Memorabilia Medley: New Gold Crest Capsule Items

Last week, I noticed that DDHQ posted that there were new items available in the official Duran Duran store, which is linked here. What is new? Will they tempt me to make a purchase?

The new items are part of the Gold Crest Capsule Collection. If you are unfamiliar with the DD store, capsules are items with same design. There are two of them available, including the 1980 capsule and this one. For Duran collectors, these capsules are pretty great, if you really love the design. I have quite a few items from 1980 capsule, for example, because I’m weak and couldn’t resist. So will these new items tempt me?

Up until recently, the items with the Gold Crest design included:

  • Candle in black container
  • Black t-shirt
  • White bandana
  • White t-shirt
  • White long sleeve t-shirt
  • Coffee mug
  • Black long sleeve t-shirt
  • Black sweatshirt
  • Black bandana
  • White sweatshirt
  • Mask

That is a pretty long list as it is! So what has been added? They added a few items, including:

  • Keyring
  • Badge
  • Candle in white container
  • Beach towel

I took time to look at the beach towel and the candles. The beach towel seen here looks like a nice and thick terry material and is described as 160 cm by 80 cm. I figured that it would be black but when I look at it, it appears to be a dark, navy blue. Has anyone purchased it? How it is? From what I can tell, it looks to be a quality item. I’m not sure that I’m all that tempted, though, since I do have other Duran beach towels from VIP packages in the past. Plus, I do not tend to go places that require beach towels.

So what about the candles? These are more interesting to me as I have been burning more candles in my house in the last six months or so. I have especially been enjoying the ones who really make my house smell good. So, on top of these two candles having the crest design, do they have scents with them? The black one, the original one, is described as “Cinnamon and Orange Festive Mix” with a burn time of 40 hours. Nice. The new one dubbed “New Religion” is listed as Sea Salt and Oakmoss. Interesting. Both fascinate me. Does anyone have either? How do you like the smells? Does the smell last? These are tempting to me.

Perhaps, some of this capsule would make a nice reward for finishing up an extremely challenging year or for dealing with my health, more recently. What do the rest of you think? Of course, we are all getting something even more exciting tomorrow, right? I cannot wait to hear the song in its entirety. Maybe there will be merchandise about that or about the new album!


By Daily Duranie

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