Future Past: The Intern Review

Duran Duran have always been at their best when expectations are at their lowest. From their gate-crashing 1981 debut which sent shivers through the London New Romantic scene to 1986’s Notorious which introduced a sleek and sophisticated (and smaller) band that could write and perform exquisite music to the chagrin of critics, the band have… Continue reading Future Past: The Intern Review

Lady Xanax

On to the ninth track on Pop Trash, “Lady Xanax”. Nick wrote this song, and according to Katy on dd.com, “it is actually about someone he knows who represents spiraling into despair and unable to find any sense of purpose in her life”. The song is a ballad, some characterizing the song as having a… Continue reading Lady Xanax

Mars Meets Venus

Pop Trash

From just five years after Match.com (1995) was developed comes Mars Meets Venus (2000). The song takes a satirical look at dating in the modern-age, and was produced by TV Mania. The fact that “modern-age” was used in a sentence here is already unnerving, but never mind. It is Monday. Let’s just take a listen!… Continue reading Mars Meets Venus


Pop Trash

We have arrived at the shortest song on Pop Trash, “Fragment”, which is an instrumental interlude lasting for a mere 49 seconds. Don’t yawn, because it may well be over by the time you’ve finished! Audio Rhonda There is no easy way to say it – Fragment is likely my least favorite of all the… Continue reading Fragment

Hallucinating Elvis

Pop Trash

We have arrived in the land of glitz and glamour this week, with Hallucinating Elvis on the docket for review! Hallucinating Elvis is the fourth track from Pop Trash. Credits indicate that Hallucinating Elvis, along with the rest of the album, was written by Duran Duran, and produced by TV Mania in association with SYN… Continue reading Hallucinating Elvis

Lava Lamp

Photo by Rob Bach from Pexels

Let it Flow! It is time we turn our attention to the next groovy little tune on Pop Trash, Lava Lamp. This song marks a departure in the way songs were credited, as this is noted as being produced by Simon’s company, SYN Productions as well as TV Mania – the production company owned by… Continue reading Lava Lamp