Now We Go To Face the Universe Alone

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This is not a blog post that I ever envisioned writing. If you have been reading this blog lately, you know that Rhonda was considering whether or not she would continue with this blog and everything connected with it. Since that blog post, she has, indeed, decided to stop being a part of the Daily… Continue reading Now We Go To Face the Universe Alone


Normally, I don’t blog on Mondays, other than write my portion of the review for the upcoming week, and whatever other posts I want to compose ahead of time. Today, however, I’m making an exception because today marks another year for Daily Duranie. On this day eleven years ago, I wrote and published the first… Continue reading Eleven

Flashback Friday: A Life with a Voice

Today’s flashback Friday is probably predictable but I feels like it bears acknowledging and even celebrating. About 11 years ago, I heard from Rhonda. Obviously, that was nothing unusual but the content of our discussion was. You see that she had a new idea, one that would soon take on a life of its own.… Continue reading Flashback Friday: A Life with a Voice


After two weeks of loading new themes (think templates) and finding that none of them really did what we needed, and starting to really sweat about getting this site up and running…here it is. Granted, it is not perfect, nor finished, but it is getting there. The rest can be done over time. A couple… Continue reading Welcome!