Duran Duran Fans’ Behavior: Traveling

Last night I went to a party and was introduced as an expert on fandom.  That fits me, I thought.  Then, I thought about how  the case study for fandom has always been the Duran Duran fandom and Duran Duran fans.  As part of this study, I have been asking lots of questions about fans and their touring experiences for months.  As I mentioned last week, I’m in my final stretch.  The focus last week was the average number of shows fans attend.  If you haven’t participated in that question, you still can.  The poll can be found here.  Now, I am going to ask two related questions.

First, I am curious as to how far, distance wise, people have been willing and able to travel to see a Duran Duran show.  I, absolutely, realize that not everyone is able to travel far for a variety of reasons and there is no judgement, if you are or are not able.  In fact, that is part of the reason that I ask questions like this through a poll.  It is more anonymous that way.

Let me ask this question in a sightly different way.

Second, while I am curious about the unusual tour or circumstance, I’m more curious about the common, the usual behavior.  Thus, this question asks fans to tell what they usually do, tour wise.  While some might travel far once in awhile, they might stick closer to home more often.  Others might always go far away to see the band live.

While you are participating, do you have predicts about what will be the most common responses?



Duran Duran History – Liverpool 1981

Today’s Duran Duran history takes us all the way back to 1981 when Duran Duran played at Empire in Liverpool.  This show happened towards the end of their Careless Memories tour, which took place in the UK.

I, for one, would really like a time machine to travel back and see the dates from this tour!  Was anyone lucky enough to see any of them?  If so, please share!  How were they?!


Daily Duranie Review – Duran Duran Calendar

I have spent a lot of time this week running to and from post offices and intensely watching tracking information on packages shipped.  ‘Tis the season.  One of the packages I have been watching for was the 2015 Duran Duran calendar that I knew had been shipped due to a appreciated email from the DD webstore.  I have already admitted in previous blogs that I do tend to collect a lot of Duran Duran merchandise.  I am not a complete collector, though.  I know that there are people out there who collect every piece of vinyl or every poster or every tour book, etc.  I admire those people, but I tend to buy a bunch of random stuff, including the calendars, most years.  I am not sure why I still choose to buy the calendar.  I have my own calendar that I make and love.  Still…I have a hard time resisting.  So what do I think of this year’s?  Was it worth it?

2015 calendar cover

The 2015 calendar maintains a lot of the elements of the calendar that we know and love.  For example, the calendar is large (about the size of a vinyl album) and the quality is fabulous with sturdy, glossy pictures.  As always, the band members’ birthdays are listed.  I gotta ask, though…why not include Dom’s birthday?  Of course, I could say that about Dom, in general, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  The other thing I do like about the calendar is the use of the gold font and the latest DD logo.  I like that the gold logo is on every month in the corner of a black header.  Yet, the one thing I do wonder is why the header has to be so large.  There is a lot of empty black at the top of the page.  That said, most people, most Duranies are really only concerned with the picture part of the calendar.

How are the pictures?  One thing I should say before I run through the months is that the focus is studio pictures while the band works on DD14.  The extra picture in the front is mostly equipment used with a small picture of the group working on the album that we saw so much on social media, earlier this year.  You know the one I’m talking about–the one with Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Mr. Hudson, etc.  I like that picture but wish that it had been a bit bigger.  January is Simon and the pictures of him are good ones.  In fact, I would say that he looks focused.  That said, like the first picture, this one’s main focus is equipment.  February’s focus is Nick and is very similar to Simon’s in that Nick looks good and seems very focused.  John has March and unlike the first two months, one of the pictures features a smiling John.  I’m definitely not complaining about that one!  Why couldn’t that picture have been bigger, though?!?  April is owned by Roger, no surprise there.  This is the first month that the picture of the actual band member is the visual focus.  I much prefer that.  May has more of Simon and I find this month disappointing.  The pictures are harder to see.  Nick is the focus of June.  At this point, I have to ask.  Does Nick always have June?  It sure feels that way.  I know that his birthday is in June, but so is John’s.  Can’t he have his birthday month every once in awhile?!  Anyway, I really like this one as the main picture is a cool shot of Nick.  July has more smiling John!  Yay!  The visual focus there is a shot of his hand playing bass.  While I would have preferred a cool shot like the one of Nick, this is good, too.  August is Roger’s and more like June with the focus being a big picture of Roger but it isn’t as cool as Nick’s.  September is a close up shot of Simon, which is nice but I have to ask.  Why is Simon on September and not in October?  That’s weird.  As for that October, it is a nice, clear picture of Nick.  I preferred the artistic June one, though.  How is November?  I’m not gonna lie.  It is my favorite.  There is a fabulous picture of John Taylor.  Every once in awhile, my inner fangirl comes out.  The year ends with Roger and it has a silly Roger picture and a more artistic one.

So, what do I think, overall?  There are a number of times that I wish there was less focus on equipment and more on the band.  I liked some of the artistic photos the best.  There was only one month that I found really disappointing and that was the one of Simon.  Likewise, I wish that they would just embrace Dom and include him in the calendar.  So, looking at some of the strange choices and the lack of Dom, was it worth it?  As a John fan, I have to say that November almost makes it worth it by itself!  Is it the best calendar ever?  Probably not but it is pretty good considering that the photos weren’t from photo shoots or live shows, but instead were from the studio.

Was it worth the purchase then?  I would say that I’m happy that I bought it but wouldn’t have been too upset if I hadn’t bought it.  What do you think?  Did you buy it?  Do you think it was a good purchase?


Duran Duran History – Manchester 1998

Today’s Duran Duran History takes us back 16 years to 1998 when Duran Duran played at the Apollo in Manchester, UK.  Duran Duran did not play many shows that year–just 12 in their Latests & Greatest Tour.  These shows took place in the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

According to setlist.fm, the set list was as follows:

Planet Earth
Is There Something I Should Know
A View to a Kill
Come Undone
Crystal Ship
Careless Memories
Big Bang Generation
Save a Prayer
Friends of Mine
All She Wants Is
Ordinary World
Out of my Mind
Wild Boys
Electric Barbarella
Hungry Like the Wolf
Girls on Film
Secret Oktober
The Reflex

What do you think of that set list?


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