Grab a cocktail!

Vodka tonic in a can!

It’s that time again! Friday, and that means it is time to grab a beverage, settle in and enjoy another episode of Vodka Friday with Amanda and Rhonda!

Today marks a new beginning for VF as we not only put up a video for those of you who enjoy watching us act like fools each week, but we also take that same audio and make it into a podcast! This way, if you want to watch, great; if you would rather listen, wonderful…and if you need to be able to start/stop and take us with you; well, you can download and do that too!

We’re all about trying to make people happy. We hope this new era in Daily Duranie works out for everyone and makes it a little easier to follow along.




By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.

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