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Memorabilia Medley: My favorite DD shirt - The Daily Duranie

Memorabilia Medley: My favorite DD shirt

Welcome to one of the new columns we are doing where we find a piece of memorabilia and write about it. Originally I was going to do today’s as a video, but at the last minute I decided I’d rather just write. Easier and less “putting yourself out there”.

I rarely wear Duran Duran shirts around the house. A lot of it is because I have this nasty habit of getting holes in my t-shirts, or accidentally getting bleach spots on them…and we can’t have that. Anything but the Duran Duran shirts! So, I tend to have mine folded on shelves in my closet, and there are a few I’ve never worn even once. (Don’t tell my husband!) The other day, I was going through my DD shirts, refolding them and trying to keep them neat. As I was doing that, I ran across my favorite shirt – it’s the rhinestoned black Planet Earth crest t-shirt that was first sold in between Astronaut and Red Carpet Massacre (maybe 2006-2007ish).

I fell in love with the t-shirt the minute I saw it, and didn’t mind the price. You see, I’m a dance mom, or actually a former dance mom at this point, and I know how expensive rhinestones are. I also know exactly the type of work it takes to bling out a costume, or a t-shirt in this case. That design is intricate, and I especially love how it incorporates the use of different sizes of rhinestones. I’ve worn the shirt a few times now. One of those times being at the infamous fan show in New York City back in 2007.

Amanda, our friend Sara, and I traveled back to NYC that summer for the show, and we agreed we’d all wear the t-shirts to the show, figuring that if there were ever a time to wear Duran-gear to a show, it would be then. Naturally, and I mean woefully so, I was wrong. We cruised on up to the outside line that evening, waiting for the VIP party to begin, and I could feel the eyes of other fans on me, burning into my skin with their steady glare. I was surprised by the animosity over a shirt. Yeah, I was supporting my favorite band. At a fan show. Horrible fashion choice, apparently. Others thought it was the time to unearth the corsets from their closet. So be it. The message boards flared up the next day over the outrage of fans having the audacity to actually wear Duran Duran shirts to a Duran Duran FAN show. Glad I finally made the “news” for something!

At the fan show in 2007…yeah, I was choking myself on my VIP lanyard. Good times.

After that minor faux pas, I took more care with my fashion choices for shows. Still no corsets for me, but you know, it’s best that way in my case. Why scare people?? Regardless, the shirt remains my absolute favorite. Sometimes, in my spare time (of which I really have none), I think about pulling out one of my shirts and taking the time to rhinestone it on top of the existing design. They have a variety of shirts that have been similarly “bedazzled”, but nothing like this one. I have considered buying one of the new shirts that uses the vintage SATRT-era logo and rhinestoning it myself – like I said, I was a dance mom. You’d be crazy if you didn’t think I had all of the equipment necessary to get the job done*.

So this year on Duran Duran Appreciation Day, I hauled out my old t-shirt and wore it. Thankfully, it still fits….

At least 13 years old now, and the shirt still fits!


*In order to rhinestone, you simply need good quality rhinestones – not the cheapie ones, but good ones like Swarovski. Additionally you’d need a wax-crayon, cardboard to keep the garment straight, and rhinestone glue. Kits like Hotfix or similar work, but not nearly as well, IMO. I’ve used the type that work with a super hot t-shirt iron too – and those are great, but not as versatile unless you buy a pre-finished design transfer. Once you rhinestone a garment, hand washing with gentle detergent is the only way, and it should never, EVER, go in the dryer. There is nothing quite as zen or satisfying as rhinestoning….believe it or not! Just a tip from a dance mom!

By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.

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  1. I like that shirt. I don’t have it but do have one I bought at the reunion shows in 2003 (but rarely wear it). This shirt is black with a picture of them on front and I think it says 1978-2003.The irony is I rarely buy shirts at concerts, this is my first and only concert shirt. I had shirts as a teen I got for Christmas and those I discarded long ago (they didn’t fit plus they were mostly rags). Why was it a bad thing to wear a shirt to a DD fan event? The DD shirt I bought in 2003 I think I’ve mostly just worn it to shows, if I wore it in general people would look at me, although I see people wearing rock shirts often so maybe not.

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