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My Head is Stuck on Something Precious

For the first time in a long time, I have been able to catch the official posts and tweets from Duran Duran’s social media. Most of the time, I just glance at them and move on, simply because that is all I have time for. This week has been different. That is an understatement. The week has been darn right weird since I have had four snow days. I live in the Midwest, an area of the country that is used to crazy weather. Even more important, I teach in an urban area, which rarely, if ever, closes. Yet, the extreme weather has forced the district to close Monday through Thursday. This has give me plenty of extra time to slowly grade finals, work on campaign tasks and even check out Duran’s social media.

Earlier this week, the band’s asked the question, “What is the rarest or most precious piece of Duran Duran memorabilia that you own?” I moved to respond and then I overthought the question. What is the rarest piece of memorabilia that I own? What is the most precious? Are those the same?

I feel extremely lucky in that I do have quite a bit of Duran memorabilia. While I did not keep everything from my childhood, I did manage to keep some things like my copy of Into the Arena board game. Would that be considered rare? I doubt it. Of course, I have gotten a few more rare items in recent times. For instance, I won some contest on DuranDuranMusic that included a bathrobe signed by Nick Rhodes along with Simon’s ear monitors from the All You Need Is Now tour. While those are pretty dang rare, I’m not sure I would describe them as most precious.

When I think of Duran memorabilia that is most precious, my first thoughts are signed items. My favorite might be my signed copy of John’s autobiography. Not only do I love the book, the autograph signing made it all the better. I asked him to sign a copy for me and one for Rhonda. I had the UK version and gave an American one to Rhonda. In addition to the signature, he also drew the UK and US flags in our books. If that was not enough, I gave him a Daily Duranie wristband that night that he chose to actually put on. Thus, the book reminds me of what feels like a magical night.

I might also consider my signed copy of All You Need Is Now. While I loved having the four band members’ signatures on the CD insert, it felt even more special when Dom added his signature to it. I swear one day I would love to get Mark Ronson’s autograph on it, too. Of course, the night that Dom signed it was another magical one in that I got a picture with John that night and Rhonda and I found ourselves with Simon for a picture, too! It was a super fun night.

Is this really a situation in which these rare and/or precious items become more important to me when they are a part of some amazing memories? I think that seems to be the case. Would I still say that those are the most precious? I don’t know. I always think about the question of, “What would you save in a fire?” The items I would save would indicate the most precious, right? As much as I love those two things, are they what I would grab? I am not sure. I might grab the book I had done about my friendship with Rhonda. After all, that contained a lot of the history of our friendship as well as our fandom.

In reality, I’m not sure that any of that is really the most precious. At the end of the day, I think what is really precious to me is not an item at all. It is my memories surrounding this fandom that are most precious to me. Those are what matters the most to me.