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January Survey

It seems to me that it has been awhile since we have done a little poll and many people suggested a return. So here we are! In this case, the poll will be month long and I will post the next poll at the end of February. As was the case before, you must vote here in order for your preference to be recorded. Otherwise, it is too hard for me to figure out who voted where, what, etc.

On that note, let’s start with people’s thoughts about the songs off Future Past!

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In case you want to hear the songs one more time before you vote, here they are:


  1. I am not sure if it’s my browser or if there was something not working with the survey but when I register my vote, it’s not working properly. Just wanted to share this with you!

    1. Author

      Yeah. That’s weird. I can see the results but they are not showing up when people vote. Let me assume everyone that the poll is working even if the results are not showing up properly!

    1. Author

      So sorry about that! Were you able to vote on the February survey?

  2. no~because it wasn;t working the first time,i forgot to check back on it.

  3. no i don’t think i was able to,it’s to late now anyway..

    1. Author

      The February survey is posted at the end of February and runs through the end of March.

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