Rank: The Cure

With set lists extending past the thirty song mark and the rarest of songs appearing out of the fog on any given night, The Cure has never taken the easy road with their legacy and their fans cherish the dedication. The immense influence of The Cure creeps into so many different styles of popular music,… Continue reading Rank: The Cure

In Review: Watching the Detectives

This week, we are diving straight into “Watching the Detectives”, off of the Thank You Album. The original was recorded by Elvis Costello in 1977, and other artists have covered the song over the years as well. Costello’s version is included on the Rolling Stone’s list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at #354.… Continue reading In Review: Watching the Detectives

Vodka Friday: Our Mount Rushmore Songs

We are hoping that you all saw the poll yesterday. Even more importantly, we hope that you all participated either on the blog or on various social media platforms. Which four Duran Duran songs did you choose to represent Duran if our favorite band had its own Mount Rushmore? Which songs made the cut? Which… Continue reading Vodka Friday: Our Mount Rushmore Songs


After two weeks of loading new themes (think templates) and finding that none of them really did what we needed, and starting to really sweat about getting this site up and running…here it is. Granted, it is not perfect, nor finished, but it is getting there. The rest can be done over time. A couple… Continue reading Welcome!

Guest Blog: Wishful Thinking

Duran Duran’s design team has been working overtime this summer! There have been a plethora of new products released in the last six months. I recently purchased a package that included apuzzle. What will I do with said puzzle? I will probably put it in storage; I bought it because it exists. This creative product… Continue reading Guest Blog: Wishful Thinking