Survey: What is your favorite DD album cover?

Paper Gods

Alright everyone, this week we’re doing something just a little different. Instead of a poll, I have more of a “fill in the blank” for you. Take a gander at the question below, and then fill in the blank with your answer in our comments!

Yes, you must choose only one. Sorry.

“My favorite Duran Duran album cover is ____________________.

The album covers from their normal studio albums (including Arena and Thank You) are below.

I suppose that since I’ve posed the question, I should probably answer it. I spent entirely too long gathering the photos and looking at each cover, I’ll say that right off the top. I think it’s interesting to note that the band doesn’t always appear on the cover – much to the chagrin of a lot of fans out there. In any case, I did notice that with the exception of Seven and the Ragged Tiger, they tend to appear whenever there has been a significant change in personnel. For example – look at Notorious, Liberty, Medazzaland (granted, they’ve defiled their own drawn pictures…although I have kind of a theory about that anyway), and Astronaut.

I love artwork. I like an album cover that has some thought put into it, rather than just a photo of the band. Not that I *mind* a good band photo, but I like when there’s a story there that is just beyond reach, and is something you’ve got to really think about. I loved the cover of All You Need is Now in that sense, because no one could figure out (including me) what it meant. A lot of Duran’s albums are that way, and I’ve enjoyed looking at each album and what it means to convey. My favorite album cover, in that sense, is Paper Gods. The fact that the album cover is a piece of fine art called Skydrop done by Alex Israel, and then is made into pop art with a bunch of stickers—seemingly the visual representation of Duran’s career in many ways—is too perfect for me to ignore. I love the cover, and although Rio comes in at a very close second for me – Paper Gods is indeed my favorite. For now, anyway. What’s yours? -R

By Daily Duranie

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  1. My favorite Duran Duran cover is… Rio. I don’t think anything quite captures the entire 80s aesthetic in one moment like that cover. I just look at it, and *boom*, I am magically transported to the time of big hair, synthesizers, and neon graphics.. I am an innocent child again, full of dreams about my future, (and daydreams of Nick Rhodes).

  2. While I love the graphic imagery of Big Thing and Paper Gods, my favorite is actually Seven and the Ragged Tiger. Which is not so much to do with the band photo as it is that I am a sucker for antique and fantasy world map design, and I loved that they leaned hard into the pulp-style world adventurers theme here, complete with arcane symbols and promises of unknown lands. It’s a pity, really, that the album itself isn’t one of my favorites.

  3. RIO. Without hesitation. In fact, I almost assumed the question was not including Rio! But after that, Notorious. I tend to like concept covers more that bandshots, but Notorious does both brilliantly. The photo IS a piece of fine art.

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