much we’ve done for this community in the past five years???), and mostly – WE NEED YOU.

Please, please, PLEASE come to the new page. Like it and then share the link with others. We’ve tried to go to some of the pages and groups we know, but to be honest – there are thousands of groups and pages, and only two of us. We need help. Desperately.  Here is the new link to the page, and we hope to see you there.  Send us a note, post to the page…make us laugh, and let’s keep this party going.

Amanda and I like a good challenge, and maybe this will end up being a good thing in the long run. John Taylor has this saying that is from Eastern philosophy that is on the cover of his (solo) Feelings Are Good CD. Crisis equals opportunity.

We’re going to go with that.


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