What Is a Collector?

By Sandra What makes a person a good collector or a bad collector? Does the amount of pieces in a collectionmatter? Those are all the questions that someone might asked themselves before showing theircollection to others. Yes, that conversation will have a lot of different answers from all differentopinions. None of them are better than… Continue reading What Is a Collector?

What About Bootlegs?

Do you collect bootlegs? I’m pretty sure I don’t. If you read this last sentence, and are asking, “Pretty sure?”, read on. I saw Duran Duran at the House of Blues in Anaheim – the one that closed in Downtown Disney. I can remember how wide-eyed I was when the realization hit that Simon was… Continue reading What About Bootlegs?

Collect One Thing or Many Things?

Fandom fascinates me. Even after blogging for over a decade, even after reading and writing about fandom for many, many years, it still intrigues me. I feel like I have learned a lot but I still feel like I don’t know everything. Heck, I’m not sure that I understand myself when it comes to the… Continue reading Collect One Thing or Many Things?

The One Thing I Can’t Buy

Every Tuesday, we challenge ourselves to write something about memorabilia. As I’ve lamented previously, I don’t have a large collection of Duran Duran “stuff”. Sure, I have music. I also have a few posters (that are not currently up), quite a few pictures that I’ve taken over the years (many of which are also not… Continue reading The One Thing I Can’t Buy

Categorizing and Cataloging Memorabilia

I am so thankful for our readers/watchers/listeners. While this blog can be used just as a personal journal of sorts, it is so much better knowing that others are checking in and seeing what we have to say. Even better, sometimes, those people like what they read/watch/hear so much that they actually come back, time… Continue reading Categorizing and Cataloging Memorabilia

Vodka Friday: Duran Concert Ticket Doormat Choice

A few weeks ago or so, I posted a “Memorabilia Medley” about concert ticket doormats. Basically, online sites offer people a chance to get a doormat made from a picture of a concert ticket. I thought this sounded like a pretty cool idea. Of course, I would want to use a Duran Duran concert ticket.… Continue reading Vodka Friday: Duran Concert Ticket Doormat Choice

Memorabilia Medley: Rolling Stone Magazine 1984

Like clockwork, it seems to me that every February someone, somewhere, somehow shares something about that famous Rolling Stone magazine. You know the one. It was first published this month almost 40 years ago in 1984. This prompted me to go ahead and take out my copy to read it all over again. I feel… Continue reading Memorabilia Medley: Rolling Stone Magazine 1984

Memorabilia Medley: Doormat

I know the title is strange. What do doormats have to do with being a fan or having a piece of memorabilia? It isn’t like I have ever seen a Duran Duran doormat. (Although, it would not surprise me to find out that someone somewhere has one.) It isn’t just something I thought much about.… Continue reading Memorabilia Medley: Doormat